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Sunday, November 21, 2010

企鹅俱乐部 Club Penguin in Chinese :)

企鹅俱乐部 is Club Penguin in Chinese :) Will Club Penguin come in Chinese soon? Well…That might happen BUT this that Club Penguin make Tests for a Chinese Club Penguin site is NOTHING NEW! Disney CP has tested and worked with this for a long time! This Page is from February 17, 2009 :) Here you can see the English version that Promoted the 101 Days of FUN :) 101 Days of FUN in Club Penguin Collection Post :)

…and here you can see the Chinese Test Log in Page :) I think that the Chinese Language looks like a Pretty Artwork :)

…I think the look of the Tape Message is cute :)

…Remember this is very OLD News and Club Penguin in Chinese might come soon or NOT :) This Log in Background is not new either it is from February 2010 :) I like the Green Sleeping cap I have one in Blue :)

…Flying Flippers Emporium :)

…Instructions :)

…Penguin Stadium :)

…Ridge Run :)

…ALL these Pictures and Chinese Club Penguin is a TEST and it might come OR Not come to Club Penguin :) BUT for ALL my Chinese Penguin Friends I wish this will come True :)

Saraapril’s Water Igloo :) My Stories and Adventures :)

Right now all Ninjas in Club Penguin working hard to Prepare for the Card-Jitsu Water Journey :) I and my Puffles have moved to a Fish Bowl Igloo so we have room for lots of Water :)

…We really want to do our best to Help Sensei with the New Water Dojo but before we can start collect Water in this Bowl I must do some adjustments to the Water Pump Machines so I can connect my Igloo to the Pump system :)

Water Pump in Hidden Lake :)

…Now when I lead the Water through our Fish Bowl Igloo my Puffles can help out with water collecting too :) Speed is AWESOME at melting snow :)

…Keep up the GREAT Team work Puffles I must go and find more Water items :) 

…I want to be as effective as possible in this Water Hunt :) Look a Bucket :)Water Bucket

…This Sugar free Soda will be GREAT :)

Saraapril is finding soda :)

…Sensei LOVES Tea and Tea is mostly Water :) Picks up Large Mug of Tea :)

Saraapril is  finding Tea Mug :)

…This Fish Bowl is FILLED with Water :)

Saraapril is finding Fish Bowl :)

…A Water Bottle :) PERFECT!

Saraapril is finding Water Bottle :)

…Someone left this cup of Coffee here…it is cold and nobody around…hmmm…I will pick it up :)

Saraapril find Coffee cup :)

…It is tiresome to waddle around and searching for water items I need to sit down and Rest…A BIG glass of water just in front of my Beak I almost missed that…LOL :) Now I am rested and can look around Club Penguin again…

Saraapril is finding glass of water :)

…a Bucket! This is AWESOME I can transport Water in this :)

Saraapril is finding bucket :)

…Time to bring all these items to the Dojo Courtyard :) What a Pretty Golden Fish Statue I will give it to Sensei :)

Saraapril is finding Gold Fish Statue :)

…Look how Much Items! All this water will Help :) But Coffee??? I hope Gary has provided a cleaning filter before this ends up in the Water Dojo…LOL :) BUT…what about the FISH!

Saraapril with Water Items at Dojo Courtyard :)

…I guess it can choose to live up here in the Water dojo or swim back to the ocean down the waterfalls :)

…Time to go and make more water :) I, 808angel and Peaceful102 working TOGETHER to melt snow in the Forest :)

Water Pump in Forest :)

…THANKS to all Penguins that helping Ninjas at the Water Pumps you are all AWESOME :)

 I met Sensei in Avalanche :)

New Penguin Art in Book Room :)

In the Book Room we have New Art to look at :) And now we can Submit our Art to Club Penguin from here too :)

…Coffee Time :)

…100% Rock!

…Jet pack Adventure :)

…Penguin Friends :)

…Sled Race :)

…FUN in Town :)

…Beacon :)

…Robot :)

…Perfect Day for Surfing :)

…Sing Along :)

…Thanks to stuart57 for telling me this :) I wonder if this is the first step to add the community page inside Club Penguin? I know that there is an interesting Picture in the Expanded Edition of The Awesome Official Guide to Club Penguin Book that shows a Notice Board a Tour Guide Booth and a Fish Fountain :) The New Room will be located somewhere here :)

…I think it would be GREAT if all stuff from the Community Page could be accessed from inside Club Penguin :) Mimo777 has a Picture of this new Area if you want to look :) AND For more FAN Art and Club Penguin Community Stuff Look under this Label: Community :)

UPDATE: If you go to other Language Servers you will see different Drawings :) Thanks Hermieblue for this information :)

Losing Items Bug! Solution :)

Right now Club Penguin has problem to save the items you buy! If you use IE8 you will sometimes lose your items! BUT if you make sure to log out after you are done buying items and then close ALL Internet Explorer Windows on your Computer before you log in to Club Penguin again you will not lose any items :)

Log in Problems to Club Penguin and Bugs!

Club Penguin Big Face Hooded Top :) PINK Puffle :)

I don’t think a girl ever can get too many clothes in PINK…LOL :) Look at this HAPPY Puffle Face I LOVE IT!

Club Penguin Big Face Hooded Top :)

Club Penguin Big Face Hooded Top :)

This is what Disney tells us: Puffles always look so cosy and snuggly, now Club Penguin fans can even wear one! This sweatshirt features a lined hood, side pockets, fabric tag on one wrist, and that beaming pink puffle face with flocked outline and detail. Found on Disney Store UK :)

Product information:

Girls' sweatshirt
Flocked character artwork
Lined hood
Side pockets
100% cotton
Machine washable

Club Penguin Big Face PINK Puffle T-shirt :)

Club Penguin PINK Puffle Hooded Top :)

Club Penguins Feed Me T-Shirt :) PINK Puffle :)

Club Penguins PINK Scarfs and Gloves :) PINK Puffle :)

Club Penguin Girls Hat :) PINK Puffle :)

Under the Label TOYS you will find Much MORE Club Penguin Items and you can buy Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items on Disney Store :)

Slide Walk in Club Penguin :)

A New and FUN Glitch we can play with is found in Club Penguin :) If you click on a place far away in a room and then hurry to open and close the Newspaper you will slide and Moon Walk :) Thanks to Yordan98, Pennquin2 and Riffy8888 :)

Slide or Moon Walk in Club Penguin :)

…and If you use the cursor you can make your Penguin Twirl :) FINALLY I can Figure Skating in Club Penguin :) Now I just need to find a way to jump and spin at the same time…LOL :)

Saraapril's Figure Skating Twirl :)

See more Bugs and Glitches in Club Penguin :)

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