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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Buy an Extra Santa Suit!

If you have got the Santa Hat, Beard and Suit as FREE items you can now BUY them again! Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)

…Now I have DOUBLE of Everything! Here is my OLD Santa Hat…

...and here is my NEW :)

…My OLD Santa Beard is under Neck items and…

…I found my NEW Santa Beard under Face items…

…My OLD Santa Suit and…

…My NEW Santa Suit…THANKS to Car200 for telling me about this :)

…Guess which items that are OLD and…OR…New…LOL :)

…Look at the Santa Hat in the Catalog and the Santa Hat we get…

…I wish for the one in the Catalog instead of the Double! The Santa Hat in the Catalog Matching the Santa Costume so Much BETTER! My Friend Arikichan left a comment about the beard…Look! Santa's Beard is actually Bernard the Garden Gnome’s Beard from the Norman Swarm Play BUT when we buy it we get the Original Santa Beard! Why can’t we get the Beard on the Picture in the Catalog?

…This is False Advertising!

Update: Beard FUN :)

Holly Dress BUG!

Another Clothing BUG is Found with an item from the New New Penguin Style Catalog! When you have the Holly Dress on and Wave…Well…Take a look…Holly Dress Bug!

Thanks to Arikichan for finding this Bug :)

Candy Cane Wing-warmers BUG!

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