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Monday, October 11, 2010

Saraapril’s Snow FUN Day Offline :)

This morning when I woke up and looked out of my window I saw SNOW! I LOVE SNOW :) I Screamed of HAPPINESS and run out to our backyard to feel the snow under my feet's and to make this seasons first Snowball and then I threw it on Littletias window to wake him up :) He was on his way out too but Mum caught him and told him to put warm clothes on and then she made me go inside and do that too! Mum gave me a little speech about not running out in the snow barefoot and in pajamas…LOL :) Before school we walked to Grandpa and had a First Snow of the Season Breakfast :) We ate sandwiches and drank Hot Chocolate and Grandpa told us Fun Snow Stories from when he was a kid :) After school we still had snow so we took out our Toboggans and then we went to the Ski Hill to sled many of our friends were there and TOGETHER we had so much FUN :) I LOVE how EVERYTHING looks pretty when it is covered in snow and how the sun creates small sparkles when it shines on the snow covered tree branches :) Our littlest cousin was playing in our backyard when we came home and we let her ride in the Toboggan and then we built a small snowman to her :)

…Sadly the snow has now started to melt and tomorrow it will probable be gone…but today was a FABULOUS FUN SNOW DAY :)I LOVE SNOW :)

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