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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Club Penguin Members FUN Update for November 2010 :)

Something ALWAYS happening in Club Penguin :) And in November there are new things to discover!

Exclusively for members this month:

  • Gather your ninja friends and prepare the Water Dojo
  • Master the brand new ninja game: Card-Jitsu Water
  • Earn exclusive ninja Water Suit items and new Stamps
  • Take on new Elite Penguin Force Field-Ops games

This will be FUN :)

Saraapril Throwing Water balloon in Water Dojo :)

Water Hunt CHEATS :) Ninja Card-Jitsu Water Preparations :)

Club Penguin Members FUN Update for October 2010 :)

Penguins Around the World :)

This week our Friends went back to see Mount Rushmore again :) See earlier Penguins around the World :) It is so COOL that someone thought up the idea to make Faces in the Mountain like this :) You can read more here about Mount Rushmore :)

…the our Friends travelled to a Town and Ninja found a little Waterfall and started to Prepared for Card-Jitsu Water :)

Sensei told a Haiku about Water and…

…the Orange Puffle put up a FUN one Puffle Show of the Viking Opera :)

…Our Friend preparing for a Fiesta Party :)

…HAPPILY Waddling among FLOWERS :) I LOVE this Picture :) This reminds me about summer :)

…Thanks Aunt Arctic for this Pictures Please send more Next week :)

Earlier Penguins Around the World Adventure :) See Penguins Around The World Gallery :)

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

Time for more FAN Club Penguin Art :) I like the HAPPY attitude this Soccer Playing Penguin has :) In real life Lightning and Playing outside isn't SAFE…BUT in Club Penguin it is :) GREAT WORK :)

…An EPF Agent on a Mission TOGETHER with the Elite Penguin Force Puffle Flare :) I like how the Penguin identifying himself with a Badge :) WELL DONE :)

…I LOVE drawings that tell Stories :) WOW! It REALLY Rains…Just as it did recently in Club Penguin :) GREAT Face expressions and Details :) AWESOME WORK :) It is RAINING in Club Penguin :)

…Time to ROCK at the Igloo Stage :) I LOVE the Coloring and I think these Penguin Girls ROCKS! GREAT WORK :)

…Hi Happy Helpful Green Puffle :) Flying Jetpack TOGETHER with a Puffle Friend is so Much FUN :) I LOVE the Purple clouds :) GREAT WORK :) Green Puffle Stamps CHEATS Jet Pack Adventure :)

…Black and White Drawings are so COOL! Sensei is drinking Tea in a Tea cup with Sensei ON! AWESOME Detail! WELL DONE :)

    See Earlier Club Penguin FAN Art :) See Fan Art Archive :)

Featured Igloo on CP Community :)

CONGRATS to Violet55588 :) Your COOL SCHOOL Igloo is Featured this week on Club Penguin Community :) I like that this school has kids that cheer for ALL Colors of Club Penguins Teams :) GREAT WORK :)

See Last Weeks Club Penguin Community Featured Igloo :)

New Newspaper Design in Club Penguin!

The New Newspaper layout is here and I am NOT impressed! I liked the Old way to look in the Newspaper Much BETTER! Now we have to scroll up and down…

Club Penguin Times NEW Look :)

…We can still mouse over Aunt Arctic’s Glasses :)

Aunt Arctic's Glasses

Club Penguin Times Issue #266 November 19, 2010

New Looks for Newspaper!

After 5 years and 265 issues, the Club Penguin Times has a new look! This week’s newspaper is the very first issue of the new design. “This is a very big change,” said Chief Editor Aunt Arctic. “The biggest since we started printing in color, all the way back in Issue #8!” Long-time readers will notice that the new look has less pages, and takes up much less paper. “We wanted to fit as much useful info as we could, and to make it easier to read on the go,” added Aunt Arctic.

“Now it’s printed on one double-sided sheet. Which means much less paper is used.” The newspaper will now be delivered on Fridays, “We hope that you like the new look, and continue to enjoy reading the Club Penguin Times.”

...This is the Back Page!

