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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I met Sensei and got STAMP :)

I just met Sensei in Server Sleet :) Sensei Stamp Earned :) Sensei in Stamp Book :)

…Look at Sensei’s New Cool Player Card :)

…If you have Problem to click on Sensei to get his Background click on Users in Room to get it :) Sensei has no New Background this time…

…Lets train for Card-Jitsu Water First warm up…

…We tried to Follow Sensei…Haha too slow!

…Now my Ninjas are swift as a river become blue Ninjas for Card-Jitsu Water!

…Do we have any Firefighters? Your Presents is Welcome :) Wise Ninjas knows their Healthy and Safety!

…You have proven yourselves worthy of Water! Now for some tea and fortune cookies to celebrate Follow me Ninjas :) Sensei went in to the Water Dojo…Sadly the Room got full before I could enter…Anyway it was AWESOME to meet Sensei in his Water Ninja Suit :) THANKS Sensei for all your Training and Wise Advices :) I hope to meet you soon again :)

…This is How Sensei looks like in My Stamp Book :)

…Right now I have earned 155 of 201 Stamps and I have Sensei’s Stamp as a Stamp Book Decoration :) How to customize your Stamp Book :)

Water Hunt Scavenger Hunt CHEATS :) Ninja Preparation Party :)

UPDATE: I met Sensei in Server Botas de Esquimó :)

UPDATE: I met Sensei in Avalanche :)

FREE Bucket Hat for Non Members TOO :)

The Bucket hat Bug is now Fixed and ALL Penguins can pick it up at Snow Fort :) THANKS Club Penguin :) FREE item at Snow Fort :)

…and Thanks Littletias for helping me with this Picture :)

Card-Jitsu Water Scavenger Hunt CHEATS :) Ninja Preparations Party :)

Throw a Water Balloon :)

If you Throw a Snowball in the Water Dojo it will become a Water Balloon! SPLASH :)

Throw Water balloon

THANKS Cheda1234 for telling me about this :)

Water Hunt Scavenger CHEATS :) Ninja Preparation Party :)

Sensei in Stamp Book :)

Sensei’s Picture is now Added under Characters in our Club Penguin Stamp Book :) To earn this Stamp you need to be in the Same Room as Sensei :)

…HURRAY!!! Now it is time to start search for him at the Dojo :) Card-Jitsu Water Party Tour Guide :)

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

UPDATE: I met Sensei and got STAMP :)

FUN with Friends :)

Want to take a waddle down memory lane? Here are more pictures from SOME of the FUN my Friends and I have had TOGETHER in Club Penguin :) In Town I met Noga :)

…TOGETHER with Rolly323 we had FUN playing Find Four :) Right now it is my turn to wait and watch the Game while my Friends playing :)

…Noga has both met Rockhopper and Graduated as a Ninja :) COOL :)

…Time to look for the Orange Puffle :)

…Rassbert and I Test Baking Cakes to Next Years Anniversary Party :)

…This one is Yummy :) Lets give it to someone :) HAPPY Birthday to someone LOL :)

…Halloween is here…

…This is Adiman’s Stamp Book :) Look a third Anniversary Cake :) That brings back FUN memories :)

…HAPPY CANDY DANCE in Adiman’s Igloo :)

…The weather is not so Good I am HAPPY to have a SAFE Igloo :)

  …Time for Card-Jitsu Training :) Oops this is not good for me…

…my turn…LOL :)

…here we are on our way to a Party :)


…Thanks Superpacman1 for arranging this Party :)

…I was working with some EPF investigations when I met Veeshos :) Hi Friend :)

…I think it will start to rain soon in Club Penguin we better start to prepare for Water Ninja :)

…The White Puffle will help me :)

…Practicing our Vanish Skills :) Rc51 can’t see us :)

…Water Ninja will come soon :)

…Up there behind the waterfall the new Dojo will be built :)

…Snow Freeze Water BUT not Waterfall…LOL :)

   …The Snow Dojo will be up there :)

…Look how Cool Outfit my Friend Coolgem50 has :) Comm EPF Gear Outfit ANIMATED :)

…My Friend Y2jsaveus222 sent me his Water Card-Jitsu unboxing Video and then we met in the Dojo to talk :)

…Hi Cena12121 :) Yes it does :)

…The new cards can start to be unlocked November 25, 2010 BUT Y2jsaveus222 has other Cool Cards :) Gary’s Invention on YouTube :)

…I can Play Keytar :)

…Water beats Fire so if Kingkong06 sits in a Water Puddle will the Fire skills stop working? LOL :)

…This is COLD! Time to warm up with a Pizza :)


…This Boat will save us if Club Penguin gets too Flooded :)

…My Puffles likes Y2jsaveus222 and they think he might have FOOD for them…LOL :)

…The Box Dimension is so Much FUN :)

…An Orange Puffle just flew by!

…I like to wave at my Orange Puffle  Box Dimension Friends :)

…I met my Eskimo Friends at The Snow Forts :)

…I, Anna Eskimo, Eskimo Emily and Alex Eskimo like to sit and watch the rain under our Umbrellas :)

…The Water Ninja Journey will be so Much FUN :) And if we work hard we will be WATER NINJAS!

…HAPPY RAINY DANCING on Ninja Amulet Sign :)

HAPPY Rain Dancing on Ninja Amulet

…Let’s Practice Fire Card-Jitsu TOGETHER :)

…Eskimo Emily’s Thinking :)

…CONGRATS Eskimo Emily you WON!

  …Ll 999 and I cleaning up Water in Town :)

…Time for investigation! Shill 99 has invited me to his Brand New Estate Igloo to investigate the Transport Box…As so often this Box works randomly…Tips: if you can’t enter the Box Dimension leave the Igloo…then come back and try again :)

…It is so Much FUN to Work and Talk TOGETHER with Friends :)

…Edster12499, Rogster and I having FUN in the Water Ninja Dojo : )Water Scavenger Hunt CHEATS :) Ninja Preparations Party :)

…THANKS to all Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with :) For more FUN See the label FUN with Friends :)

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