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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Club Penguin Kindle Edition Books :)

Kindle is a small computer that you can use to read books on and now there are Club Penguin books available in a Kindle Edition :) And you can read or listen on these books on your PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, iPad or Android :)

The reader is a stowaway on Rockhopper’s pirate ship! In each chapter, the readers choose where the story goes, leading them on a wild adventure. Will you rescue Rockhopper from an iguana tribe or lead the Migrator to get attacked by a monster? The choice is yours.

Stowaway! Adventures at Sea 1 [Kindle Edition]

Stowaway! Adventures at Sea 1 [Kindle Edition] :)

Available if you are in USA at :)

Gary the Gadget Guy is always creating new inventions that will make penguins lives easier and more fun! In this book, kids help Gary with his latest invention. Will they help him come up with a fantastic invention, or will the project go terribly awry? The choice is the readers!

The Inventor's Apprentice 2 [Kindle Edition]

The Inventor's Apprentice 2 [Kindle Edition] :)

Available if you are in USA at :)

Thanks Mimo777 for writing about Kindle Books :) If you have a Kindle 2 you can listen to the book :) I don’t have a Kindle so I haven’t tried that…but I have a Computer :)

Saraapril :)

Do you want to know more what these Books are about? You find info about Stowaway! Adventures at Sea and the The Inventor's Apprentice here :) New Club Penguin Books and Toys! and Some of Club Penguin Books :) and My Books are AWESOME :)

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