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Monday, September 27, 2010

Field-Ops 16 EPF CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

Spy Phone ALARM!!! It is time for a NEW Field-Op :) Click on Spy Phone… Field-Ops 16 EPF :)

…NEW Field-Op Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to Receive your Orders :) Okay…

…I am here :) Click on Field-Ops Monitor :)

EPF Agent Saraapril :)…Hi Gary:) Hi Saraapril I am Glad that you could came so quickly :) The new scanner is almost done. Next week I’ll have a new Field-Ops tool ready for you. Work Together to install the last part. Look for a place to hide it. I suggest behind a curtain.

Field-Op Nr 16 :)

…curtain...Hmmm…I know it is a Big Blue curtain up in the Dance Lodge…HERE IT IS :) Click on Spy Phone…

Field-Op 16 EPF :)…Location Found! Power up the chipset! Guide you’re Micro Battery by remote control. Go from the recharger to the chips. Watch out for traps!

…I have done this before…

…DONE! Thanks Elite Penguin Force Agent Saraapril you solved the Problem and Save the Island :) I am Always HAPPY to Help Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy :) Can you please help me and Remove the Two FAKE Medals? You will try? THANKS Uncle I hope it can be fixed soon I just want to have the Medals I EARNED :) Extra Field-Ops Bug AGAIN! See you Next week I can Hardly WAIT to try the NEW Field-Ops Tool :)

Field-Op Nr 1 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 2 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 3 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 4 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 5 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 6 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 7 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 8 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 9 Assignment CHEATS :)

 Field-Op Nr 10 Assignment CHEATS :)

 Field-Op Nr 11 Assignment CHEATS :)

 Field-Op Nr 12 Assignment CHEATS :)

 Field-Op Nr 13 Assignment CHEATS :)

 Field-Op Nr 14 Assignment CHEATS :)

Field-Op Nr 15 Assignment CHEATS :)

 EPF Tactical Gears :) 

Field-Ops EPF Stamps :)

Treasure Book Series 10 CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

Today we got the NEW Club Penguin Treasure Book 10 filled with items and to unlock if you have a Club Penguin Toy Code :)

The Treasure Book :)

This is a special book, unlike any you’ll find in Club Penguin. Inside these pages you will unlock an extraordinary collection of exclusive items and long-time favorites.

Court Jester Hat and Court Jester :)

…Reindeer Head, Reindeer Costume and Tree Costume :)

…Stocking Cap, Long Johns, Tiara, Ballerina and Ballet Shoes :)

…Blue Face Paint, Blue Cheerleader Outfit, Red Mohawk, Red Hockey Jersey and Red Sneakers :)

…Green Face Paint, White Pompoms, Green Cheerleader Outfit, Gold Viking Helmet, Yellow Hockey Jersey and Yellow Sneakers :)

Exclusives :) The Sunny, Blue Cotton Scarf, Red Polka Dot Dress, Aqua Hipster Hat, Silver Aviators, Leather Pilots Jacket and Green Untied Sneakers :)

The Super Exclusives are The same as in Treasure book Series 9, Treasure book Series 8, Treasure book Series 7 and Treasure Book Series 6 :) The Glimmer Hair, Blue Sky Dress, Cloudy Umbrella and Beta Hat T-Shirt :) You find a Picture of them here Unlocking Super Exclusives :)

…Blue Puffle, Green Puffle, White Puffle, Pink Puffle, Red Puffle, Black Puffle, Yellow Puffle, Orange Puffle and Purple Puffle :)

…500 coins :)

…That was all for this Time :) Sadly there were no Secret, Hidden items in this Catalog…BUT remember that you can get items from ALL the Previous Treasure Books too IF you have a Coin Code that Match :) How to Unlock Club Penguin Items Online :)

To get a Coin Code you need to BUY Club Penguin TOY :) How can I find Club Penguin Toys? Look under the label Toys :)

Here are the Links to ALL The CHEATS in The Previous Treasure Books :)

Treasure Book Series 1 - CHEATS :)

Treasure Book Series 2 – CHEATS :)

Treasure Book Series 3 – CHEATS :)

Treasure Book Series 4 - CHEATS :)

Treasure Book Series 5 - CHEATS :)

Treasure Book Series 6 – CHEATS :)

Treasure Book Series 7 - CHEATS :)

Treasure Book Series 8 - CHEATS :)

Treasure Book Series 9 – CHEATS :)

For MORE Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items :)

Stadium Games ANIMATED :)

I Really like that Stadium Games Party is in ONE Room FILLED with FUN things to do :) I like to change colors at the Stadium… Go Yellow :) Go Blue :) Go Red :) Go Green :) Go…LOL :)

Stadium Games Colors :) …Later I will challenge a Friend on Target Champ but first I will practice… Throw a Snowball…Side 1 got 1 Point HURRAY! I will help the other Team Side 2 to get a Point too…LOL :) Don’t hit the Puffles if you do you will LOSE 1 Point…And HURRY Time is Ticking…

Target Champ Game :)

…Cheering for my Team GO GREEN!!!!

Saraapril as Green Team Cheerleader :)

…Oops! Spongebob524 is right someone made a Typo when writing these advertisements OR did they run out of paint…LOL :)

…No Problem this will soon be fixed…Painting an E…That’s Better :)

Saraapril Painting at Stadium :)

…100 meter waddle Time :) It will be so Much FUN to Practice Waddling…ON your Marks…Get Set…FALSE START! Oops...Sorry I was little too fast…let’s try again…

False Start!

…On your Marks…Get Set…GO! Waddling as FAST I can…YOU WIN! HURRAY :)

On your Marks...Get Set...GO!

…at the Prize ceremony I got a Medal for Winning :) THANKS THANKS THANKS This is a GREAT Honor :) I want to Thank my Trainer and all my Team Mates without your help, support and encouragement this had not been possible…GO BLUE TEAM!

Saraapril 100 m waddle Winner :)

…Everyone PLEASE GO GREEN that is Best for the ENVIRONMENT :)


…THANKS Club Penguin for creating this FUN Stadium Games to Celebrate Club Penguin Games Day on Wii :)

ALL Teams to Stadium Games :)

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