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Friday, October 29, 2010

I got NEW Gary Background Again! THANKS Friends :)

THANKS to ALL my Friends that helped me Server Hopping so we could Tracking and find Gary AGAIN :) We met Gary the Gadget Guy AGAIN and I got the NEW Background AGAIN :) THANKS Spongebob524 for telling me that Gary was in Server Vanilla at the Dark Chamber :)

…AGAIN open Users in Room and click on Gary :)

…You have found a Gary Background Would you like to Pick it up? YES! YES!! YES!!! I DO! I DO!! I DO!!! THANKS :)


…Gary reminds us all to Please Collect Background…

…Uncle Gary is so deeply absorbed in his new Experiments that he hasn’t noticed that he is Crowded…Sure you can Borrow this Candy…

…I think it will taste Lemon but I am not sure…

...Gary started to Taste lots off different Candy…Hi Dvivoni :) TOGETHER WE DID :)

…THANKS again Friends :) BUT What is Gary up to is he drinking THAT!?! AND other Penguins do too? But...But…But…

…That can turn you into a MONSTER! Oops! This is NOT GOOD!!!

…Suddenly Gary recognized that he was CROWDED and just waddled away! What will happens now with all these Monsters? I must try to remember what Uncle Gary said…you will turn back to a Penguin if you drink this…OR…was it this? DOES ANYONE HAVE THE CURE?

…I am Glad that the cure was found and then I hurried to log off and the log back to Club Penguin again…YES! My Gary Background is STILL HERE :) HURRAY!!!

…HAPPY Beach Party :) THANKS again Friends you are all AWESOME :)

…and a FUN with Friends in the Forest Goodbye :)

Gary the Gadget Guy in Forest and LOST Background!

 Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

Gary the Gadget Guy in Forest and LOST Background!

I saw that my Friend Bxpingu was in Server Cold Snap at the Forest and when I waddle there to say hi I met Gary the Gadget Guy :) Hi I have looking for you Uncle :)

…I opened the Users in Room List and Clicked on Gary’s Name :)

…You have found a Gary Background Would you like to pick it up? YES Please :)

…I am so HAPPY to see my Uncle again he was working on an Experiment…add this and that…

…Almost Done…

…What is happening?

…the little cake starting to expand and…

…is now a GIANT Cookie Pie?

…Gary let us all taste the GIANT Cookies :)

...THANKS…tries cookie…WOW! This Cookie is YUMMY :)

…more and More Penguins wants to meet and talk to Gary…Please DON’T crowd Uncle Gary that makes him feel uncomfortable and…

…he will leave us! There is a situation which needs my attention…

...Gary started to Waddle very fast to get away…I understand Gary :) Goodbye!

…Thanks for the FUN Experiment and for the Yummy Cookie :)

…After Gary left just when I added the NEW Gary Background my Connection got Lost AGAIN that is NOT the First time Today! When I finally got connected again I still had my Gary Stamp in my Stamp Book BUT…

…the Gary Background is GONE!!!


…Thanks Bxpingu you are a GREAT Friend I really want that Background Back!

 Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

UPDATE: I got NEW Gary Background AGAIN! THANKS Friends :)

Halloween Party - Penguin Poll

Finally Club Penguin has Posted the Penguin Poll :) The Halloween Party is almost here! I’m mostly looking forward to: Dressing up – costumes rock! Trick-or-Treating with my buddies! Joining the Scavenger hunt for Candy! There’s a Halloween Party? I DON’T like Halloween at ALL so I don’t looking forward to any of this! That’s why I have made the decision NOT to vote this week!

…If You want you can go here and VOTE

See Earlier Penguin Poll!

 Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

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