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Sunday, September 12, 2010

FUN with Friends Fair Party and More :)

Here is SOME of the FUN me and my Friends have had in Club Penguin :) The Puffles need us and I and Flory7272 had a Rescue Team meeting inside the Mine to plan how to save the lost Puffles…

…A Rescue Worker must be smart :) Let’s play Mancala to Train our Brains :)

…Back to the Rescue Central Flappy79 has information that 30 Puffles needs to be saved right now and that one Rescue Workers in the Mine is Hungry! I will take a Pizza with me and go and find her and then Rescue the Puffles :) Collect ALL Puffle Rescue Stamps Guide, Cheats, Walkthrough and Tutorial :)

…Pmui2000, Spongebob524, I, Spider880 and Sonicsonic05 are having a Waiting for the Fall Fair Party :)

…FUN in the Hidden Lake :) Look at Spider880 he looks like Herbert with all the Floatable items on…LOL :)

…I was waddling around when I suddenly saw a TREE with a Headset! LOL GREAT Disguise EPF Agent Flatmat :) My Friend was on a Secret Spy Mission and I volunteered to Help :) We picked up a mysterious signal that we Tracked to the Cove…

…it comes from under the Big Stone…I wonder when the EPF Secret Door will be done? EPF Secret Message Video :) Now I must Save more Puffles :)

…THANKS Flatmat for Helping :)

…Dvivoni working on a Special Mission too :) And we both are so excited over the Fall Fair that will come soon :)

…HURRAY!!! Fall Fair 2010 is HERE :) Cutegirl2365 was the FIRST Penguin I saw with the Pretty PINK Balloon Hat and she HAPPILY showed me where she found it :) TOGETHER we waddled from the Beach all the way to the Forest THANKS Cutegirl2365 you are AWESOME :)

…Hi Yellowskirt do you want some Orange Juice?

…Here we can earn the Snack Shack Party Stamp :)

…Hi Marioblue10 :)

…and Blueperi :)

…THANKS Tiger Lily O I LOVE Ice Cream :)

…Hi Jmann93, Spotto3, Snow Wairior, Komr Man Sup and Oda Sensei :) The Fair is so Much FUN :)

…After meeting Rockhopper and Yarr Rockhopper Stamp Earned and Background :) I played lots of Fair Party Games :)

…Bobafet22 and I Likes to Dance on the Magic Show Platform in Town :)

…This FLOWER is NOT Nice…LOL :) You can see the Card-Jitsu Cactus Animation on YouTube :)

…Bobafet22 has decorate his Igloo to a Puffle Circus :) AWESOME!

…Orange LOVED it and did so Many Tricks :) SNOWBALL FIGHT TIME!

…LOL…This is FUN :)

…La la la…Singing and Dancing TOGETHER :) La la la la la…Come and see The AMAZING Puffle Circus is HERE :)

…Waiting for Rockhopper Party at The Migrator :)

…Here I am visiting Mrcytrus Fish Bowl Igloo :) Hi cute Puffles :) TOGETHER we Decided to Play Mancala…

…On the way to the Book Room I got HUNGRY…LOL :) 

…CONGRATS Mrcytrus you are GREAT at this Game :)

Dance Contest FUN :)

…What Game will we Play Now?

…Card- Jitsu is FUN :) Oops! LOOK what that Pencil DOING TO ME…LOL :) Card-Jitsu April Fool Pencil on YouTube :)

…Bye for Now Friends :) See you soon again in Club Penguin :)

…The Great Puffle Circus in my FAVORITE Place to be at this Fair Party :) The PINK Puffle is so BRAVE :)

…While Dancing with a Green Hoodie on you will change COLOR! Is this done by the Yellow Puffles Magic?

…The Ring Master Yellow Puffle Shakespeare used the Magic Wand and Flatmat become Old times Blue :)

…and PINK again :) This is FUN :)

…I can do this too :) Waves Magic Wand…

…I DID IT! THANKS Shakespeare for teaching us this Magic Trick :) Green Hoodie and Shoes BUG!

…I met Televizor123, Frankopan0 and Jenan2009 at the Iceberg :)

…it is so Much FUN to Run around and to HIDE in the Colorful Ball Sea :)

Sled Race is FUN too :)

…GREAT GAME! CONGRATS Televizor123 :)

…This can be Dangerous…Slide Careful!

…You WON! CONGRATS Frankopan0 :) Lets Celebrate with Ice Cream :)

…Here we all Play TOGETHER :) Oops! LOL :) Up Again :)

…Bye for now Friends :) See you soon again in Club Penguin :)

…I LOVE Cold Giant’s PINK Airplane Igloo :) THANKS for showing it to me :)

…Jt9034 and I am looking for Fair Adventures :)

…you will never stop being Amazed on a Fair and in Town I met All4hez that performed a Bird Act :)

…This Costume is FANTASTIC!

…The Blue Viking Hat is here :) You don't have to have your tour guide hat on to be helpful :)

…The Fair Party will soon end and Rockhopper and Yarr will leave our Island…but First I will Play MORE Fair Games and Rockhopper’s Treasure Hunt :)

…THANKS to ALL Penguins that I have Played with :) TOGETHER we make Club Penguin FUN :)

Fair 2010 Cheats, Guide, Walkthrough, Tutorial and Link Collection :)

See MORE FUN with Friends under the label FUN with Friends :)

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