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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saraapril’s School Igloo :)

I LOVE that we now can SAVE our Igloos :) How to find ALL your stored Igloos in Club Penguin :) From the inventory I picked out the Gym Igloo and I and my Puffles will work TOGETHER to create a School :) Time to Decorate! Any Ideas?

…WELCOME to our Cool School Igloo :) We were inspired by the Haiti Mural and made one too :) THANKS Yellow Puffles you are AMAZING at Painting :)

...Before School Starts it is time for Cheerleading Practice :) I think cheerleading looks like a FUN sport :) In real life I train Ballet, Figure skating and Gymnastic so sadly I have no time for cheerleading…

…Music education is FUN and right now I playing You Rock! In my Igloo :) Igloo Music List :)

…I LOVE to make Experiments :) One day I might going to be a Scientist :) Saraapril’s Experiment Igloo :)

…Outside next to the FLOWERS at the Schoolyard is a good place to get some quiet time and read a book :)

…back in class :) I wonder if I can find my Blog…Google Saraapril…

…a little warning if you get tired and take a nap on Lunch Break make sure NOT to DROOL…LOL :)

…THANKS for the FUN Game Blueberry :) Mathematic Games like Find Four and Mancala is a GREAT way to train my Brain and now it is time for MATH :) HURRAY!!! Logging in to CarrotSticks :)

…EVERYONE is WELCOME to come and Play in my Cool School Igloo I will try to remember to put my Igloo on Map when I am online :) Now a Wish…Something I would LOVE to have is a School Background for my Players card and another one with the Haiti Mural as an Background :) Then I wish for a comfy office chair in PINK to have in front of the computer :) Pretty Please Club Penguin can you make that?

Here is how my Igloo looked Earlier Saraapril’s Puffle Rescue Igloo :)

CarrotSticks Online Math Game :)

Club Penguin Game Day! AVAILABLE :) More Sneak Peek Pics :)

Disney’s Club Penguin Game Day for Wii is now available in Australia and New Zealand :) And will be for sale in North America and Latin America from September 21, 2010 and UK will get this Game September 24 :) More Picture from the Game have now been released and here they are :) The Blue Team making a GIANT Balloon :)

Club Penguin Game Day! …The Red Team building Snowmen's :)

Club Penguin Game Day!

…Hi Rookie I am HAPPY to see you :)

Club Penguin Game Day!

…The Red Team, Blue Team, Yellow Team and Green Team compete in Bean Balance :) Oops…LOL :) Look the Yellow Team have a cute Green Puffle on the Top of the Bean Bags :)

Club Penguin Game Day!

Blue Team vs. Red Team in a Friendly snow fight Battle :)

Club Penguin Game Day!

…THAT is BIG Snowballs :)

Club Penguin Game Day!

…Time for HOCKEY!

Club Penguin Game Day!

…Read MORE about The Game Club Penguin Game Day and see more Pictures from the Game here :)

Club Penguin on Wii :) Disney Club Penguin Game Day :)

Club Penguin Game Day! for Wii :)

Club Penguin Game Day for Wii - Pictures :)

Wii and Club Penguin by Billybob :)

Club Penguin Game Day for Wii MORE Pictures :)

Club Penguin Game Day Wii VIDEO :)

Club Penguin Game Day Wii Trailer Video Highest Quality High Definition :)

Club Penguin Game Day Wii NEW Sneak Peek Pictures :)

Stamps for Club Penguin Game Day on Wii :)

Happy77 wants YOU to ask about Wii :)

Happy77 Posts Answers to Your Wii Questions :)

Video Games Game Day in Stamp Book :)

…You find and can purchase Club Penguin Game Day at by clicking on the image below (Affiliated Ad)

Disney's Club Penguin: Game Day

Club Penguin Game Day CHEATS :)

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