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Thursday, October 28, 2010

STORM outside my Igloo!

I am so GLAD that we have Moved into our Storm Proofed Igloo and I really hope we will be SAFE in here but that sky doesn’t look good…


Igloo Thunder Storm!

…I think it is time to HUG Teddy NOW!

Saraapril’s Storm Shelter Igloo :)

 Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

Scavenger Hunt STAMP CHEATS :)

How can I earn the Scavenger Hunt Stamp? Complete a Scavenger Hunt in Club Penguin and you will get it :)

…You can pick up the Candy in any order and CONGRATS Scavenger Hunt Stamp Earned :) If you need help to find all the secret Places the Candy is hidden in you find it here: Halloween Candy Hunt CHEATS :)

…this is how the Scavenger Hunt Stamp looks like in my Stamp Book :)

Dark Chamber Party Puzzle Stamp CHEAT :)

Monster Mash Stamp CHEATS :)

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

Dark Chamber Party Puzzle Stamp CHEAT :)Halloween Party!

How to earn the Party Puzzle Stamp during Halloween 2010 :) First you must be a Club Penguin Member and then enter the Dark Chamber :) Here you need to play the Organ to open the Door…Look at the Colored Clouds that comes up from the Swamp Floor and play the Organ in the same Pattern until Door Open and Puzzle Stamp is Earned :)

It is three Melodies to PLAY here are the secret songs to open the door more and more until it is open:

1. Pink, Blue, Orange, Pink
2. Pink, Orange, Blue, Pink, Green
3. Green, Pink, Orange, Blue, Pink, Pink

This is how the Party Puzzle Stamp looks like in my Stamp Book :)

…Next time you enter this Room you can choose to play on the Organ to open the door again OR use the Red Button :)

Monster Mash Stamp CHEATS :)

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

Monster Mash Stamp CHEATS :)

How to earn the  Monster Mash Stamp :) Wear a monster outfit at the Halloween Party :) You can choose any of these item combinations to wear:

Bee Antennae and Bee Costume
Blizzard Wizard Hat and Blizzard Wizard Robes
Cleo Headdress and Cleo Dress
Faery Wig and Faery Costume
Frankenpenguin Hat and Frankenpenguin Costume
Frankenpenguin Head and Frankenpenguin Costume
Ghost Costume
Mummy Costume
Pharaoh Headdress and Pharaoh Costume
Rad Scientist Wig and Rad Scientist Costume
The Count and The Count's Costume
The Lady Frankenpenguin and Lady Frankenpenguin's Dress
Witch's Hat and Witch's Costume

  …a Princesses or a Fairy can earn the Monster Mash Stamp too :)

Saraapril :)  …CONGRATS! Stamp Earned! Monster Mash :)

…this is how the Monster Mash Stamp looks like in my Stamp Book :)

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

Gary The Gadget Guy’s NEW Background :)

Gary the Gadget Guy is Waddling around and he has a NEW Background :)

…THANKS Waltle for showing me this you are an AWESOME Friend :)

…When you meet him you will earn the i met Gary Stamp too :)

Dark Chamber Secrets and CHEATS :)

Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

Dark Chamber Secrets and CHEATS! Member Room :)

I was Waddling around in the Forest picking up Yummy Candy when I suddenly found myself standing to a path marked Dark Chamber…

…Here I am in the Dark Swamp! What a Strange Place an Organ playing…Interesting I like Music :)

…Starts to play…WHAT???? That was STRANGE and I think someone is WATCHING ME!!! Hmmm…If I play the same notes as the pattern that comes up like smoke…WOW the door opens…and if you haven’t the Party Puzzle Stamp earlier you earned it now :) If you need Help to open this Door look at the Party Puzzle Stamp CHEATS :)

You MUST use some kind of light in here…picks up Free Item :)

...You have found a Storm Lantern Would you like to Pick it up? YES Please :)

…Now I will take a look around this Strange Place…Hi Puffles why are you hiding in there? Waddle…Waddle…

…As an EPF Agent I have Night Goggles lets put them on…Thanks Pilpulp for this Tips :)

…Look at This Room! LOOK FREE CANDY :) EVERY TIME you enter this room you can pick up a NEW Pile :) YUMMY!

