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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Club Penguin Details :)

As an EPF Agent I keep a close eye on Club Penguin :) Look we have a pile of snow here now...Hmmm…It wasn't here before or during the Halloween Party… 

…Who took the Gear under the Target? Throws a Snowball…

…It still work shouldn't this make the Target broken?

Saraapril :)

…This is how the Clock Tower looked Earlier…

…The small dots on the Stones are Gone too BUT not on all Stones the dots was missing during the Halloween Party too…

…This is how the Stones looked like BEFORE the Halloween Party…

…The Sport items were back during the Halloween Party but now they are gone again :)

…I wonder…Hmmm…some of these things can be Bugs BUT not ALL of them…

UPDATE: November 10, 2010 the Pile of Snow Bug is now Fixed :) Thanks Club Penguin :)

UPDATE: November 15, 2010 The Gear is back at the Clock Tower :) THANKS Club Penguin :)

BAFTA Kids' Vote 2010 :)

Club Penguin is nominated in the BAFTA Contest in the Web category BAFTA is short for British Academy of Film and Television Arts and you can vote and help your favorite Nominee to Win the EA British Academy Children’s Awards :) This is a Picture from the Disney Channel :)

2010-11-07 23.00.41 - Copy

…If you are located in UK and aged 7-14 you can VOTE for Your Favorite :)

The Winner will be announced on Monday 29th November :)

Remember the Club Penguin Commercial in French? Club Penguin Video Preview :) That Video is used for this Contest too but in English of course :)

UPDATE: November 29. 2010 CONGRATS Club Penguin to BAFTA Award :)

Sit on items Bug Solution :)

Do you remember the sitting straight down on Furniture Bug? Today Agent Agent6 told me that we have the same problem with the chairs in the HQ and I waddled to the Command Rom to investigate…tries to click the s on keyboard to sit…nope still not working…

…BUT if I first click on blue here at this bar and then on s…

…HURRAY!!! Now I can sit :)

…This little trick works on the Igloo Furniture too :) Now I know how to sit straight down again :)

Saraapril :)

…Read more here Sit on items BUG!

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