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Monday, October 18, 2010

Left corner BUG!

Club Penguin is Filled with Bugs Today! Look at the upper Left will see parts of Penguins names…

Left Corner BUG!  …Thanks to staurt57 for telling me about this strange Glitch :)

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Dancing items Bug :)

Right now Club Penguin has a Dancing Bug! First have NO items on your Penguin…start to Dance and then add items…LOL :)

Dancing items Bug :)…when you waddle away you have all your clothes with you as normal :) Saraapril :)

THANKS to Weetota88 for telling me about this Cool and FUN Glitch :)

UPDATE: Have items on your Avatar Penguin…start to Dance and replace the items and you will get the same effect :) Thanks greensil for finding that out :) Look I choose to have ONLY my PINK head item Dancing…LOL  :)One dancing head item :)

For more Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches look under the Label Bug :)

UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed Thanks to Trainman1405 for telling me this and Thanks Club Penguin Bug Team :)

Detail update in Find Four :)

The way our names are written while we Playing Find Four is changed to italic :) In this Post you can see how it looked earlier FUN with Friends :)

How to Play Find Four :)

Igloo Floor BUG!

Right now we have a new Bug in Club Penguin if you have a Flooring in your Igloo it is GONE! Thanks to Stralis33 for telling me about the Missing Igloo Floor :) I started to do some testing and look how strange the Igloo is loading…First without Furniture…

Igloo Bug

…I decided to buy a New Snowy Floor BUT apparently I already have one…LOL :)

…Hmmm…I can’t see it…

…I tried to buy another Floor but got this message…Load Error Please clear your cache and try again…I did but it STILL not working!

…Hopefully Club Penguin has time to fix this soon :)

See how my Igloo is supposed to look in Saraapril’s Temporary Igloo :)

UPDATE: The Floor is BACK! THANKS Cheda1234 for telling me and THANKS Club Penguin for fixing the Floor :)

NEW Field-Ops 19 EPF CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

ATTENTION ALL AGENTS! It is time for a NEW Field-Op :) ALL Elite Penguin Agents click on the Spy Phone… 

Fild-Ops 19 EPF :)

…NEW Field-Op Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to Receive your Orders :)

…Here I am :) Click on Monitor…

…Hi Uncle Gary :) Thanks for coming EPF Agent Saraapril Whoever is sabotaging our investigation is very skilled. I’m working on new technology to aid us. However, we need more information. Work Together to look for more enemy signals. Check near the ocean. Okay Gary I will :)

…Here it is at The Beach :)


…click on Spy Phone…

Field-Op 19 EPF :)

…Signal Detected! Break the Code! Scan symbols to find the right combination! Green = Symbol is Correct, Yellow = Symbol is in the wrong spot, Red = Symbol is Wrong…

…Time to work…I can do this…

…DONE! Thanks Saraapril for your Good Work :) The Island is Safe for now and you have Earned another Medal :) THANKS Gary I am ALWAYS HAPPY to HELP Club Penguin Island :)

  EPF Tactical Gears :) 

Field-Ops EPF Stamps :)

See Last weeks Assignment Field-Ops 18 EPF :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin has moved the spot you need to stand on to activate the Spy Phone…Thanks Littletias for finding that out :)

Littletias :)

Halloween Igloo Contest is over :)

The Enter Contest Icon is removed and the Halloween Igloo Contest over for this year :)

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Club Penguins 5th Anniversary Party Log in Background :)

You’re invited to our 5th Anniversary Party :) Do not open until  Sunday, October 24 2010 :) THANKS This Party will be so Much FUN :) I can Hardly WAIT :)

Read More about this Party Club Penguins 5 Anniversary Party 2010 :)

See Halloween 2010 Log in Background

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