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Monday, November 1, 2010

Dark Chamber YouTube Video!

Most of you that read my Blog know how I feel about Halloween…but for all my Non Member Friends I have Recorded Gary’s New Secret Lab so you can see how it looks like! I think the Dark Swamp Organ would be much better if it had smoke puffs of cute Puffles or Flowers instead :) Gary’s Mechanical Gadgets are all over the Dark Chamber…and someone is hiding in the Big Puffle house in the Monster Laboratory…I like the HAPPY Friendly Bats :)

Find more info at these Posts :)

Gary’s Spiders


Gary is not Scary :)

HAPPY Friendly Bats :)

Dark Chamber Secrets and CHEATS :)

Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS! Club Penguin :)

HAPPY Friendly Bats :)

My old Helpful Friends from the Puffle Rescue Game are here and I guess they are Helping Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy with something :) Hi Friends I am so HAPPY to see you again and THANKS for all your Kindness and Help :)

HAPPY Friendly Bats :)

Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS! Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Payday :)

Club Penguin Tour Guides can find a Paycheck in the Mail Today :) To Saraapril Thanks for giving Tours of Club Penguin 250 Coins have been added to your account Well done for your Hard work!

…Thanks :) I will save these Coins for something Special :) Like…

Flower Seeds :)

Read About October Paycheck :)

How can I be a Tour Guide in Club Penguin?

Sit on items BUG!

Usually we can click on s on the keyboard to sit on our igloo Furniture but now we have to use the Actions to do so…

  …on the mat I can’t sit and look straight forward…

Sit on item Bug!

…but on the Igloo Floor I can still use click on s…

...I hope Club Penguin can fix this Bug soon so I can decide what direction I want to sit and look at again :)

See more Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches under the Label Bug

UPDATE: Sit on items Bug Solution :)

Gary is not Scary :)

Look at these Fake Bats Uncle Gary has placed here…That’s why he is called the Gadget Guy :)

Gary's Bats

Gary’s Spiders!

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