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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

EPF Update :) Elite Penguin Force :)

This is a message by Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

Please note: this message is classified. Those who are not agents of the Elite Penguin Force should probably stop reading.


Elite Agents - today I've got an update for you.

This week, a new EPF 'class' is being launched. What's a class? It's a special kind of job that an agent can unlock. Remember - you can trade in badges for Elite Gear in your phone.

The Tactical Class was introduced in August, (see the Tactical Roll ANIMATED) and the new one is called the Comm Class. Check it out:

The team has some big plans for these classes. The details are top secret, but I will say there's a LOT of important events coming up. Including hints to the location of a certain polar bear...

So what do you think is in store? Let us know in the comments, and keep watch for anything unusual.

Be ready. Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

HERBERT! We will FINALLY try to locate HERBERT!!! This will be AWESOME :)

Here you can see the Comm EPF Gear Outfit ANIMATED :)

Comm EPF Gear Outfit ANIMATED :)

LOOK at THIS! Yesterday we got NEW Elite Penguin Force items and my Friend Coolgem50 have them all :) LOOK at this AWESOME Communication Gadget!

Comm EPF Gear ANIMATED :) …I think this is the COOLEST Special Dance in Club Penguin EVER! With this Device we will soon track down whoever it is that messing up Club Penguin all the time and Hopefully we can locate Herbert’s Balloon too :) This is how the New EPF Comm Outfit looks like on Coolgem50’s Player Card :)

…Thanks to my Good Friend Coolgem50 for Helping me with this Animation :) You ROCK!

Saraapril and Coolgem50 :)

NEW Elite Gear Comm EPF :)

Unlock items Online NOT WORKING!!!

Today I was so HAPPY :) For a long time I have saved up Money to buy Card-Jitsu Cards so I will have a better card deck when Card-Jitsu Water starts and Finally I had enough money to buy the Cards I wanted and Mum had the time to take me to the store :) The one that sells Club Penguin Toys are WAY away from where we live! With the Card-Jitsu Fire cards I got 9 codes to unlock and I started to do so :) This is what I unlocked! How to unlock items online in Club Penguin:)

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve unlocked:

…When I HAPPILY logged in to Club Penguin to Play Card-Jitsu I checked my Card Deck online and NONE of the Cards were in my Card-Jitsu Deck Online! I cleared my Cache BUT THAT DIDN'T HELPED AT ALL!!! I played Card-Jitsu at the Dojo to see if the Cards were there anyway…But NO!

…This post is from Wednesday 23 December 2009 My Card-Jitsu Cards Online in Club Penguin :) This is how my Card-Jitsu Online Cards Online looks like right now AFTER I have unlocked 9 CODES! NOTHING IS CHANGED!! NONE OF MY NEW CARDS ARE HERE!!!

Saraapril's Card-Jitsu Deck Online

…I tried to enter my Codes again but…The code you entered has already been used.

…I paid REAL MONEY to buy these Card-Jitsu Cards and I GOT NOTHING added to my Online account! I AM ROBBED!

Fire Ninja Saraapril

…I am so TIRED of that Club Penguin is FILLED with BUGS ALL THE TIME and that NOTHING WORKS! I am so DISAPPOINTED!!!

UPDATE: Unlock items Online FAILED! What to do :)

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