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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Green Puffle landing in Water :) ANIMATED :)

The Jet Pack Adventure Game has got the Crash Landing BUG Fixed and a Water Landing Animation has been added :) Look how cute the Green Puffle is in the Lifesaver :)

Green Puffle Crash in Water Jet Pack Adventure :)…THANKS Club Penguin for fixing this :) One more thing if you crash in the water between the Shore and Whale you end up in the FOREST! Can you Please add a water Animation here too?

Water Crash Bug in Jet Pack

See More cute crash landings and the Bug here Green Puffle Crash Landings ANIMATED :)

Green Puffle Stamps CHEATS Jet Pack Adventure :)

Stadium BUG! Adobe Flash Player 10 script run slowly!

I would LOVE to Play at the Stadium right now BUT very shortly after I start to Play in that room I got this warning message popping up:

Adobe Flash Player 10

A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player 10 to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script? Yes or No

I get many messages like this showing up and it is REALLY Annoying!

…It does not help to close them with either Yes or No…if I manage to get rid of all the Warning Messages I always ends up with this Frozen, Crazy, Waddling on the place, Spinning Bug…sometimes I need to close the web browser with the Windows Task Manager using End Task or End Process…

Stadium Bug!

…I have tested and tried to Play in the Stadium Party room on two different computers, in different Club Penguin servers and with different Avatar Penguins in Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox and Chrome and it is ALWAYS the same problem! PLEASE Club Penguin HELP!!! Can you fix a solution for this? I would LOVE to have FUN at the ALL Teams to Stadium Games PARTY :) 


UPDATE: I installed a newer version of Flash Player but SADLY it DIDN'T HELP Either! I updated IE8 and Chrome and FireFox that were version 10,1,82,76 the first time I tested and now it is version 10,1,85,3 or IE9 beta that was version 10,1,82,76 and now it is updated to version 10,2,161,22…sadly still same Problem…

UPDATE: The Stadium Bug is Now FIXED :) THANKS Club Penguin Team now we can have FUN at the Stadium Games Party :)

ALL Teams to Stadium Games :)

Let the Games Begin :) At the Soccer Pitch we have FUN Games to Play :)

How to Play :) First pick up a FREE Jackhammer :) Jackhammer Rivals! Jackhammer on your Team Color the winner change the Room Colors :) Target Champ! Score as many points as you can before the Time runs out. Avoid the Puffle Targets :) 100 m Waddle! Race when the light says GO! Avoid Obstacles. You have to Waddle AROUND them :)

…Time for a Guided Tour :) Welcome to the Stadium sports fans! Take part in the action and start a game! Or grab a snack and watch from the bleachers. You can buy items for your igloo and sports gear from the booth.

Stadium Tour Guide :)This Party is to Celebrate the Release of the NEW Club Penguin Game Day Game on Wii :) Club Penguin Game Day CHEATS, Guide, Walkthrough and Tutorial :)  You can send a Club Penguin Sports Postcard to a Friend and invite them to join your Favorite Team :) And you can buy Team Clothes, Items and Outfits in the NEW Snow and Sports Catalog :) See you ALL at the Stadium :)

Game ON at the Stadium :)

Stadium BUG! Adobe Flash Player 10 script run Slowly!

Club Penguins Team and Stamp Postcards :)

Now we can send Postcards with our Team Colors to other Penguins :) AND a Look at my Stamp Book Card too :) These Five Postcards are Brand NEW :)

…Join Team Green from Saraapril :)

  …Join Team Yellow from Saraapril :)

…Join Team Blue from Saraapril :)

  …Join Team Red from Saraapril :) ALL Teams to Stadium Games :)

…Check out my Stamp Book from Saraapril :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :)

To see More Club Penguin Postcards look under the Label Mail and Cards :)

NEW PIN in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Inside the Cave Mine you find Club Penguins Newest Pin :)

…You have found a Sandwich Pin would you like to Pick it up? Yes PLEASE I am so HUNGRY! YUMM…LOL :)

