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Thursday, September 9, 2010

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

I like this HAPPY Friends Drawing with Penguins and Puffles playing TOGETHER :) The PINK Bubblegum is so COOL :) WELL DONE :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :)

…This is Club Penguin Island :) I like how you have Drawn Penguins that both Working and Having FUN on our Island :) The PINK Penguin in the Soccer Goal is my Favorite…LOL :) GREAT WORK :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :)

…Hockey is FUN Go Blue and GO RedOrange :) You have ONLY used FIVE Colors in this drawing just as we were asked when we sent in our Artwork to the Haiti Mural :) I think this Drawing would be an AWESOME Mural too :) GOOD WORK :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :)

…Penguins having FUN TOGETHER in the Forest Playing, Singing and Dancing :) You have created GREAT Perspective in this Picture :)AWESOME WORK :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :) …Waddle Around with your Puffle in Club Penguin and meeting HAPPY Friends is ALWAYS FUN :) I LOVE that you have Drawn the Community Tree :) GREAT WORK :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :) …The Tide outside Club Penguin can be strong…HELP! I LOVE Drawings that Tells Stories :) You have created Dramatic in this Picture by letting us see everything from down and looking up (Frog Perspective) Find more info at How to Understand a Work of Art PERSPECTIVE :) WELL DONE :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :)

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Penguins Around the World :)

Aunt Arctic’s New Pictures have arrived :) I like this Building the Architecture is so COOL :) I wonder what City it is in?

Penguins Around the World :)

…Shadow Guy had help from Two Special Trained Puffles to solve a Mystery and TOGETHER they Saved the Lake :)

Penguins Around the World :)

…Then the King Penguin invited everyone to Fly on a Special chartered Airplane :)

Penguins Around the World :)

…CONGRATS Blue Team :) You WON the Table Tennis Tournament :)

Penguins Around the World :)

…The Experiment to create Super Special long lasting Soap Bubbles looking Good so far…and if we add little…what will happen…Oops…LOL  :)

Penguins Around the World :)

…Attitude is EVERYTHING! The Purple Puffle Playing around having FUN :) The Black Puffle not so Much…LOL :)

Penguins Around the World :)

…THANKS Aunt A. For these Pictures :) Please send more Next Week :)

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NEW Fair Coloring Page :)

WEEEEEE! This Slide is Super FUN :) Time to use my NEW Crayons :)

You can PRINT out this Picture :) See Earlier Club Penguin Fair Coloring Pages :) 

AND YES! I will make the colored Balls Glitter with Glitter Glue :)

Fall Fair 2010 CHEATS, Guide, Walkthrough and Tutorial :)

Original Blue Penguin Color :) Bug!

This super Cool Glitch is my Favorite right now :) If you have the Green Hoodie on you can Turn to the Special Old Original Blue Penguin Color that NOT is available in Club Penguin right now :) Just Dance…I think this was the FIRST Penguin Color EVER :)

Original BLUE Color :)

…THANKS to Wwerocks88 for telling me about this I have Blogged about it Before but missed that it was the Special Blue Color :) And THANKS to Ozzy614 that remind me that we can use any color on our Penguin and do this :) Please, Please, PLEASE Club Penguin can you PROMISE to NEVER Fix this Bug? Pretty Please this is WAY to COOL to Fix :)

More about the Green Hoodie Bug! and the Yellow Hoodie Bug and the Purple Hoodie Bug!

Fall Fair 2010 CHEATS :)

UPDATE: Sadly this Super FUN Bug is Fixed! I am SO SAD!! Original Blue Color BUG Sadly Fixed!

Igloo Decorations - Penguin Poll :)

Here is the Latest Penguin Poll :) The new Better Igloos catalog comes Sept 16. When I decorate my igloo, I like to: Decorate it for a party :) Turn it into a restaurant or shop :) Build something like an airplane :) or I can decorate my igloo?
I LOVE ALL kinds of Igloo Decorations but right now I have my Igloo decorated as a Puffle Rescue so I will Vote for Build something like an Airplane :) Saraapril’s Puffle Rescue Igloo :)

…This is how the Poll looks like right now :) How will you Vote? Make sure to VOTE on YOUR Favorite answer :)

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Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

On Club Penguin Community we can see Floflololo’s Igloo :) CONGRATS to You! I like the Lifeboats you have in your Igloo they are so COOL :) GREAT WORK :)

See Last Weeks Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

Purple Hoodie Bug!

There are Many item Bugs in Club Penguin right now here are the Purple Hoodie Bug…Wave and…

Purlpe Hoodie Bug!

…THANKS to Anonymous for telling me about this :) The Yellow Hoodie has this Problem too and The Green Hoodie Glitch make you change Penguin COLOR! Please Club Penguin can you fix this?

Fair 2010 CHEATS, Guide, Walkthrough, Tutorial and Link Collection :)

UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :)

NEW Fair Prizes are HERE :)

HURRAY!!! We have got MORE Fair Prizes to WIN :) These are For ALL Penguins and you find them in the Forest Prize Booth :)

…The Green Cosmic Hat and the Blue Fuzzy Viking Hat are New items :)

…and These items for Club Penguin Members you find them at the Prize Booth outside the Puffle Circus :)

… I LOVE the Popcorn and the Green Balloon :) The GREEN Balloon and Popcorn are NEW items and the Blue Paddle Ball is from earlier Years :)

…The Popcorn and the Balloon are my FAVORITE NEW Items :) And I have a Wish…Pretty Please Club Penguin can we get a PINK Balloon next Year? OR a Purple :) Now I will Play Fair Games and earn Tickets to all this :) I will start with the Popcorn…YUMM…LOL :)

Saraapril :)

Fair Prizes and Pin 2010 :)