…Well…I hope this much smaller Club Penguin Times will inspire Aunt Arctic to print LESS Reruns in the Newspaper…

Other News: Ninjas should listen to Sensei and Prepare for the Card-Jitsu Water Journey :) Find more info on this Link Collection Post: Water Hunt CHEATS :) Ninja Preparation Party :)

Blue Sky over My Igloo again :)

HURRAY! The Bad Storm is Gone! The Sky is Blue and once again the sun is shining over my Igloo :)

…Now I can move from my Safety Igloo to something else :) I know Exactly what Igloo Model I will choose :)

Card-Jitsu Water Ninja Party Tour Guide :)

Postcards Update in Mail Catalog :)

The Postcards in Our Mail Catalog are rearranged again :)

EPF :)

EPF Recruitment :)

Featured Postcards :)

Pool, Hidden Lake, Card-Jitsu, Dojo and Aqua Grabber :)

Friendship :)

Welcome, Let’s Hang Out, My Tour, Find the Pin, Thank You and Stamp Book :)

Puffles :)

Puffle Performance, Happy Puffles, Best Friends and Cool Puffles :)

Party :)

Re-decorated Igloo, Cool Igloo, Party in my Igloo, Igloo Party and Check out my Igloo :)

Games :)

Mancala, Great Game, Sled Race and Find Four :)

Rooms :)

Pizza Parlor, Snow Forts, Tip the Berg, Community Garden, Dance Party and Lighthouse :)

…No new cards this time but some old that returned  :) Have FUN choosing a card that you want to send to someone :)

Here you can see more Club Penguin Mail and Postcards :)

Space Adventure Planet Y at The Stage :)

The Space Adventure Planet Y is Back at the Stage :)

…In the Costume Trunk we find both Old and NEW Outfits :) Sadly there are no Hidden Secret items in this Catalog!

…The Cosmic 350 coins and PINK Cosmic Dress 400 coins are NEW Items :) FINALLY something Pretty to wear in Space :) THANKS Club Penguin :)

Space Adventure Y Characters :)

After a dramatic crash on Planet X, the brave Captain Snow and his crew made a new buddy in the alien, Zip.As the team journeys back to Club Penguin aboard the SS Astro Barrier, they encounter an asteroid which foils their plans for a smooth ride. What will happen to our heroes as the spaceship heads for yet another crash landing?

Captain Snow :)

Brave Captain Snow loves adventures in space. And ice-cream! He always keeps a Captain's log.

Ensign :)

This first officer's favorite thing to do is fly through space... fast. When gravity is available, lawn bowling is her preferred game.

 Quip and Qua :)

Known throughout space as "the Q's", these rivals of Captain Snow and crew are always making double trouble.

Robot :)

He used to be "Tin Can", Quip and Qua's robot. Now he serves the SS Astro Barrier with technotronics.

Zip :)

This practical alien is known through the cosmos for his catchphrase: "Let's get out of here!"

So What about the NEW Girl on the Spaceship? Why doesn't she have a Name or a Character description? She doesn't have anything to say in the Play either! This is so…so…so...WRONG! WHY IS SHE LEFT OUT!?! I am sure this NEVER would have happened if Club Penguin had added a new BOY Character…From now on she will be named Excellentia and she can talk all languages in all known Galaxies :)

Here is the Script to Space Adventure Planet Y :)

Captain's journal, entry 30:16...
The SS Astro Barrier returns to Club Penguin...
Speed set to carp five.
Wait! Watch out for the-
(Asteroid hits the SS Astro Barrier)
Captain, it's thrown us off course!
Engage the carp drive. Full reverse!
Negative Captain. It's not working.
Have you tried clearing the cache?
I've tried, but it won't reload!
Emergency Crash landing-that planet will do.
No, not Planet Y! My rivals the Qs live here!
(Ship crashes into building)
Visitors, you've disturbed our meeting...
So you have our old robot, Tin Can. Greetings.
We're planning to make a giant space craft.
Tin Can 3000, help us get ship parts. Now!
Wait! Remember space directive 402?
The bot exchange agreement! Quick thinking, Zip!
They own the bot. He can't destroy the craft...
Let's do it ourselves-we'll be fast!
Restart the bot, and let's get out of here.
No! How are we going to get back this time?
Retry. Tin Can, use ice cream for fuel.
It's working! Let's get out of here.
Set a course for the Iceberg. Carp 5. Engage!
We shall meet again, Captain Snow...


Places please!
5 minute call, actors to the stage.
Let's take it from the top!
It's a wrap!