…This is how the Sandwich Pin looks like on my Player Card :)

See Earlier Club Penguin Fair Ticket Pin :)

Snow and Sports Catalog CHEATS :)

The NEW Snow and Sports Catalog for September 2010 is HERE and for the FIRST time Ever we can buy items for the YELLOW TEAM :) Here I will Help you to Find ALL the Hidden Secret items WITHOUT Ruin your FUN to look for them :)

…Mouse over this Page to find the NEW item Red Sneakers 250 coins :)

…Blue Sneakers 250 coins :)

…We have got NEW Items :) Yellow Face Pain 15 coins, Yellow Cheerleader Outfit 350 coins, Red Mohawk 500 coins, Yellow Hockey Jersey 450 coins and Green Sneakers 250 coins :)

…And on this page you will find the Secret Hidden White Pom-Poms 125 coins :)

…and the Yellow Sneakers 250 coins are NEW Items :)

…We have got Brand NEW Tracksuits in Blue, Yellow, Red and Green 400 coins each :)

…I like how we can Mouse over the Tracksuits in the Catalog and see how they will look at a Penguin :)

Tracksuits :)

…Yellow CP Banner 170 coins to put in our Igloos is NEW too :)

…That was all :) Now I will go and have FUN at the Stadium Party :) ALL Teams to Stadium Games :)

Coffee Shop Coloring Page :)

Look how cute the Orange Puffle is sleeping in the lap of the reading Penguin :) I like this Picture and I will Print is out and coloring it later Today :) But first I need a cup of Tea…LOL :)

You can PRINT out this Picture :) See Earlier Fair Coloring Page :)

Community Club Penguin Featured Igloo :)

CONGRATS 9kbb you are Featured on Club Penguin Community :) I Like the the Dance Floors in your Cozy Cottage Igloo and it is so COOL that you have an Outdoor Computer! Here you can BOTH Play Club Penguin and get fresh air at the same time :) GOOD WORK :)

See Last Weeks Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

Likes to do most on CP? - Penguin Poll :)

Time for a Penguin Poll :) What do you and your buddies like to do most on Club Penguin? Find pins together :) Throw igloo parties :) Earn stamps :) or Play Games :) I LOVE to collect Stamps so that will be my Answer :)

…This is how the Poll looks like right now :) Now it is YOUR turn to VOTE  and tell Club Penguin YOUR Opinion :) 

See Earlier Penguin Poll :)

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Penguins Around the World :)

Aunt Arctic has send us more Pictures from the BIG Penguin Adventure :) This Baseball is GIGANTIC…LOL…COOL Picture :)

Penguins Around the World :)

…The Yellow Puffle having FUN Playing around in a Garden Statue :)

Penguins Around the World :)

…Oops! Rockhopper, Squidzoid and Explorer Penguin got some engine Trouble…I am glad that they all know so much about fixing stuff and it didn't took long before they could continue their Adventure :)

Penguins Around the World :)

…HAPPY Blue Penguin on the Beach :)

Penguins Around the World :)

…Time for Conga Line FUN :) Casa Fiesta ANIMATED Music Jam :)

Penguins Around the World :)

…DON’T EAT MY FRIENDS!!! Oh…You are just a Statue! That was a Funny Joke LOL :)

Penguins Around the World :)

…THANKS AA for these Pictures have a FUN week and Please Promise to send us more Pictures Next week :)

Earlier Penguins Around the World Adventure :) See Penguins Around The World Gallery :)