Fair 2020 CHEATS Guide Walkthrough and Tutorial :)

NEW PIN in Club Penguin :) CHEAT :)

The Fair Ticket Pin is hidden in the Book Room :)

Saraapril :)

…Oops! I was too Quick…I have to wait…

…Now the Pin is here :) You have found a Fair Ticket Pin Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…This is how the Fair Ticket Pin looks like on my Player Card :)

Saraapril :)  See Earlier Club Penguin Igloo Pin :)

Fair 2010 CHEATS Guide Walkthrough and Tutorial :)

Club Penguin Black Puffle Hooded Top :)

Have you seen this Black Puffle Hoddie? I NEWER wear Black BUT if you do you might like this one :) This is what Disney writes: Keep Club Penguin devotees cosy and warm by giving them this superb sweater, starring a black Puffle both on the front in flocked outline, and on the patterned lining of that comfy hood. 70% polyester, 30% cotton. Machine washable. Available at Disney Store UK :)
Okay…I can see an Orange Puffle and the outlines of a Blue Puffle a Red Puffle a Green Puffle a Pink Puffle and a Yellow Puffle on this Hoddie :) I think the Black and Orange Logotype looks Cool :)

Club Penguin Black Puffle Hooded Top :)

Other items in this series:

Club Penguin Twin Pen Set Orange Puffle :)

Club Penguin Filled Pencil Case Orange Puffle :)

Club Penguin Gadget Pencil Case Orange Puffle :)

For more and some cuter Club Penguin items look under the label Toys :)

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Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water Octagonal Tin :)

I think the Card-Jitsu Journey soon will continue in Club Penguin and that’s why more and more Water Card Jitsu cards are on sale :) Here we have the Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water Octagonal Tin :)

…This is how it looks like now :)

…and here are two other Card-Jitsu Water items:

Card-Jitsu Water Trading Card Game Series 1 Booster Pack :)

Card-Jitsu Water Trading Card Game Series 1 Value Deck :)

For MORE Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items :)

Screenhog talks Fair Party :)

This is a Message from Screenhog:

Hello Penguins!
Screenhog here.
Since we're playing lots of Fair games I thought I'd make one of my own. See if you can find all these things at the party. Good luck - I think a couple of them are tricky. Take your best guesses in the comments.
There are also some new prizes at the prize booth today. Don't miss your chance to get them because the Fair gets packed up after the weekend.
Until then... Waddle on.
-Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog

I KNOW where these Pictures are from :) Do you?

Fair 2010 CHEATS and Link Collection :)

Green Puffles in Jet Pack Adventure Game soon :)

Pilots Seeks Assistants :) Some extreme Puffle trainers have reported that they want to try training green Puffles to help out with Jet Pack Adventure. These Puffles are already well known for their flying talents, thanks to their famous propellor caps.

“Those green Puffles really put on a show at the Great Puffle Circus. Their speed and accuracy was astounding! So we thought they’d probably love to help jetpackers.”

The Puffle experts reported that they’ll begin training the air-born green pets immediately.

“We've got a few Puffle trainers that are really good at teaching tricks. One in particular is quite an expert—she should be able to get them flying and helping out for sure!”

Green Puffles are expected to be ready for takeoff sometime this month. Stay tuned to the Club Penguin Times for more details.

HURRAY! I guessed right All about Games in September :) THANKS for this information Aunt Arctic :) This will be so Much FUN and I’m guessing that a Bring your Green Puffle STAMPS will be available for us to earn in the Jet Pack Adventure Game :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Saraapril and the Green Puffle Gosig :)

…And if you solve the Dot-to-Dot Puzzle in this issue of Club Penguin Times Newspaper you will get a …

Dot-to-Dot Puzzle :)

…HAPPY Flying Green Puffle :) See Earlier Dot-to-Dot Puzzle Pictures :)

…Now I will Play some Fall Fair Games :) I will start with the Puffle Paddle I wonder if my Black Puffle Speed wants to Play…LOL :)

Puffle Paddle Game  :)

Fair 2010 CHEATS and Link Collection :)

Cart Surfer Moves Secret Revealed :)

Secret nr 91or RERUN of Secret Nr 83…and MANY More…

Cart Surfer Moves :)

Cart Surfing is great fun, and a great way to earn coins.

Here are a few tips from surfing experts: Don’t do the same trick twice in a row or you’ll get less points. Mix up your tricks to maximize points!

Press down and then hold the left or right key to grind. You can even grind around corners to boost your score!

When you’re really good, remember to crash on purpose. It’ll make the game go longer!

Happy77 asks about Cart Surfer :)

How to earn Happy Room Stamp on Fair Party :)

If you didn't earn the Happy Room Stamp during the Mountain Expedition Party you have a New Chance right now :) To find the Stamp look in your Stamp Book under Events and then click on Party and you find some Special Party Stamps we ONLY can earn during a Club Penguin Party :) Right now you can earn two NEW  Fair Party Stamps and the Happy Room Stamp :) Happy Room Make 10 penguins smile in a room :)

…To Earn the Happy Room Stamp you need to Smile TOGETHER with Friends in any of the Special Party Rooms :) Outside the Puffle Circus Tent or…

Puffle Circus Entrance  :)

…Inside the Puffle Circus or…

Puffle Circus :)

…here at the More Games Room :)

More Game Room :)

…THANKS to Sara from Club Penguin Support that told me about this :) THANKS Sara :)

…I earned my Happy Room Stamp during the Mountain Expedition Party :) Here are All Four Club Penguin Party Stamps that we can earn far…I wonder what New Party Stamps we will get on Next Club Penguin Party :)

Party Stamps :)

 Fair 2010 CHEATS and Link Collection :)

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

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