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Monday, November 8, 2010

NEW Elite Gear Comm EPF :)

Today we got NEW clothes for Elite Penguin Force Agents Secret :) Comm Helmet, Sat-Pack, Comm Gear and Comm Boots :)

…Now I need to earn 12 medals so I can trade them for the Comm Gears and when I have all these items on my Penguin I will be able to do the Elite Penguin Force Communication move :)

Elite Gear Catalog :)

See the Tactical Roll Move here: Field-Ops 22 EPF CHEATS :)

UPDATE: Comm EPF Gear Outfit ANIMATED :)

New Field-Ops 22 EPF CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

ATTENTION!!! A NEW Field-Op Assignment is HERE :) Click on Spy Phone…

Field-Ops 22 :)

…Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders. Go there…

…Hi Uncle Gary I came as fast as I could :) Thanks Saraapril the situation is Alarming! We’re still under attack! we’ve detected what may be a popcorn device – we must prevent another incident! The device has been hidden inside a barrel. Work Together to search the island, then shut it down. Okay Gary I will do my Best :)

…We have a Barrel in the Underground Hidden Lake can it be…YES!

…click on Spy Phone :)

Field-Op 22 :)

…Location Found! Destroy the circuits! Match circuit symbols to overload the wiring. Be Quick! Time is running out!

…just one more…DONE :)

…Good Work Agent Saraapril the Island is Safe for now :) And you have earned one more Medal :) Thanks Gary I know EXACTLY how to use it and if you need my help again just call :)

…We have NEW Elite Gears :) Cool! But I will trade my medals for the Range Finder :)

…This is how the Tactical Outfit looks on My Player Card :)

Saraapril :)

…and now when I have ALL my Tactical Gears on (Alpha Headset and Delta Headset optional) I can do the Tactical Roll :) This is FUN I am a Very HAPPY Agent :)

Tactical Gear Roll :)    EPF Tactical Gears :) 

Field-Ops EPF Stamps :)

See Last weeks Assignment Field-Ops 21 EPF :)

Waddles around under Rainy Clouds :) FUN with Friends :)

My Puffles and I have been waddling around in Club Penguin looking at the unusual Clouds. At the Beach we met our good Friend 1candy0 TOGETHER we talked about this strange weather and I agree with 1candy0 that it probably will start to rain soon! Chillie was so excited and HAPPY to meet 1candy0 as she LOVES the Puffle Toys 1candy0 gave us so MUCH! THANKS again for your help and support in our times of need Friend :) Saraapril’s Storm Shelter Igloo :)

…At the Beacon we met Rhys85345, Antontobias and Super Is1 :) I LOVE the Pretty Umbrellas :) Time to look in the Telescope…

…Heavy Rain Clouds and no waves on the water so no wind…Strange…can this be the calm before the Storm?

…at the Dock I and Blueberry met 52mc and we borrowed her Umbrella :)

…Snowflake and I was up at the Dojo Courtyard and looked at the Waterfall…I hope the rivers and Lakes not will be flooded if it starts to rain…

…inside the Secret Ninja Hideout many Ninjas were working TOGETHER to ring the Gongs :) Hi Bihgrtalica :) Lets see if the noise from the Gongs can create Vibrations that effects the clouds and make it rain…LOL :)

…Inside the Volcano Dojo Football Me and I ask Sensei if he thought it will rain soon? Sensei answered: Water is in an endless cycle what the sun takes up must come down! Grasshoppers should look up and still not trip on their flippers! Okay…Thanks Sensei :) Water Cycle :)

…at the Ski Hill HappyCrazy and I met Magicalsea a cute red Puffle TOGETHER we had so Much FUN watching the Penguins and Puffles coming up in the Ski Lift :)

…FunnyHappy LOVES to take Guided Tours and Bili252 was an Excellent Guide :)

…then we played Find Four TOGETHER :)

…ALL my visiting Orange Puffles took turns and followed me to the Stadium to Play and TOGETHER we had so Much FUN right now Siana2003 makes the Stadium GO BLUE :) Then Orange wanted the Stadium to be ORANGE and I wished for PINK…LOL :) Orange Puffles Adoption – My Stories and Adventures :)

…Still no Rain so Speed and I watered the Community garden TOGETHER :)

…then Purple Zabb and I had a Super FUN Dance party in Town :) Zabb is AWESOME at Dancing and taught us some new Dance moves :) THANKS Friend :)

…Sunshine and I visiting the Pet Shop Puffles and played with them for a while :) When we left it was still cloudy outside…

…Time for PIZZA and HAPPY Dancing at the Pizza Parlor :)

…Shakespeare and I went to the Stage to look at all the actors in Secret of the Bamboo Forest :) The sky is Grey her at the Plaza too…

…Gosig and I had so Much FUN TOGETHER in the Forest with Tikoe, Smile27, Miley90733, Charlie0823 :) Who like the Forest? Raise a Flipper. :)

…Blueberry and I splashed water on Beauty1227gz…LOL :) I LOVE Beauty1227gz’s cute PINK Bunny ears :) Now I will look through the Binoculars…

…Yep! Heavy Rain filled clouds on this side of Club Penguin too and here it is windy…

…I am Positive Sweet this time we WILL Tip the Iceberg…LOL :)

…Now All my Puffles and I are back home again :) I wonder if it will start to Rain soon?

…THANKS to ALL Puffles and Penguins I played TOGETHER with you are ALL AWESOME and FUN to be around :)

For More FUN with Friends look under the Label FUN with Friends :)

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