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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saraapril’s Estate Igloo :)

Look what a Posh Igloo I and my Puffles just have moved too :) Now it is time to Decorate…I have an idea :)

…Done :) THANKS Puffles for Tiling  the Floor you have made an Excellent Work…LOL :)

…Water Ninja Spongebob524 was the First visitor we had in our new home :) WELCOME Friend :)

…Our Ballroom Floor needed to be cleaned and who can do that better then a Water Ninja?

…Time to eat some CAKE! We both have Chocolate as Favorite so we ate them first YUMMY :)

…Thank-you so Much Spongebob524 for helping me with the cleaning of this Big House you are a GREAT Friend :) The Pink Gift is for you I hope you will like it :)

…I think the Ballroom is little to dark I will open up the wall and build more windows…

…I LOVE to stand here looking out at the Pristine Winter landscape that surrounding our new home :) Oops! The Floor got dirty again during the construction where is my Water Ninja Friend…LOL :)

…and this is how our home looks like in the evening with the Chandeliers lit :) Welcome to visit us anytime :)

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Old Bug Back!

The Amulet Bug is Back AGAIN! This is SO BORING! IF Club Penguin can’t fix all the Bugs SOON I think they should give ALL Penguins a 6 month FREE Membership to make this up to us!

…For Water Ninja Animations see Amulet Bug Fixed :)

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Update: This Bug is now Fixed :) Thanks Club Penguin :)

Saraapril’s Water Ninja Igloo :)

Now when I am a Water Ninja I and my Puffles decided to move to a Dojo so we all can practice TOGETHER :) I waddled up to the Secret Ninja Hideout and bought a Dojo Igloo for 5000 coins :) THANKS to the invisible Ninjas that helped me to put it up in the Forest…LOL :)

…Time to Decorate :)

…My Puffles thinks it is so Much FUN to Play in the Water while I Practicing my Water Ninja Skills…LOL :)

…You are right Speed all this training makes the Dojo wet…Thanks for helping cleaning up the Floor :)

…Let’s say Hi and THANKS to Sensei :) First stand still and Concentrate…then look in the Camera and SMILE :)

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Beard FUN :)

Have you noticed that you can have TWO Santa Beards on your Penguin at the same time?

…here is the Norman Swarm Beard and the Santa Beard…I think this Beard looks Weird…LOL :)

…THANKS to Ryanjs for telling me about this :)

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