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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Melbourne Aquarium EXCLUSIVE Pictures :)

Do you remember that Melbourne Aquarium Australia has a Club Penguin Month? Two Aussie Penguins named Ll 999 and Doggy 99090 have been there and Ll 999 told me about their Adventure and sent me Picture to Post here so we ALL can see how it looks like :) THANKS this is so kind of you :) Look at these BIG Club Penguin signs with Mermaid and Divers on :)

…Flippers the Mermen from The Underwater Adventure is here too :)

…Club Penguin Penguins :)

…Welcome to Club Penguin Month :)

…When you enter the Aquarium you get a tour map and an activity book which contains a 2500 coin code card.

…Let’s take a Look and Have a Guided Tour :)

…There were a games room where you play Feed a Puffle (from the Game Day game) and Ll 999 and Doggy99090 got on the high score board :) GREAT WORK! There were also two CP people there. One of them was an illustrator who showed them how to draw and the other was a helper. This Drawing is from Adam :)

…and they got Best Fishes from Kath :) That is so COOL! I Wish I one day could meet someone from Club Penguin too! You are so LUCKY!!!

…Here is the Melbourne Aquarium Activity Book and the 2500 coins Card :) You have a Club Penguin Pencil too :) COOL This is the Perfect Penguin Pencil to draw Penguins with :)

…Front Page of the Tour Map :)


…There was a pressed coin machine (you put a coin in and wind it until you get a pressed coin) of CP characters such as Rockhopper, a Mermaid, jumping Penguin and a Puffle. AWESOME! These Melbourne Aquarium Club Penguin Coins are RARE!

…Club Penguin Mermaids was at the Aquarium :)

…Flippers the Mermen :)

…Driving the Aqua Grabber :)

…Also at the Gift Shop at the Aquarium there was a special CP section and Ll 999 took some photos of that too :)

…Go RED! Go BLUE! Go YELLOW! Go GREEN! Go Herbert’s Revenge and Club Penguin Game Day on Wii :)

…Look at the BIG Puffles that are for sale there :) 

…Be Careful Puffle don’t fall down…LOL :)   

...I like all the Club Penguin signs :) LOOK at the Blue and Green Party hat it is from Club Penguins 1th Anniversary :)   

…Disney Club Penguin :)

…cute Penguins and Club Penguin Books :)

…Herbert and Klutzy were there too :) Did they fly all the way to Australia in the Air Balloon? LOL :)

…This Penguin want to come in to the Store too…LOL :)

…Club Penguin TOGETHER with Melbourne Aquarium Amazing Worlds to Discover :)

…And Ll 999 purchased a CP sticker book :)

…Hi Orange Puffle :)

…THANKS Ll 999 I LOVED these Pictures :) You and your Sister must have had a FANTASTIC FUN Time THANKS for Sharing this with us :)

Mermaids Ll 999 and Saraapril :)

 Club Penguin Melbourne Aquarium Contest Video :)

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