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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NEW Field-Ops 18 EPF CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

The Spy Phone is on Red Alarm! It is time for a NEW Field-Op :) ALL Elite Penguin Agents Gary needs us right NOW! Click on Spy Phone… 

Field-Ops 18 :)

…NEW Field-Op Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to Receive your Orders :) I am on my way :)

…I am Here! I am Here! Click on Monitor :)

…Hi EPF Secret Agent Saraapril The signal we intercepted last week was strange. It was just a series of snapping noises. We have a hunch. Work Together to check all water vehicles for tampering. You must hurry!
Hmmm…Water vehicles let’s try Aqua Grabber at the Iceberg and the the boat at Dock…OR WAIT! Snapping noises that could be the rope between the Boat and the Dock! Let’s start at the DOCK :)

…YES! Click on Spy Phone…

Field-Op 18 EPF :)

…Location Found! Destroy the circuits! Match circuit symbols to overload the wiring. Be Quick! Times running out!

…There and there and…DONE :)

…Thanks Elite Penguin Force Agent Saraapril once again you solved the Problem and Save the Island :) Here Please take this Medal :)  Sadly I have to tell you that I still haven’t found a way to fix the Fake Medal Bug…Extra Field-Ops Bug AGAIN! That’s Okay Uncle Gary I know that you do your best and I am confident that you one day will find and fix the Problem :) THANKS for this REAL Medal it is an Honor to belong to the EPF :)

…Now I will trade my Three Medals to get the Tactical H2O Pack :)

…This is how it look like Together with my tactical Gear Suit :) Four more assignments and then my Tactical Outfit will be complete :) Saraapril's H2O Pack :)  EPF Tactical Gears :) 

Field-Ops EPF Stamps :)

See Last weeks Assignment Field-Ops 17 EPF :)

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