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Sunday, October 31, 2010

What’s New Update Needed!

The Rotating Text  Banner that Announce What’s NEW on Club Penguins What’s New Blog need to be updated…The Anniversary Party on Now! Oh I thought this was Halloween…LOL :)

Whats New Banner

..I guess this Banner automatically announce the latest News Posts :)By the way I don’t think it is so smart of the Jet Pack flying Penguin to flying around during a Lightning Storm…A Jet Pack is made of metal…that is NOT SAFE! Hi there can you come down here Please? I don’t think he can hear me in this Loud Storm…Picks up Spy Phone :)

Guided Tour of Halloween Party 2010

Autumn Leaves on Tree :)

Look! Rockhopper’s Tree has Golden Leaves again! No more Yummy Fruits…for now :)

See earlier Flowerpots updates Flower buds on Rockhopper’s Plants :)


I LOVE CANDY!!! It is so YUMMY and Gary is so GENEROUS and lets us pick up as much Candy we want!

Saraapril is CANDY CRAZY!!!

…ALL My Puffles refuse to eat this Candy…Hmmm…

…Have you noticed that the Candy has the same color as the Swamp Slime? BUT…BUT…BUT…This Candy is so YUMMY! I better STOP thinking of what it might is made of…LOL :)

Saraapril :)

Halloween Candy Hunt CHEATS

Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS! Club Penguin

Gary’s Spiders!

My Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy LOVES Halloween and he LOVES to try to SCARE Everyone during this time of the Year! Have you noticed that on several places around Club Penguin right now small black spiders are running around? See Halloween Tour Guide And the Dark Chamber is filled with small crawling Spiders! Did you know that they actually NOT are REAL spiders but small mechanical inventions of Gary just like this BIG Spider is?

Dark Chamber Big Spider

…I know Gary laugh so hard if we get scared BUT he has PROMISED not to try to Scare me and other Penguins that not like to be Scared! GARY!!! I found another of your Mechanical Secrets Again :)

Gary the Gadget Guy in Forest and LOST Background! 

 I got NEW Gary Background AGAIN! THANKS Friends :)

Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS! Club Penguin

Sport items are Back :)

Outside the Everyday Phoning Facility the Sport items are Back! They have been gone since the Winter Sport Shop was replaced! LOOK! The Red, Pink, Green, and Blue Tubes and the Green Racing Sled :)

Sled Race Items :)

…I wonder if this is on purpose or if the Club Penguin Artists forgot about them when they updated this room from last years Halloween Party? THANKS to Wwerocks88 for telling me about this detail you have a GREAT eye :)

Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Halloween Icon on Miniclip

On Miniclip the Club Penguin icon look like this right now promoting the Halloween Party!

Thanks to Wwerocks88 :)

Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Map Animated!

Have you noticed that the Storm on Club Penguin Map is Animated :) I LOVE details :)

Storm on Club Penguin Map!

Tour Guide Halloween Party 2010

Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS! Club Penguin

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