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Saturday, September 25, 2010

More FUN with Friends :)

GO Lime Green Band is Playing at The Lighthouse Stage :) I like to Play TOGETHER at the Stage AND if your Band use the right instruments STAMPS can be earned :) How to make a Full Band in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

...DANCE PARTY in Legoboy612’s Igloo :) Look how Disco Cool Pookegeek493 is Dressed :)

…TOGETHER we working to water the Community Garden :)

…and then we rescued Puffles in my Igloo :) Saraapril’s Puffle Rescue Igloo :)

…Pookegeek493 jumps in the aquarium to so save a Puffle :) THANKS Pookegeek493 you saved the Puffle from Drowning :)

…the Orange Orange Puffles needs extra help…LOL :) Orange Puffle Adoption – My Stories and Adventures :)

…ALL Puffles are SAVED GREAT WORK Rescue Team :)

  …Time for a Sled Race Test :) Which sled is FASTEST? Let’s try…

…TOGETHER we learned that it depends on WHO it is on the Sled…LOL…This is FUN :) HAPPY RUNNING! Then Legoboy612 had an surprise for us…

…A FISH BOWL IGLOO! COOL :) This is the PERFECT place for sea creatures like us :)

…BUT…How will we get OUT? HELP!!! LOL :)

…we feel like Nemo are we trapped in this Fish Bowl FOREVER? We MUST find a way out…

…and we did :) We escaped to the Box Dimension :) THANKS for the FUN Friends :) Orange Puffle found in Box Dimension ANIMATED :)

…I was so HAPPY to met Black Print1 again and TOGETHER we made up a Friendship song :) La la la Friends are FUN to be around :)

…this is a HAPPY DAY :)

…Hi Flatmat Welcome to my School Igloo :) Saraapril’s School Igloo :)

…Xlotx and I met for a Hot Chocolate and to talk at the Coffee Shop :)

...then we went to Xlotx’s Igloo :)

  …pets cute Orange Puffle :)

…Xlotx made us a special tea that he got from sensei…yummm…this is the BEST tea Ever :)

…Song and Dance time :) Kalie7889 taught  us a New Melody :) Thanks that song was GREAT to Dance to :)

…Look Redspecial1 Desibestie can walk on WATER :) That is so COOL :) 

Find Four is one of my Favorite Games and Redspecial1 made some very smart moves :)

…Rassbert and I had FUN Playing with his Puffles :)

…Have an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rassbert :) Gives present…

…Have FUN with your Lobster costume :)

…HAPPY Lobster and Crab Dance…LOL :)

…Blue Dragons can Dance too :)


…in Bobafet22’s Igloo we had a FUN Water Party…Blub…Blub…swim like a fish and Dance like a Duck…LOL :)

…The Stadium Games Party is here :) Oops! I have to run around these Obstacles…LOL :)  ALL Teams to Stadium Games :)

…I LOVE that we can change the Colors at the Stadium :) Be True GO BLUE!

…Yellow like the sun is FUN :) GO YELLOW!

…Green is the Best Team :) GO GREEN!

…GO Red Team kind and never mean :) GO RED!

…Jasfriend1 and I going YELLOW at the Iceberg :)

…What are you DOING? LOL :) See the Hydro Hopper Jet Pack Surf Flight on YouTube :)

…Likep15 is GREAT at Mancala :)

…Thanks for Playing :)

…THANKS to ALL Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with you are ALL SUPER AWESOME :)

For More FUN with Friends Look under the Label FUN with Friends :)

FREE Jackhammer at the Stadium :)

To Support your Team you can change the Color on the Stadium by using a Jackhammer in the Color Circle :) If you don’t have one they are conveniently located at the Stadium :)
How to Drill? Pick up a Helmet…Put the Helmet on your Head and Dance :) Wear NO OTHER items!
(You can have a construction vest on if you have one and you can choose to drill with any of the Four different Hard Hats :) GO Blue! Go RED! Go GREEN! Go YELLOW!

…Thanks Spongebob542 for reminding me that we can pick up a Hard Hat at the Stadium :) You are a GREAT Help :)

ALL Teams to Stadium Games :)

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