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Saturday, October 9, 2010

FUN with Friends :)

It is always so much FUN in Club Penguin Doge11and I are swimming in the Secret Lake :)  Cool hat Doge11:)


…you can often find me and my Friend playing Find Four :)

…Babafet22 has unlocked items from the Treasure Book 10 :) I don’t have those items but I have the Pilot Jacket and all the HIGH Flying items from the Festival of Flight :)  Festival of Flight Outfits are FANTASTIC!

…I LOVE the Animations in Card-Jitsu :) Bobafet22 SCARED me…LOL :) You can see this Animation on my YouTube Channel :) Sensei as a Dragon :)

…Hi Cadence :) Cadence Dancing in Card-Jitsu :) 

Card- Jitsu FIRE is SUPER NINJA FUN too :) I can hardly WAIT until Water Card-Jitsu will be here :)

…Thanks :) And Ll 999 looks so cute in her new Pretty Red Polka Dot Dress :)

…This is how Ll 999 looks like on her Player Card :)

…HAPPY Pretty Mermaids :)

…and a Squidmaid…LOL :)

...I like the Hidden Lake it is both a beautiful and a Mysterious place to be :)

…I like how Ll 999’s Stamp Book is decorated AND she has earned the Survivor Stamp! WELL DONE! Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

…Help! Something touched my flipper…Oh…it was just my Squid Friend :)

…Squids are often hungry and LOVES Seaweed Pizza :)

…and Squids are AWESOME Piano players TOGETHER we played with 16 arms and it was so Much FUN :)

…Good Game Squid Buddy :)

…Wave your arms and do the Squid Dance :)

…Dance to the Left and…

…Dance to the Right :)

…LOL :) This is so Much FUN :)

…Time to make some DJ Tunes :) With so many arms we ROCKED the Night Club and TOGETHER we sound Almost as good as Cadence :)

...LOOK Maggoo2 is a SQUID TOO!

…WELCOME Squid Friend :)

…Now we have 24 arms :) I think we should have a Squid Band and then we can play at the Next Music Jam TOGETHER :)

…Thank :) Good Luck to you too :)

…Ooffh…Ll 999 throw a water balloon directly on my Beak…LOL :)

…She is so FAST at throwing things in Card-Jitsu that must be her Squid Reflexes :) CONGRATS! to winning the Game :) Do you want to play again?

…Yes look closer…LOL :) See can see this Animation on my YouTube Channel :) Sensei and the Keeper of the Boiling Room :)

…It was so Much FUN to met you too :) And THANKS again for the Melbourne EXCLUSIVE Pictures :) 

…Hi Cubone12345 :) Time to Play :)

…EPF Meeting inside the Mine Shack :) I, Lauren5137, J9639, Veeshos, Dvivoni and Flame working TOGETHER to keep Club Penguin SAFE :) 

…The Black Puffle can for the First time EVER play TOGETHER with us in the Cart Surfer Game :) Hi Kani12555, Respberry950, Erick338 and Black Puffles isn't this FUN :) Cart Surfer Stamp CHEATS :)

…Open Friends Stamp Books :) This is how Rasberry950 has decorated his Book :) How to Customize your Stamp Book :)

…Kani1255’s Stamp Book :)

…Erick338’s Stamp Book :)

…Let’s CELEBRATE! Black Puffle Dance PARTY :)

…I was working very hard to earn the New Stamps and so did my Friends :)

…Hi Shell Away I haven’t meet you in a long time I am so HAPPY to see you again :) And Look we are wearing Matching outfits! That is so COOL :)

…Thanks to ALL Penguins that I have Played with in Club Penguin lately I am sorry that I can’t add all of you in this Post but you ALL ROCK!

…For More FUN with Friends see label FUN with Friends :)

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