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Monday, September 20, 2010

No Migrator in Beacon Telescope!

The Migrator can no longer be seen in the Horizon but…

…have Faith Rockhopper and Yarr will be back one day and then they will tell us ALL about their latest Adventures :) That will be so Much FUN :)

  See earlier Pictures The Migrator is almost Gone!

Extra Field–Ops BUG AGAIN!

I have Finished this weeks Field-Ops 15 but when I logged in to Club Penguin again I had a NEW Field-Ops Assignment to do! OH NO! IF I do this Bug Assignment I will earn another FAKE Medal but if I DON’T I will go CRAZY having the Spy Phone Flashing RED ALERT the WHOLE WEEK…Extra Field-Op! …I better go and do the Assignment AGAIN…Done! Sadly my Careers get messed up with this I have now 17 Careers but CP has only released 15…I have 2 FAKE Medals and I guess it effects my EPF Stamps too…Field-Ops Stamps for Solved Assignments :) PLEASE Club Penguin can you fix this?

Field-Ops BUG! Extra Medal Earned!

Green Puffle in Log in Background :)

The Green Puffle is now FLYING and collecting coins TOGETHER with the Green Penguin on the Club Penguin Log in Background Picture :)

Thanks to Spongebob524 for noticing as always you have a GREAT eye for details :) See how this Picture looked earlier STAMPS are HERE in Club Penguin Log in Background :)

How to earn Green Puffle Stamps Jet Pack Adventure Game CHEATS :)

UPDATE: Tips you can NOT earn the Ace Pilot Stamp TOGETHER with your Green Puffle…The Puffle likes to collect coins…LOL :)

Field-Ops 15 EPF CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

ATTENTION ALL AGENTS! It is time for a NEW Field-OP :) Click on Spy Phone…Field-Ops 15 EPF :)

…NEW Field-Op Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to Receive your Orders :)

…click on Field-Ops Monitor :)

EPF Agent Saraapril :)…Hi Uncle Gary what’s up? Hi Saraapril we have a problem…The scanner is only half done, but it's already been damaged. Someone is sabotaging us! Work together to find the broken part, and restart the system. It's disguised as a buoy. Okay Uncle Gary I will start right away :) A Buoy…Let’s look at…  

Field-Ops 15 EPF :)

…The Beach! YES! Here it is :)

…click on Spy Phone…

Fiels-Op 15 EPF :)

…Location Found! Bypass the system! Match your data with the Firewall to break through. Be Sharp! The system will speed up!

…I know how to do this…Black meets Black…

…DONE! I DID IT! HURRAY! Thanks Elite Penguin Force Agent Saraapril you solved the Problem and Save the Island :) Please take this Medal as an token of the Agency's Appreciation :)
THANKS Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy I am HONORED to get this Medal :) If you need my Help again just call me on the Spy Phone :)

…I STILL have one Medal and 1 Career too Much due to the BUG! Field-Ops BUG Extra Medal Earned! BUT I will use my Four EARNED Medals and Trade them for the Tactical Gear Outfit :)  EPF Tactical Gears :)

…This is how the Tactical Gear looks like on my Player Card :)

Saraapril :)

…I think this Tactical Gear Outfit looks COOL :) I don’t have any Special Tactical Powers yet but when I have more items I think I will :)

EPF Agent Saraapril :)

Field-Op Nr 1 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 2 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 3 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 4 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 5 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 6 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 7 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 8 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 9 Assignment CHEATS :)

 Field-Op Nr 10 Assignment CHEATS :)

 Field-Op Nr 11 Assignment CHEATS :)

 Field-Op Nr 12 Assignment CHEATS :)

 Field-Op Nr 13 Assignment CHEATS :)

 Field-Op Nr 14 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Ops EPF Stamps :)

Team Colors are Revealed :)

On Thursday Billybob gave us a Quiz! Which Team Color are you? and now we have got the Answer! Option A: GREEN :) Option B: RED :) Option C: BLUE :) Option D YELLOW :)

Club Penguins Team Colors :)

…So I am BLUE? I had NO CLUE…LOL :) I thought I was GREEN or YELLOW :) It doesn't matter to me I will Support ALL THE TEAMS Anyway :)









…and Pretty PINK and Purple :)

and Pretty PINK and Purple :)

Dance Contest Random BUG!

Right now it is a Random Bug in DJ Cadence’s Dance Contest Game at Night Club sometimes you can Play the Multiplayer level and sometimes you get the Bug!…It will be so Much FUN to Play Dance Contest TOGETHER with Friends :)

Saraapril :)

…Listen to Cadence…click on Multiplayer :)

…no matter if you choose Easy , Medium, Hard or Expert level…

…you will get this Message…Hold up! Connection has epic failed! (insert instructions). Oops! This is a BUG! Waiting…Waiting…NOPE The Multiplayer Game will Not start!
You can click on Cadence and choose New Game! or How to Play but sadly the Multiplayer level is not working right now…

…Thanks to 1w34e for telling me about this Bug :) Please Club Penguin can you fix this Bug? I Think it is so much More FUN to play the Dance Contest Game TOGETHER with Friends and it would be GREAT if it worked EVERY time :)

TIPS: If this Bug happens to you just leave the Dance Contest Game and try again :) If the Multiplayer level  still don’t work log off and then log in and try again hopefully you don’t get the Bug this time…

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