Tour Guide of Space Adventure Planet Y :)

Welcome to the Stage. Tickets please! Currently showing Space Adventure Planet Y. It's the play we've all been asking for! If you're interested in a job...actors, directors, and alien stage hands are needed!

Switchbox 3000 Special Effects and Stage Secrets :)

I LOVE Special effects they make the Stage so Much More FUN to Play on :) Hi Shakespeare cool Spaceship :)

Space Adventure Planet Y Special Effects :)

…We can adjust all three Spotlights on the Stage and now…WAIT…Something is WRONG! Buckle up I think we will…CRASH!!!

Space Adventure Planet Y Crash!

…Everyone okay? GREAT :) We need to clean up this mess now and then it is time to go outside to Explore the Planet we just Crashed in too :)

Space Adventure Planet Y Gadget :)

...This Play is FUN see you all around at The Stage :)

See Pictures from the Last Time Space Adventure Planet Y was here :)

New Pin in Club Penguin CHEAT :)

We have a NEW Pin in Club Penguin :) If you want to find it for yourself stop reading now! LOL :) If you need help to Find the hidden Pin I will tell you the secret location now… You find the New Club Penguin Pin here at the Iceberg :)

…You have found a Water Pin would you like to Pick it up? Yes Please :)

…This is how the Pin looks like on My Player Card :)

Thanks for this Pin Club Penguin every time I see it I will be Reminded about all the FUN we have at the Water Hunt Card-Jitsu Water Preparation Party :)

See earlier Water Tap Pin :)

I’ve been…Penguin Poll

The rain’s stopped but there’s lots to do. I’ve been…Doing the Scavenger Hunt with my buddies :) Helping to move the water and mop! Trying to find Sensei :) I’ve been swimming everywhere! I have done EVERYTHING of this so can I still Vote? LOL :) Yes I can I will close my eyes and just…Okay I Voted for Trying to Find Sensei :)

…This is how the Penguin Poll looks like right now :) You can VOTE too :)

See Earlier Penguin Poll!

Water Scavenger Hunt CHEATS :)

I met Sensei in Avalanche :)

Card-Jitsu Water Banners :)

The Auto-Updating Club Penguin banners are now Featuring Card-Jitsu Water :)

…Prepare. The Newest Game is Coming. Card-Jitsu Water! Member Ninjas: Your battle begins November 25, 2010 :)

…This will be AWESOME right now we are working hard in Club Penguin to Prepare :) You can read more here on this link Collection Post: Water Hunt CHEATS :) Card-Jitsu Water Ninja Preparations Party :)

See earlier Club Penguin Banners :)

NEW Field-Ops 23 EPF CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

To ALL Secret Agents ATTENTION!!! Elite Penguin Force need our Help to keep Club Penguin SAFE again! Click on Spy Phone…

Field-Ops 23 EPF

…Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders. Go there…

…click on Monitor :)

…Hi Gary the Gadget Guy you called and here I am :) Thanks EPF Agent Saraapril :) Our enemies are still attacking! They’ve infected systems in the Everyday Phoning Facility – we’re locked out! Work Together to find and repair the locked system. You’ll need to breakthrough EPF security. Good luck! Thanks Uncle Gary I will do my Best :) I will start to look in the Everyday Phoning Facility…

…Yes! Here it is! Time to fix this problem!

…click on Spy Phone :)

Field-Op 23 EPF

…Location Found! Bypass the System! Match your data with the firewall to break through. Be sharp! The system speeds up! Tips: If you go back to the start position after every firewall this will be easier :)

…Working hard to solve problem…DONE :)

…Good Work Agent Saraapril The Island is Safe for now. and you have earned 1 more Medal :) And CONGRATS you have earned the Elite Protector Stamp! Thanks Gary BUT I just got this Stamp due to the Bug that you haven't fixed yet! I have 2 more Assignments to do before I actually have EARNED this Stamp! Extra Field-Ops Bug Again!

…Hmmm…Sorry…I haven't been able to fix this Bug it is very complicated…Sorry…

…I understand Uncle but as an HONEST EPF Agent I would appreciate if you keep trying :) Please do your Best :)

…This is how the Elite Penguin Force Protector Stamp looks like in my Stamp Book!

 NEW Elite Gears :)  

Field-Ops EPF Stamps :)

See Last weeks Assignment Field-Ops 22 EPF :)

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