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

Drawing Time! Here are NEW Club Penguin Art Pictures :) These Penguins and Puffles having FUN playing Music TOGETHER :) I like the Happiness in this Drawing look at the Red Drummer Penguin…One, Two, Three,Time to ROCK :) GOOD WORK :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :) …Spending time TOGETHER with Friends is so much FUN :) I like the kind way the Purple Penguin look on his Puffles and how Relaxed both Penguin and Puffles looks in this Drawing GREAT WORK :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :) …Playing Games outside TOGETHER is FUN too :) The PINK Puffle is AWESOME at Skipping Rope and Throwing Freebee is so Much FUN :) WELL DONE :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :) …Dance Contest at the Night Club Dance Floor :) I LOVE the Bright Colors and the 3D Effect and the detailed Posters in this Artwork :) GOOD WORK :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :) …WATER, SNOW and FIRE NINJA PUFFLES are Training TOGETHER :) I wonder what Amazing Powers they have when they work TOGETHER? I like the way you have used thin lines to create effects and highlights :) GOOD WORK :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :) …Blowing Soap Bubbles and Playing Around at the Playground :) This detailed Drawing would be PERFECT for a Mural I would like to have this one on my School :) GREAT WORK :) Look at the Haiti Mural :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :)

See Earlier Club Penguin FAN Art :) See Fan Art Archive :)

Internet Explorer 9 beta and Club Penguin :)

How is Internet Explorer 9 working Together with Club Penguin? I have Tested Club Penguin in the latest IE 9 beta and I have Good News :) Everything Works Good and actually QUICKER compared to Internet Explorer 8 :)

Saraapril Testing internet Explorer 9 :)

If you still use Windows XP you cannot install IE9 It only works on Windows Vista and Windows 7

I also noticed that animated GIF images work much better now :) The Night Club Cloud Floor Animations are really SLOW in IE8 but in IE9 it works as it should :) Now internet Explorer 9 can compete with Chrome and Firefox Best web browser for viewing Animations :)

Sadly it STILL can be Problems to get Club Penguin Games working in Internet Explorer 9…This workaround is still needed: How to get Club Penguin Games work in Internet Explorer 8.0 :)

On this Picture you can see how my Saraapril in Club Penguin Blog look like in Internet Explorer 9 :) I like that the Explorer Frame is more Plain and more back to Basic :)

Saraapril Club Penguin Blog in Internet Explorer 9 :)

…Now I will log in to CP and Play Puffle Rescue Game :) I still have some Stamps to Earn :)

Saraapril at Puffle Rescue Central :)

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Game on at the Stadium

Game on at the Stadium. Four eager teams. Three exciting new events. Competition is heating up as a special track event gets underway. Spokespenguins from each team have been rallying in the Stadium.

Decked out in mohawks, Team Red was loud. The 100 meter waddle race is definitely gonna be our game!”

The newest team, Team Yellow, answered back. We’ve been perfecting our jackhammering skills. It’s our first time out, but we’re ready.”

Team Green was bouncing. Green’s gonna laugh to the top of the podium. We’ve got snowball precision!”

Team Blue told us they’ve practiced all the events. We work together. We’re strong and we want to win.”

All teams should head to the Stadium to get into uniform. The track event starts September 24.

This will be so Much FUN but first Quiz! What Team Color are you by Billybob :) I know what Color I AM! Mostly PINK…LOL :)

Saraapril in PINK Team :)I think this Party is a way to Celebrate Club Penguin Game Day CHEATS Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial for Wii :)

Black Puffles in Cart Surfer Game :)

Black Puffles Takes to Carts :) Black Puffles have been spotted in the Mine playing with carts. Cart Surfers who’ve seen their skills have some big ideas. At the Mine, we found some dedicated surfers and their unsmiling pets. They had flashlights to look down the tracks.

“See ‘em? For a while, we’ve suspected that black Puffles come here to sharpen their skills. So we watched. Talk about sweet moves!”

The surf experts explained that seeing the talented Puffles really inspired them. So they brought their own pets to the Underground.

“We brought our own, got them onto our carts and started riding with ‘em. They’re fun to have along. Good at balancing, too.”

Cart Surfers are still doing some last minute safety tests in the Mine with their Puffles. We hope to hear more about black Puffles and carts soon. This will start October 5, 2010 :) THANKS Aunt Arctic for this information :) Here are Sneak Peeks of some of the Stamps will will be able to Earn :) This will be so Much FUN I can hardly wait :)

Read this Post for more info and to see another Stamp :) Cart Surfer Stamps here October 5 :)

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