…You have found a Pile O’Candy Would you like to pick it up? YES Please :) This Furniture item will be PERFECT in my Igloo :)

...In here we have a MONSTER MAKER Catalog filled with Scary and some cute Costumes! Orange Blob 150 coins and Green Cyclops 250 coins are NEW Items :) And you can buy Big Mascot Head 200 coins, Skeleton 450 coins, Fuzzy Experiment 400 coins, Purple Carapace 330 coins, Frankenfeet 220 coins, PINK Bunny Slippers 200 coins and Big Bad Wool Hooves 200 coins too :)

…I hope Club Penguin can fix this Bug soon…UPDATE: BUG FIXED THANKS CP :)

…Sit or Stand on Chair and the Happy Bats will come :) If you Waddle around in this room you will find more Special Effects…

…Time to Exit the Dark Chamber…Oooo I am in the Haunted HOUSE! SCARY!!

…One thing I know for sure is that These Places are exactly where I expect to find Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy during this Party :) I will soon go and search for him but first I will eat some CANDY :)

 Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

FREE Halloween Items 2010 :)

At the Plaza you can pick up The FREE Purple Bat Wings :)

…You have found a Purple Bat Wing Would you like to Pick it up? Hmmm…Okay JUST because they are PURPLE :)

…If you are a Member go to the Forest and then to the Haunted House inside you will find a Ghost Costume!

Tips: Put on the Ghost Costume and have a Lantern or Flashlight in your hand and then DANCE for a Glowing Effect :)

Ghost Glow

In the Dark Chamber Club Penguin Members can find MORE FREE Items :)

 Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

The Halloween Party is here and I will collect all Cheats, Tips,Tricks and Secret on this Walkthrough, Guide and Tutorial Post to Help you find ALL Secrets and FREE Items :)

Do you like to Trick or Treat if you do here you have the Halloween Candy Hunt CHEATS :)

Halloween Party Log in Picture and Background!

FREE Halloween Party Items 2010 :)

Dark Chamber Secrets and CHEATS! Member Room :)

Gary the Gadget Guy’s NEW Background :)

Monster Mash Stamp CHEATS :)

Dark Chamber Party Puzzle Stamp CHEAT :)

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Stamp CHEATS :)

STORM Outside my Igloo!

Halloween Party - Penguin Poll

Gary the Gadget Guy in Forest and LOST Background!

I got NEW Gary Background Again! THANKS Friends :)

Tour Guide Halloween Party 2010!

Club Penguin Map


Club Penguin Halloween Icon on Miniclip

Sport items are Back :)

Gary’s Spiders!


Autumn Leaves on Tree!

What’s New Update Needed!

Gary is not Scary :)

HAPPY Friendly Bats :)

More soon…

Halloween Candy Hunt CHEATS :)

The Halloween Scavenger Candy Hunt is here and in this Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial I will help you find the Secrets so you won’t miss and CANDY!!! First click on the Pumpkin on the Right upper corner to start the Halloween Candy Hunt :)

…The Hunt begins, you’re on your way, Start searching where the Starfish lay.

…hmmm…we have a Starfish at the Beach…Yes here is CANDY!

…This next one’s hidden out of sight, Overlooking a snowball fight.


…to the Snow Forts :)

…To find the Next Hidden Delight, Look far away near glowing light.

…Iceberg :)

…Through monster costumes you must dig, This one will make your flip your wig.

…To the Gift Shop :)

…Now try to find a cheesy scent, Then search a spooky instrument.

…Pizza Parlor :)

…You’ll find the candy you adore, Where a Ninja shadow was before.

…Inside the Ski Lodge Mirror you find the Cube Candy :)

…A witch has used this candy to, Improve the flavor of the brew…

…The Plaza :)

…The last one’s hidden near the smile, Of the largest pumpkin on the isle.

…You find the last Candy here up in the Beacon BUT in MY Opinion the ICEBERG is the Largest Pumpkin…

2010-10-29 00.16.48 - Copy

…ALL 8 Treats are Found and you have Earned the Scavenger Hunt Stamp Now it is time to Claim Prize :)

…You have found a Candy Forest Path Background would you like to pick it up? YUUMM…YES Please :)

…LOOK this Background is Animated :)

Candy Forest Path Background :)

 Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

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