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Thursday, September 30, 2010


The Community Tree has Grown even BIGGER!!! This is AMAZING :) How BIG can the Tree get? I think it is so Big now that I would LOVE to climb up in it and visit all the Birds and to install a Telescope up there and look for Herbert and Klutzy…

…Who knows maybe Fairies lives up there? OR a Rare plant that can help us cure cancer can be growing at the Top! I MUST find a way to climb up! I will go and Talk to Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy right Now :)

See how our Tree looked earlier The Community Tree is Super HUGE!

Club Penguin Halloween Log in Background

We can not ignore the Fact that the Scariest time in Club Penguin is near…it is ONLY 29 days until Halloween takes over Club Penguin again and the Countdown Clock it Ticking…

Halloween Costumes and a Storm?

Halloween Costumes Penguin Style Catalog 2010

Club Penguin Halloween Banner 2010

Double Unlock Items Online icon!

Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS October 2010 :)

Halloween is near and the Spooky Costumes are here…I will help you find all the Hidden Secret items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…The NEW Items are The Lady Frankenpenguin Wig 300 coins, Lady Frankenpenguin Dress 450 coins, Witch’s Hat 250 coins, Witch’s Costume 550 coins, The Count Wig 250 coins, Count’s Costume 500 coins and The Count’s Cloak 250 coins…

…Mouse over this Page and you will find the Frankenpenguin Head 250 coins…

...Frankenpenguin Costume 450 coins…

…on this Page you find more NEW Items :) Cleo Headdress 350 coins and Cleo Dress 550 coins :)

…Crook and Flail 300 coins :)

…Red Viking Helmet 750 coins :) Open and close Three times open again and…

…You have found the Blue Viking Helmet 1200 coins :)

…I Like how we can mouse over the items and try out different Outfits on some of the Penguins in the Catalog :) On this Page we have a NEW items too The Blue Letterman Jacket 350 coins :) The Green Letterman Jacket 350 coins and PINK Letterman Jacket 350 coins are so Old that they are New to me :)

…Ring Master Hat 150 coins, Curly Mustache 50 coins and Ring Master Outfit 350 coins :)

…The Rad Scientist from Penguins at Work is BACK…

...Lasso 150 coins…

…Green Hiking Boot 325 coins :)

…Blue Duck 50 coins :)

…Mountain Climber Gear 550 coins and Hiking Boots 325 coins :)

…3D Glasses 50 coins :)

…Acoustic Sunburst Guitar 500 coins :)

…The Rocker Wig 750 coins :) 

…Supernova Suit 850 coins :)

  …Blue Sunglasses 150 coins :)

…Purple Electric Bass 550 coins :)

…Red Sunglasses 150 coins :)

…Trombone 500 coins :)

…THANKS to Bobafet22 for finding these 4 Hidden Items :) The Shock Wave 550 coins, Spikester Cuffs 170 coins, Pink Polka–Dot Dress 350 coins and Black Checkered Shoes 300 coins :)

…All Penguins can buy Players Backgrounds for 60 coins each and we have 1 NEW…The Haunted House…

Club Penguins Halloween Log in Background

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

FUN Fan Art is available for us to see Today :) I LOVE to jump on Trampolines and this PINK Penguin looks like she having so Much FUN :) The three Rope skipping Penguins have FUN too :) I like that you have drawn a shadow and Movements lines under the Pink Penguin :) GREAT HAPPY DRAWING :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :)

…I like how you have created depth in this Drawing :) The Puffles that cheering for their Teams are so cute :) GREAT WORK :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :) …I LOVE Figure Skating that is so Much FUN :) I like the Movements and Happiness in this Drawing AWESOME WORK :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :) …Playing TOGETHER with Friends is so much FUN :) Look how much FUN all the Penguin and Puffles in this Picture have :) GREAT WORK :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :) …Look at all Penguins that holding hands and TOGETHER create a long chain of Friends that having FUN TOGETHER and goes on and on…This is exactly what Club Penguin is all about WORLD WIDE FRIENDSHIP :) FANTASTIC DRAWING :) We’re all in this TOGETHER VIDEO :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :)…Kites are COOL and so are Ninjas, Break Dancers and Puffles :) I LOVE Club Penguin and I know you do too :) GREAT WORK :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :)

See Earlier Club Penguin FAN Art :) See Fan Art Archive :)

Penguins Around the World :)

