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Sunday, August 22, 2010

MORE Mountain Expedition FUN with Friends :)

Here are MORE FUN that we had during the Mountain Expedition Adventure Party :) I like to work at the Supply Camp First Aid Tent :)Sadly Black In 14 broke a leg but luckily we could put a plaster on it and it will soon heal again :)

…Flatmat, Edster12499 and I are working TOGETHER in a Rescue Team and Today we will climb the Mountain but first we need some Supplies and Schemz that working in the Store and is an Gear Expert make sure that we have everything that we need :)

…Now we have everything Thanks Schemz :) Time to start our climbing Adventure :)

…How did this Happen? Cart Surfing?

…the Toughest Mountain is so Cold and Windy…

…we need to get warm and rest…I think we have to stay here at the Base Camp until morning…

…the sun’s up and so are we :) Now we need to find a way to get over here…any ideas?

…TOGETHER we worked hard and…

…HURRAY! Now we can continue our climb :)

…TOGETHER we reach the Top :)

…Flatmat took a Picture of us :)

…Rescue Team workers Cross1963 and Purpledux4 have successfully reach the Mountain Top too :) 


…Nothing is impossible when we work TOGETHER :)

…Time to Celebrate :) Time for a MOUNTAIN PARTY :)

…On our climb down I had an accident in the Cave…I got FROZEN!

…Luckily Flatmat could call EPF Puffle Flare and I was quickly Rescued :)

…THANKS Flare and Flatmat :) Oops…Edster12499 and Purpledux4 are Frozen too!

…Flare saved them too :) THANKS Flare you are…

…a GREAT Elite Penguin Force Puffle :)

…We started to investigate the Viking Ship…

…and after climbing the Toughest Mountain we have now coming to the conclusion that there are NO SIGNS of Herbert’s Balloon on this Mountain! What Happened to him? Where can he and Klutzy be? Herbert’s Revenge CHEATS :)

…And I agree with Edster12499 it really looks like something LIVES in here…Mountain Expedition Tour Guide 2010 :)

…Fredfan4ever and I having FUN Playing Find Four in the Ski Lodge :)

…Suddenly a loud sound…I jumped so High for real that I almost dropped Mums Laptop on the Floor…

…It was just Fred…LOL :) I turned down the sound on the Computer :) Fred the Cuckoo Clock Bird Animated :)

…Then we Played Mancala :)

…and FIRE Card-Jitsu :)

…TOGETHER we had so Much FUN :)

…Fredfan4ever lives in a Cool Bamboo Hut Igloo :) HI BIG Puffle …LOL :)

…Time for More Rescue Work :) Gives Sparrow18 Antibiotics…

…If you are stuck on the Mountain…don’t fear Help is near :)

…Rescue Workers needs to take Good care of themselves too otherwise WE need to be Rescued…LOL :)

…THANKS for inviting me to this Dock Party :)

…THANKS to ALL Penguins that I have Played TOGETHER with during the Rock climbing Mountain Expedition and to Club Penguin Team that Created this AWESOME Adventure :) YOU ALL ROCK!

FUN with Friends Mountain Expedition :)

Mountain Expedition CHEATS and LINK Collection 2010 :)

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