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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rockhopper’s NEW Background :)

I have not met Rockhopper yet but my Friend Ray Tool Bear has :) Look at Rockhopper’s NEW Autographed Background :) Look how the wind blowing Rockhopper’s beard and how HAPPY Yarr is :)

…THANKS Tool Bear for showing me your Rockhopper Background :) I will waddle around and look for Rockhopper later too :) Remember TOGETHER we can ALWAYS find Famous Penguins :) Lets have FUN with Rockhopper Tracking Time :)

Fall Fair 2010 CHEATS :)

Fair Coloring Pages :)

The FUN Fair is here and if you want to do something offline (or if your MUM makes you LEAVE the Computer for a while) You can Coloring this GREAT Puffle Circus Picture :) My Grandpa has a cold right now and need to stay inside I know that he will be Happy to have a New Picture to look at on his wall :) I will color one for him and bring it to him Tomorrow :)

…I like to Fair see you all there :)

Saraapril's Magic Show :)

 Fair 2010 CHEATS :)

You can PRINT out this Picture :) See Earlier Club Penguin Coloring Pages :)

Club Penguin Fair Banner :)

Club Penguins Auto-Updating Event  Banners are now Featuring the Fair Party :)

Fair Banner 2010 small :)

…Play Games to Win Prizes :)

Fair Banner 2010 BIG :)

…COOL! I Promise to do that…LOL :) I already did :)

Fair 2010 CHEATS :)

…See earlier Banners Customize your Igloo Banner :) Club Penguin :) Here you can get CP Banners and here you can add a Saraapril Banner to your Blog :)

Fair Excitement - Penguin Poll :)

Time for a Penguin Poll :) Today Club Penguin wants us to answer this Question…The Fair starts tomorrow! I’m most excited to: Play Games and win Prizes :) Collect New Stamps :) Check out Rockhopper’s new items :) or What Fair? I LOVE Rockhopper and it will be so Much FUN to meet him again BUT I having so much FUN Collection Stamps so I will Vote for Collecting New Stamps :)

…How will you Vote? Make sure to  VOTE  on YOUR Favorite Answer :) This is how the Poll looks like right Now :)

See Earlier Penguin Poll :)

Fair 2010 CHEATS :)

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

This Weeks FAN Art Reminds me about the Art for Haiti Mural Contest I think ALL of these Drawings are WINNERS TOO :) Oops! these Penguins never got BIG after the Norman Swarm Play at The Stage…LOL They look like they having FUN anyway :) GREAT Details and in this Drawing WELL DONE :)

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

…Playing TOGETHER at The Beach with Friends is FUN :) I LOVE how the Penguin jumps to play that Beach Volleyball :) GREAT WORK :)

FAN Art in Club Penguin :) …Tennis is FUN too :) You have AWESOME details and a Happy Feeling in this Drawing GREAT WORK :)

FAN Art in Club Penguin :) …Both Puffle and Penguins LOVE to Play :) I LOVE the HAPPINESS and Sunshine in this artwork GREAT WORK :)

FAN Art in Club Penguin :) …More FUN with Friends :) You are Good at Details and the Grass is GREAT :) I like the perspective in this Drawing :) WELL DONE :)

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)…This Drawing is so Super cute :) The watering can is Adorable and I would LOVE to have one both for real and as an item in Club Penguin…I Wish…I Wish…I Wish :) AWESOME WORK :)

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

See Earlier Club Penguin FAN Art :) See Fan Art Archive :)

Penguins Around The World :)

From the BIG Penguin Adventure around the World Aunt Arctic has sent us more Pictures :) This Blue Puffles tries to Catchin’ Waves on a sculpture…LOL :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…A little FUN on the Beach before Soccer Training? That sounds like a GREAT Idea :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…can we take a Cruise Ship to next Destination?

