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Monday, August 23, 2010

EPF Secret Message Movie in Command Room HQ :)

If ALL chairs are full in Command Room we can see a Secret EPF Message Movie :) The Problem is to fill the Chairs…LOL :)

…All Chairs are occupied and the Secret EPF information from the Director starts…Look this shows one Secret EPF Portal at the Beach the one we have in Everyday Phoning Facility and one in the Cove…This was interesting I think that we soon can Tube Transport us more :) 

…Soon…An Underground Secret Tunnel System in Club Penguin that will be so COOL :) I LOVE to be an Elite Penguin Force Agent :) How to get a Perfect Score on EPF Test :)

Field-Ops 11 CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

Here you can read MORE and see the Movie :) EPF Secret Message YouTube Video and Animations :)

UPDATE: If you click on the Spotlights in the Command Room from left to right the Room will go Dark :) Click on any of the Spotlights to turn on the light again :)

NEW EPF Elite Gear Items in Spy Phone :)

The Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone has been Updated with NEW Elite Gear items :) Click on Tactical and you will find the Tactical Headsets: Alpha Headset and Delta Headset :)

Basic Set: H2O Pack, Range Finder, Tactical Gear and Tactical Boots :)

See Agent Elite Gears Elite Gear Catalog EPF :) 

EPF Secret Message Movie in Command Room HQ :)

Field-Ops 11 CHEATS :) Elite Penguin Force :)

ALL EPF Agents it is time for a NEW Field-Ops Assignment! Answer the Spy Phone…

Field-Ops 11 :)

…NEW Field-Op Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to Receive your Orders :)

…Here I am and I am ready to work :)

…Hi Uncle Gary how can I help? Gary the Gadget Guy: We’ve received information that a speaker somewhere has been rigged to cause “serious damage.” Search the Island together for it, then shut down. We can’t take any changes! Okay I’m on my way :)

Field-Op 11 :)

…Speaker…Let’s take a look in the Lighthouse…YES here it is! Click on Spy Phone…  

Field-Op 11 :)

…Location Found! Destroy the circuits! Match circuit symbol to overload the wiring. Be quick! Time is running out!

…Steady on my Flipper now…

…DONE! Good Work Agent! The Island is SAFE for now and you have Earned 1 more Medal .) THANKS G :)

…Now I have three Medals to Trade for the Alpha Pumps :) Elite Gear Catalog EPF :)

…HURRAY! Now I have the COMPLETE Alpha Set Outfit :)

EPF Alpha Set Outfit :)

...AND Today we got NEW EPF Elite Gear items in Spy Phone :) AWESOME this means that Many MORE Mini Missions will come in the Future :) Once again we can click on the EPF BIG TV Screen :)


…AND we got a Secret Message on an Elite Penguin Force Update that will come soon :) EPF Secret Message Movie in Command Room HQ :) Club Penguin just keeping gets Better and Better :)

 Field-Op Nr 1 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 2 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 3 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 4 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 5 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 6 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 7 Assignment CHEATS :)

 Field-Op Nr 8 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 9 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 10 Assignment CHEATS :)

Club Penguin Poster Book :)

Almost a year ago I blogged about the Club Penguin Poster Book in Disney Club Penguin Books :) and now it is available :)

Decorate your locker, your room or anywhere you can imagine with the 32 double-sided posters in this Club Penguin Poster Book. Plus there are postcards and a giant pull-out poster that doubles as a textbook cover. The fun never stops at Club Penguin! LOL :)


  • 32 double-sided posters. Each 8'' x 11''
  • 4 Postcards. Each 4'' x 5 1/2''
  • 1 Giant pull-out poster is also a textbook cover 31'' x 22''

Here are two sneak peeks from the book :) I think Posters are COOL and they reminds me about FUN times in Club Penguin :)

…Postcards are both FUN to send and to get :)

…You find and can purchase this book at Disney Store by clicking on the Book image (Affiliated Ad)

Club Penguin Poster Book

For MORE Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items :)

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