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Monday, November 29, 2010

Card-Jitsu Power Card Animation BUG!

Right now I’m working to Animate ALL the NEW Card-Jitsu Power Card Animations and I found another Club Penguin BUG!

You can see how this Animation SHOULD look here on my YouTube Channel :)

Water Card-Jitsu Power Cards VIDEOS on YouTube :)

I am so HAPPY that 24 NEW Animations for Card-Jitsu Water Power Cards are added in Club Penguin :) If you go to the Dojo and Challenge Sensei you will find them ALL there BUT count on Playing for a LONG time until you have seen them all! I will make sure to Post ALL of them on my YouTube Account so you easily can see them there starting with this one of Sensei and Aunt Arctic working TOGETHER to beat me…LOL :)

Sensei in Klutzy Costume :)

Sensei and Puffle Rescue Thin Ice :)

Sensei EPF Agent and Tube Transport :)

Sensei drilling up a Forest :)

Sensei and Herbert's Pizza :)

Sensei and Puffle Rescue Mine :)

Sensei and EPF Puffle Flare :)

Sensei and Hot Air Balloon :) Remember? TOGETHER WE Decided about this Card :)

Sensei and Puffle Rescue Sea Level :)

Sensei and the Golden Knight's Treasure Rain :)

Sensei and EPF Field-Ops Firewall :)

Sensei and Cadence's Dance Contest Game :)

Card-Jitsu Power Card Animation BUG!

Sensei and Herbert's Popcorn Device :)

Sensei, Spy Phone and Snowball Fight :)

Sensei Playing Orange Double Necked Guitar :)

Sensei in Haunted House :)

You can see MORE at Saraapril on YouTube :)

More soon…

Mancala and Find Four Location BUG!

After you have finished a Game of Mancala you should stay in the Book Room…BUT you get Teleported to the Coffee Shop!

…If you Play Find Four in the Attic…

2010-11-29 21.00.32 - Copy …you get Teleported to the Ski Lodge…

…and if you Play in the Ski Lodge you get Teleported to the Ski Village after the Game!

2010-11-29 21.00.00 - Copy

…Thanks to arikichan for telling me about the Mancala Bug :) Club Penguin has serious Problems and must start to FIX ALL these Club Penguin Bugs SOON!

Catchin’ Waves Detail :)

All of you that read my Blog know that I like details and today we got a small detail changed in Catchin’ Waves :) The Font Type of the points we earn is changed from Italic to…

…Normal :) I think this make it easier to see the number but before it was more stylish…what do you think?

See Earlier Club Penguin Details :)

New Club Penguin Servers added Today :)

Today we have got 21 NEW Servers added in Club Penguin :) Four English Servers :)

Downhill and Elevation :)

…Misty :)

…Tea :)

…Eight Spanish Servers :) Al agua pato, Aletas de fuego and Cuesta abajo :)

…Elevación, Isla secreta, Nebulosa and Trineo de nieve :)

…Té helado :)

…Five new Portuguese servers :) Chá, Cordilheira, Descida :)

Nublado and Teleférico

…Four new French servers :)

…Ascension, Brumeux and Descente :)

…Thé :)

Facts: It was less than 4 months since Six New Spanish servers in Club Penguin :) It was almost one year ago Nine New English servers in Club Penguin :) Now I will login and Waddle around in them :) Time for Tea…LOL :)

…THANKS to Trainman1405 for telling me that I had missed some Servers and helped me find 10 of them :)

Ultimate list of Club Penguin Servers :)

NEW Water Card-Jitsu Stamps Login Background :)

We have a NEW Water Card-Jitsu Login Background :) New Stamps are Everywhere! Member Ninjas can earn the latest Stamps at the Waterfall :) Card-Jitsu Stamps CHEATS :)

See Water Ninja Login Background :)

Card-Jitsu Water CHEATS Walkthrough, Guide and Tutorial :)

CONGRATS Club Penguin to BAFTA Award :)

The BAFTA Kids’ Vote Result is here and one of the Winners is Club Penguin! Congrats CP to the Web Category Prize :)

BAFTA = British Academy Children’s Awards :) Read more about the Contest here: BAFTA Kids’ Vote 2010 :)

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