Penguins Around The World :)

…Not necessary? Rockhopper and Yarr will drive us? GREAT :)

Penguins Around The World :)

...and here our Penguin and Puffle Friends are on a HAPPY Field Trip :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…when our Friends got back to the Hotel they eat so Much Ice Cream :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…Thanks Aunt Arctic for these Pictures :) Will you send new Next Week? You will! AWESOME :)

Earlier Penguins Around the World Adventure :) See Penguins Around The World Gallery :)

Community Featured Igloo :)

Congrats Mitus your Igloo is this weeks Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :) I like the Sensei inspired Style you have Decorated your Restaurant in :) The Aquariums gives a calming and serene feeling :) GREAT WORK :)

See Last Weeks Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

Yellow Hoodie BUG!

If you have the Yellow Hoodie on and Wave with the Magician’s Wand you will see a Glitch…Oops…

Yellow Hoodie Bug!

…Thanks to pilpulp for telling me about this you have a GREAT eye for Details :) Please Club Penguin can you fix this soon? Thanks :)

UPDATE: If you ONLY have the Yellow Hoodie on and Wave it will STILL almost fall off! THANKS greensil for telling me that GREAT WORK :)

Fair 2010 CHEATS :)

Fall Fair Prizes and PIN 2010 :)

On the Fair we can Earn Tickets and by Playing Mini Games :) On the Ticket at the upper right corner you will see how many Tickets you have earned :) Ticket Info:) 

Step 1 Play any of the Fair Games to win Tickets :)
Step 2 Go to a Prize Booth in the Forest or at the Entrance to the Great Puffle Circus (for Members)
Step 3 Click on the Booth and trade your Tickets for Prizes :)

…This Booth in the Forest is for ALL Penguins :) Yellow Stripy Hat 150 Tickets, Balloon Flower 110 Tickets, Background 50 Tickets and Popcorn Pin 50 Tickets :) EVERYTHING but the Background is NEW items in this Booth :) THANKS Club Penguin that is GREAT :)

…You have found a Popcorn PIN would you like to Pick it up? YES Please :) Yumm…

Popcorn Pin :)

…The Member Booth Prizes are Ice cream Cone 75 Tickets and that is the ONLY NEW Item in this Booth so far…but it is so delicious…yummm…LOL :) Clown Hair Wig 200 Tickets, Clown Suit 300 Tickets, Clown Shoes 150 Tickets, PINK Cotton Candy 75 Tickets :)

….MORE Prizes will be added to BOTH the Booths later on during the Fair :) This is how the Popcorn Pin looks like on my Player Card :)

 Fair 2010 CHEATS :)

UPDATE: NEW Fair Prizes are HERE :)

Fall Fair Log in Pictures :)

On Club Penguins Home Page we have Both Rockhopper’s Ship and Fall Fair Decorations just like last year :) Mouse over the Crow’s Nest and Yarr will jump out :)

…On the Log in Background we have the Puffle Circus :) The Fair Discover the Wonder of The Great Puffle Circus :) Be Prepared to be Amazed but don’t get too Scared when our Daring Puffles Performs…Look! The Orange Penguin Hugging the White Puffle WAY too tight…LOL :)

The Fair 2010 CHEATS :)

Fair Postcard :)

We have a NEW FUN at The Fair Postcard in the Postcard Catalog that we can send to other Penguins :) Featured Postcards Bring your Puffle :)

…I Posting this Card here to ALL of you that Reads my Blog :) Hope to see you ALL around Club Penguin during the Fair :)

 The Fair 2010 CHEATS :)

Fair Party Stamps :) CHEATS :)

We have got TWO NEW Party Stamp too Earn during the Fair :)

Stamp Book :)

Shack Snack Serve snacks from a booth, using any food emote :)

Snack Shack Stamp :)

…You can earn this Stamp at any of the Food Shacks in Plaza Cove, Mountain or Dock :) CONGRATS! Snack Shack Stamp Earned :)

Snack Shack Stamp Earned :)

…This is how the Snack Shack Stamp looks like in my Stamp Book :)

Snack Shack Stamp :)

Target Champion Hit 50 targets in a task at a Party :)

