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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Extra Face Paint BUG!

Right now a Bug let’s us get EXTRA Face Paint :) I already have Red and Blue Face Paint but when I click on those items in the Snow and Sports Catalog I got this…Would you like to buy Red Face Paint for 15 coins? Yes why not :)

Red Face Paint :)

…Would you like to buy Blue Face Paint for 15 coins? LOL…YES Please :)

Blue Face Paint :)

…Look in my inventory :) I have Red and Blue Face Paint here…

Saraapril :)

…and here :) This Bug reminds me about the Clown Costume Outfit Bug at the Fair I hope Club Penguin lets us keep this extra Paint as a FUN Memory just like they did with the Clown Suit :)

Saraapril :)

…THANKS Sommfi for telling me about this Face Paint Bug :) GREAT WORK finding it :)

Snow and Sports Catalog :)

Take your Black Puffle to Cart Surfer by Billybob :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
Some of you may have noticed a new page in your Stamp Books today... full of Cart Surfer stamps to earn! You'll need to bring your black puffle with you to collect all the stamps. Let us know what you think of the new stamps in the comments!
We've already seen tons of you hanging out in the Mine your black puffles. Very cool Halloween outfits, by the way. You guys are very creative! Halloween Costumes Catalog Penguin Style!

In other news... there's a Halloween Igloo Contest coming soon! Screenhog will have more info on that later this week. Keep an eye out for that.
Until then... Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

THANKS for the cool Drawing Handmade drawing in the Picture I LOVE black and white Drawings :) Please Club Penguin can you update the Black Puffles Profile in the Adopt a Puffle Catalog? Other Puffles Favorite Game still need to be updated too…Club Penguin Updates Needed :)

…Me and Speed have so much FUN Playing this Game TOGETHER :) I have just 1 Stamp left to earn :)

Saraapril and Speed :)

Black Puffle Moves in Cart Surfer ANIMATED :)

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Cart Surfer Stamps CHEATS :)

Black Puffle Moves in Cart Surfer ANIMATED :)

It is so Much FUN to play Cart Surfer TOGETHER with a Black Puffle :) ALMOST only Club Penguin Members can do that (Non Member Free Penguins can still play the Cart Surfer Game and earn most of the Stamps BUT if they have a Black Puffle unlocked from any of the Treasure Books they can play with that Puffle and earn ALL the Stamps too :) So to ALL my Non Member Friends without a Black Puffle I have Animated some of the Cool Cart Surfer Moves the Black Puffle does in the Game :) Sled to the Left…Slide to the Right…Just like when we Dancing with Cadence...LOL :)

Black Puffle Slide :)

…We can FLY :) LOOK! NO Flippers! Oops! Up again…LOL :)

Black Puffle Crash :)…Spinning Around and Around…This FUN Move makes me Dizzy…LOL :)

Black Puffle Spin Jump :)

…I wonder how the Mine looks from Upside down? LOL :) WHAT???

Black Puffle Handstand :)

…I Think I saw a YETI! RUN!!!!!!

Black Puffle Run  :)

…You can see More Black Puffle in Cart Surfer Game Animations on these two Posts: How to earn Mine Grind Stamp CHEATS :) and How to Earn Flip Mania Stamp CHEAT :) 


Cart Surfer Stamps CHEATS :)

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