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Sunday, September 19, 2010

FUN with Friends :)

Here are SOME of the things my Friends and I have done in Club Penguin lately :) I was waddling around when I met Zanher and Arceus4253 :) Hi Friends how are you Today?

…Bxpingu visited me and My Puffles in our Puffle Rescue Training Igloo :)

…It is so Much FUN that we now can fly TOGETHER with a Green Puffle in the Jet Pack Adventure Game but before we start to Fly we need to stretching to warm up our Mussels :) Put Flippers on feet's…

…and we can DANCE Synchronized too...LOL :)

…Ryan5124 and I training to rescue Black Puffles from the Sea Level :)

…and then we need to make sure they are fed and dry again :) All Puffles are SAFE :)

…Club Penguin Games Time! Ryan5124 and I had so Much FUN Playing Fire Card-Jitsu, Card-Jitsu, Find Four, Mancala, Dance Contest and Sled Race :)

…then we went to Ryan5124’s Igloo so I could say Hi to all the cute Puffles :)

…LOOK how Ryan5124 has Decorated his Stamp Book :) How to Customize your Stamp Book :)

…Tycoon Rules and I had so Much FUN Playing Mancala :) I LOVE this game and one thing I like the most about it is that Mancala is NEVER over before it is over you might think you will lose and the next second you WIN :)

Field-Ops 14 is solved and we are on a secret Mission from Gary and looking for clues to who it is that making up all these problems…

…we couldn't find any clues at all and nothing that can help us with this problem can be found in the Old F.I.S.H PSA Handbook either…We must contact Gary and ask him for advice…use Spy Phone…

…Gary advised us to keep looking for clues and at the Cove I and Flatmat met EPF Agent Yellow 1003 TOGETHER we started to look for clues…

…Yellow 1003 that is an EXPERT on Tracking finds small, small Tracks in the snow…

…after comparing these Tracks to old Photos of Klutzy’s Claw Prints we found out that these Tracks can NOT be Klutzy’s…

…we Phoned Gary and he thought this was interesting news indeed…then Gary said Good Work Agents I will soon need your Help again :) THANKS Gary the Gadget Guy we are Always HAPPY to Help :)

…Cheda1234 and I met in the Dojo to Play Card-Jitsu :)

…Cheda1234 had got new Cards :) Thanks for showing them to me :) Sorry for the Hot Sause…LOL :)

…CONGRATS! Good Game :)

…Find Four Time :)

...At the Beach 472yellow Safa153 came and talked with me while I was Practice Flying skills for the Jet Pack Adventure :)

…Ninjas always need Training and Today it is FIRE Ninja Training in the Volcano Dojo :)

…Andreylaur, Ponytail001 and I Playing Card-Jitsu FIRE TOGETHER :)

Hi and Hola P96249417, Jigigerman14, Scary Wolf, Bobby7845, and Samspur :)

…hablas espanol…Sorry P96249417 I can’t speak Spanish…that would be so COOL if I could! But I am Happy that you can speak English :)

…TOGETHER we had so Much FUN Playing Game after Game of Card-Jitsu FIRE :)

...THANKS for joining the Game Sunflower530 it is AWESOME to be FOUR Players :)

…Then Jack8945 and I Trained our Ninja Skills in The Original Card-Jitsu Game :) White Puffle in Card-Jitsu :)

…Xmoondustyx took me on a Guided Tour around Club Penguin :)

…we were all over the Island and then we ended the Tour in…

…The Lighthouse admiring the Pictures on the Wall :) THANKS for the interesting Tour Xmoondustyx you are a GREAT Tour Guide :)

…and THANKS to ALL Penguins that I have Played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :)

For More FUN with Friends Look under the Label FUN with Friends :)

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