 Target Champion Stamp :)

…CONGRATS! Target Champion Stamp Earned :)

Target Champion Stamp Earned :)

…This is how the Target Champion Stamp looks like in my Stamp Book :)

Target Champion Stamp :)

…AND this is the FIRST Time since we got the Stamp Book that we have the Opportunity to meet a Famous Penguin :) Rockhopper Be in the same room as Rockhopper

Rockhopper Stamp :)

AND Rockhopper has a NEW Autographed Background to give out this Time so if you meet him don’t forget to pick it up :)

TIPS: If you do everything right and still NOT earn the Stamps try to Clear your Cache :) How to Clear Cache in Club Penguin :)

…We can Now earn 160 Stamps to our Stamp Book :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :) CHEATS :)

The Fair 2010 CHEATS :)

UPDATE: Rockhopper Stamp EARNED and Background :)

UPDATE: How to Earn Happy Room Stamp on Fair Party :)

Rockhopper’s Rare Items Catalog :)

Rockhopper’s Ship The Migrator is at the Beach and…

The Migrator :)

…in the Ship hold we find Rockhopper’s Rare Items Catalog :)

…The Magician’s Top Hat is a FREE Item for EVERYONE :) Then Members can buy Blue Curtain 300 coins (Furniture item) Magician’s Wand 150 coins :) Magician’s Cloak 400 coins :)

…Right Now it is a BUG in the Catalog! We can’t buy the Blue Curtain…I am sure that Club Penguin Fix that soon :)

…If you hold the Magician’s Wand in your flipper and Wave you will make sparkles :) You can do this with any other items on your Penguin Avatar :)

Magician's Wand :)The Cloak looks cool when we walk too it almost Sparkle :)

Magician's Capeand Top Hat  :)

The Fair 2010 CHEATS :)

UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :) THANKS Club Penguin Bug Team :)

Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :) September 2010 :)

Today we got some Brand NEW Clothes and Outfits to our Penguins :) Here I will Help you to Find all the Secret and Hidden items without Ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…Most of these Hoodies are Old but the Yellow Hoodie 300 coins is NEW :)

…Magenta Sunset Hoodie 400 coins and Waddle On Hoodie 350 coins are NEW Items too :)

…The Summer Tussle 250 coins, Jam Cap 300 coins, Orange Checkered Shoes and Aqua Stripper T-Shirt  150 coins are NEW too :)

…On this Page you find the First Hidden Secret in this Catalog :) Mouse over the Page and you will find it :) Ring Master Hat 150 coins, Curley Mustache 50 coins and Ring Master Outfit 350 coins :)

…The Sun Rays 250 coins are a NEW Hairdo :) And The Painter Overalls 400 coins from Penguins at work is Back :) Read more about The Painter Penguins at Work :)

…The Shock Wave 550 coins, Spikester Cuffs 170 coins, Pink Polka-Dot Dress 350 coins and Black Checkered Shoes 300 coins :) 

…Green Hiking Boots 325 coins :)

…Lasso 150 coins :)

  ...Blue Duck 50 coins :)

…Mountain Climber Gear 550 coins and Hiking Boots 325 coins :)

…Acoustic Sunburst Guitar 500 coins :)

…3D Glasses 50 coins :)

…The Rocker 750 coins :)

…Supernova Suit 850 coins :)

  …Blue Sunglasses 150 coins :)

…Red Sunglasses 150 coins :)

…Purple Electric Bass 550 coins :)

...Trombone 500 coins :)

…Red Viking Helmet 750 coins :) Open and close Three times then open again… 

…and you have found the Secret Blue Viking Helmet 12000 coins :)

…ALL Penguins both Members and Free Playing Non Member Penguins can buy Player Card Backgrounds for 60 coins each :) In this Catalog we have one NEW Circus Tent  Background :)

…That were all Secrets for this Time :) Now I will Waddle On and have FUN at The Fair :) The Fair 2010 CHEATS :)

See Earlier Penguin Style Mountain Expedition :)

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