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Sunday, October 24, 2010

HAPPY 5th Anniversary Party – FUN with Friends :)

THANKS to ALL Penguin that came to the Party and Celebrated Club Penguins 5th Anniversary :) Hello Friends :)



…Time to taste the CAKE! WOW! This Cake is so YUMMY :)

…Let’s have a HAPPY CAKE RUNNING :)

…This is FUN :)

…Yes I will send a Card :) I will TRY to send a card to EVERYONE that asks :) My buddy list is full so I can’t add anyone BUT…If you have a card from me we are Club Penguin Friends :) Sadly some of you Penguins that asked for cards had FULL mailboxes so I couldn't send cards to you…next time :)



   …Tea Time in Book Room :)

…I think it is cool that the Party we have right now the Club Penguins 5th Anniversary Party will be written about in NEXT YEARS Yearbook :) TOGETHER we are creating CLUB PENGUIN HISTORY :) Club Penguin Yearbook 2009 – 2010 :)

…It was so Much FUN to decorate the Party TOGETHER :) HAPPY DECORATION THROWING :) 

...THANKS for coming Everyone :) Let’s DANCE :)

…Dancing makes a Penguin thirsty…CREAM SODA TIME :) 

…I LOVE the Cake Coffee SHOP :) But…

…it need to be MORE Decorated…throws decorations…LOL :) HAPPY Birthday and CONGRATS AGAIN CLUB PENGUIN :)

…THANKS for a FUN 5th Anniversary Party Friends and TOGETHER we will make Club Penguins 6th year the BEST and Most FUN Club Penguin Year EVER :)

HAPPY 5th Anniversary Party INVITATION :)

Club Penguins 5th Anniversary Party ANIMATIONS :)

HAPPY 5th Anniversary Party INVITATION :)

Today it is Club Penguins 5th Anniversary Party and YOU are Invited to Celebrate Club Penguin TOGETHER with me and my Friends :)

Welcome to CELEBRATE Club Penguins 5th Anniversary :)

Day: Sunday 24, 2010 :)

Rooms: Town, Coffee Shop and Book Room :)

Time: 10 am Club Penguin Time Zone (PST) Look at The Snow Fort Clock to get the Club Penguin Standard Time :)

Server: ……………I will add Server here 5 minutes before the Party Starts :) UPDATE: The Server is SNOWFALL :)

WELCOME to Saraapril’s CONGRATS to Club Penguins 5th Anniversary Party :)

Club Penguins 5th Anniversary Party is here :)

Club Penguins 5th Anniversary Party ANIMATIONS :)

UPDATE: HAPPY 5th Anniversary Party – FUN with Friends :)

FUN with Friends :)

Today it is time for a new Part of the FUN with Friends Adventures :) Here is SOME of the FUN we have had in Club Penguin lately :) Hi Alex Eskimo I can sit statue still…LOL :)

…The Hidden Lake is a GREAT Place to spend time and Pinky9 gave us a Guided Tour of this Cave :) Thanks Pinky9 and HAPPY Swimming :)

…Miners are always needed down here AND you might find a Treasure or two…HAPPY Digging :)

…Alex Eskimo’s Stamp Book :) How to customize your Stamp Book :)

…We better keep up our Fire Ninja Training so we are ready to the next Ninja Journey to become Water Ninjas…

…Then we got HUNGRY! Let’s grow some food :)

…LOOK Penguino8590 have finished the Igloo decorations :)

…This place looks like it holds a secret…hmmm…if I go in here…

…HURRAY! I found the Box Dimension! Time for a HAPPY PARTY :)Let’s go Yellow like the SUN is  FUN :)

…As EPF Agents we got a special Puffle mission to solve…What will we do now?

…I know we feed the Puffles and Problem is solved :) LOL :)

…Then we worked TOGETHER with our EPF Flare Puffles to repair the broken Tubes :)

…The Aqua Grabber needs to be fixed too :) LOOK! Fredfan4ever and Flare can walk on water…LOL :)

2010-10-18 03.22.21 - Copy

…Weetota88 and I had so Much FUN playing Mancala TOGETHER :)

…CONGRATS Weetota88 you are the BEST Mancala Player I ever met :)

Sled Race Time :)

…Find Four and Dance Contest is FUN too :) I LOVE to play Games TOGETHER with my Club Penguin Friends :) Oops! The Purple Hoodie Bug is Still NOT fixed…

…Time to Recycle :)

…it is so much to do in a Plant…Answering phone...YES you are Welcome to bring your old items here :)

…Soon we will have them Recycled and made them to new items that you can buy :)

…OOOoooo…MY Puffles are HUNGRY AGAIN!!!!

…Thanks Weetota88 for helping me feeding them all :)

…I Like your Stamp Book Decoration :)

…Now we are Sea creatures having FUN in the Cave Pool :) Don’t worry Dacsalishis we are vegetarians and don’t eat Penguins :)

…Hi Alex Eskimo and Eskimo Emily :) LOOK how COOL the Eskimo names look as they are at the same spot :)

…I LOVE trying to TIP the Iceberg…LOL :)

…HURRAY!!! Club Penguins 5th Anniversary Party is here :) Look at the CAKE Lil Spiker1 :)

...I LOVE CAKE :) Albny01 LOVES CAKE too…we ALL DO :)




…Hi Perapin :) I am HAPPY to see your Stamps :) Collect Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

…Great Stamp Book Decorating :)

…I have helped you! Thanks for letting me know I am so HAPPY that I could Help you :)

…We LOVE Club Penguin because it is Always lots of FUN to Explore :)

…HAPPY Birthday and 5th Anniversary Club Penguin :)

…Tamzin555 started up a FUN Game of Tag! Oops! I’m it…

…You can run but you can’t hide..LOL :)


  …Almost…LOL :)

…Who’s it? I have no clue…LOL :)

…Maigyn, I, Andreyutzu9999 and the Orange Puffles LOVE this CAKE :)

…Cream Soda Time :) Yummy…

…Edster12499 asked if I wanted More Cake…YES PLEASE I DO :)

…THANKS for ALL the FUN Friends :) Some of you have asked me if I will have a 5th Anniversary Party Today and the answer is YES! I will post more about that later :)

For More FUN with Friends see label FUN with Friends :)

UPDATE: HAPPY 5th Anniversary Party INVITATION :)

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