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Friday, November 19, 2010

Club Penguin Password Safety Message :)

Yesterday Club Penguin made a Password Update and for EVERYONE that has a Penguin this is IMPORTANT Information! When you click on Remember my Password…

…you get this Message: WAIT! Do other people use this computer?

…If you save your Password here, anyone who uses this computer could access your account!  They could spend your coins! They could changes your Igloo! They could get your Penguin BANNED!

Club Penguin Password Safety Message :)…If you read this in Internet Explorer 8 you will get a shadow Bug that you don’t find in Chrome or Firefox :)

…If you click on Learn More you will go to this Page Club Penguin Safety Measures :)

New Bean Counters Music Removed!

The Old Music is Back in the Bean Counters Game :) HURRAY!!! THANKS Club Penguin :) I like this Old Music so Much Better than the New one :) LOL…Look at me! This game is FUN :)

Read more here: Bean Counters Music Changed :)

UPDATE: The NEW Music is BACK! Please Club Penguin make up your mind…LOL :)

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