O’ Christmas Tree my Christmas Tree your leaves are so unchanging…la la laaaa…I wonder if this Greenhouse is Santa’s Holiday Home…LOL :) THANKS Aunt Arctic for sending us more Pictures from your BIG Adventure :) So Much has happened since last week…

Penguins Around the World :)

…Sensei looking for a path to a New Journey…

Penguins Around the World :)

…and the Yellow Puffle found a COOL Yellow car and hope to find a Beach :)

Penguins Around the World :)

…Cadence and three Puffles went to explore a river Bank and found this BIG Tree Log that would be GREAT as a Bench in a Garden :)

Penguins Around the World :)

…This Tree reminds me of the little Bonsai Tree I have on the Tea Table I got from Sensei’s Martial Artworks Catalog  :)

Penguins Around the World :)

…Rockhopper and Yarr took all our Friends on a Sea Voyage :)

Penguins Around the World :)

…Next week we will get more Pictures from Aunt Arctic then we will know where they went :)

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Community Club Penguin Featured Igloo :)

On Club Penguin Community Page Isabela84117’s Igloo is Featured :) CONGRATS Isabela84117 :) I like your Airplane Igloo and the luggage check in is so COOL! It is Expensive to fly and this Airport makes Lots of Money every day…LOL :)  Detail…look at the sign at the Door this Picture is not taken in an English server! I think it would be so Much FUN to play in this Igloo :) AWESOME WORK :)

See Last Weeks Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

Club Penguin Halloween Banner 2010

If you have a Club Penguin Auto-Updating Event Banner you have got a  Spooky Countdown Clock to the Halloween Party…

Halloween Banner 2010

See earlier Club Penguin Banner :)

Club Penguin Halloween Log in Background

UPDATE: Club Penguins Small Halloween Part Banner 2010

Favorite Penguin Style items - Penguin Poll :)

Time for a Penguin Poll :) This Question is…My favorite items from Club Penguin are: Wigs :) Accessories :) Party costumers :) Penguins at Work uniforms :) I LOVE to Dress up so I will Vote for Party Costumes :)

…This is how the Poll Looks like right now :) You can VOTE  too make sure to tell Club Penguin YOUR Opinion :)

See Earlier Penguin Poll :)

Flare Wallpaper Club Penguin :)

Today we got a NEW Club Penguin Wallpaper :) Look how Hard Flare the Elite Penguin Force Puffle works :) How to get EPF Puffle Flare in Club Penguin ONLINE :) 

Download Club Penguin Wallpapers :)  See earlier Wallpapers Toughest Mountain Wallpaper Club Penguin :)

Halloween Costumes and a Storm?

The eerie October feeling is creeping in. Everyone is preparing for the spooky celebration—especially in the Gift Shop. Staff confirmed that the Halloween Penguin Style will be ready for October 1.

“No matter what kind of costume you want, we’ve got something for you,” said one costume maker.

“You want spooky? Adorable? Want to make a monsterish mishmash? We've got it all!”

Trick-or-treaters are invited to pick up their costumes early. It often takes time to find just the right look.

“Last year I was a Frankenstein with fairy wings,” the expert added.

“This year I’m pretty sure I want to be a wizard. But that could change when I see what's available.”

Waddle over to the Gift Shop on October 1 for all your Halloween costume needs.

...but what I really wanna know is if another storm is going to arrive like last year. We're going to be watching the sky.”

Keep your eyes on the Club Penguin Times for more news about October secrets and mysteries.

Thanks Aunt Arctic for this Information I remember Last Years Storm…The Climate Change Storm is Closer to Club Penguin!

UPDATE: Halloween Costumes Penguin Style Catalog 2010

Cart Surfer Moves - Secret Revealed :)

Secret Nr 93…Rerun of…SECRET 91!!! and Many More…Please Club Penguin do you Really have to Repeat the SAME Secret this OFTEN???

Cart Surfer Moves :)

Cart Surfing is great fun, and a great way to earn coins.

Here are a few tips from surfing experts:

Don’t do the same trick twice in a row or you’ll get less points. Mix up your tricks to maximize points!

Press down and then hold the left or right key to grind. You can even grind around corners to boost your score!

When you’re really good, remember to crash on purpose. It’ll make the game go longer!

…Soon we can bring our Black Puffle with us to this Game Black Puffle in Cart Surfer Game :) Maybe then we can get some NEW Stamp Secrets on this Page?

UPDATE: Cart Surfer Stamps CHEATS :)

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