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Friday, December 10, 2010

I submitted my Igloo :)

No matter what I do I still have the Holiday Igloo Contest Bug…I starting to think that this is a sabotage and that EPF should look in to it but before I talk to Uncle Gary I will do some investigation…

…After standing in my Igloo disguised as an Orange Scarf Snowman for over an hour without seeing anything suspicious I decided to try to submit my Igloo Saraapril’s Holiday Igloo 2010 :) Click on Enter Contest Icon…

…Yup! The Bug is still here…click on Yes…

…Thank you! Your Igloo has been sent to our contest judges. Note: Don’t change your igloo decoration until December 12 to make sure the judges see how it looks now, Winners will be announced December 24 and December 31 in the Club Penguin Times. HURRAY! This Part is Bug FREE :)

…I really hope this Submission counts…Now I am HUNGRY! I have to eat some Cake…LOL :) But first GOOD LUCK to ALL Penguins that Enter the Deck the Halls Igloo Contest I know that you ALL are AWESOME at Decorating :)

…This Cake is YUMMY :) Oh…I almost forgot I have to find Gary the Gadget Guy and give him a report but First I will Eat MORE CAKE…LOL :)

Preparing for the Holiday Christmas Party 2010 :)

On this Post you can see both my Igloo and Littletias Igloo Decorated for the Holiday Igloo Contest 2009 :) How to enter the Holiday Igloo Decorating Contest :)

UPDATE: Fatal Error! Secret of the Igloo Contest Bug SOLVED :)

Donation Tube BUG!

I LOVE the Donation Tubes and how the Coins are Transported in them but in the smallest size we get no coins…Why? My Friend Dvivoni has found the answer:
When you change the Donation Tube with the arrows to the very small one you will see that the money isn't appearing in the tube like in the other ones, But if you move the Tube with your computer mouse to a place outside of your igloo you will see that the coins are stuck! Look at this Animation…

Donation Tube Bug!

…THANKS Dvivoni for finding this Bug :)

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UPDATE: Coins for Change Donation Tube Bug Fixed :)

We Fixed the Holiday Igloo Contest Bug! By Billybob :)

This is a message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

We fixed the Holiday Igloo Contest bug! Now when you submit your igloo, you'll get the holiday message instead of the Halloween one.

Thanks for your patience and for telling us about the bug. Let us know if you find any more!!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team
By Billybob

This BUG is NOT FIXED! I have cleared my Cache How to clear Cache in Club Penguin? AND the Halloween Contest sign is STILL THERE! I STILL have this Bug in IE8, Chrome AND Firefox!

…I think you should have done Tests BEFORE you Posted this! Please try again!

UPDATE: Fatal Error! Secret of the Igloo Contest Bug SOLVED :)

Holiday Gifts 2010 BUG!

In the New Better Igloo Catalog we can buy a Holiday Gifts :) On the Picture we can see three Gifts but when we buy it we can see one!

…Most items from the furniture Catalog can be changed with the arrows on your keyboard but the Blue Gift can’t…I took a closer look on this and found that this Gift should be able to change like this…


Holiday Gifts 2010 :)

…CONGRATS everyone that bought this item you have paid for a BUG!

UPDATE: Holiday Gifts Bug Fixed :)

Rockhopper is Coming! by Billybob :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins! 

Have you looked through the telescope lately? Check this out:

Rockhopper is on his way! He should arrive just in time for Coins For Change on December 16.

If you check the Beach, Rockhopper sent us some tubes. What do you think they're for? Let us know in the comments!

In other news, it's time to start decorating your igloo. The Deck the Halls Igloo Contest is open! Good luck, everyone.

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Hmm…Have you looked in the Telescope? Rockhopper’s Ship the Migrator is Much Closer than the Picture you have Posted…AND Coins for Change is announced to start December 17, 2010 I know that Club Penguin Totally has lost the battle against the bugs BUT Please try to keep your UPDATES on What’s New Blog BUG FREE!

…Here you can read about what the Tubes will be used for Saraapril’s Holiday Igloo :) By the Way The Deck the Halls Igloo Contest BUG you told us that CP tries to fix is STILL NOT Squished! We’ve Squishing Bugs by Billybob!

Stadium Sign BUG!

Another Bug is found in Club Penguin! If you click on the Sign at Stadium you will get the Note from Rockhopper and Yarr that is on the Box at the Beach…Preparing for the Holiday Christmas Party 2010 :)

Thanks to Pawflashstar and A11766 for this Bug :)

For more Club Penguin BUGS and Glitches look under the Label Bug :)

UPDATE: December 15, 2010 The Sign is now Fixed Thanks Noki99 for telling me you are Good at details :) And Thanks Club Penguin Bug Team :)

Lost Shadow Bug!

Just like Peter Pan the Holiday Tree and Holiday Gifts have lost their Shadows! OR is it Wendy that has Captured them…LOL :) Usually when we decorate our Igloos and move an item we can see a shadow…

Missing Shadow Bug!

…Thanks to Alex Yally for telling me about this Missing Shadows Bug you have a GREAT eye for details :)

For more Club Penguin BUGS and Glitches look under the Label Bug :)

Saraapril’s Holiday Igloo 2010 :)

Right now we are Preparing for the Holiday Party in Club Penguin and Coins for Change is my FAVORITE thing EVER in Club Penguin! This is how I and my Puffles has decorated our Home :)

…click on Coins for Change Donation Station… Start Saving your Coins! Coins for Change Starts December 17, 2010 :)

…Uncle Gary and Rory were here with Donation Tubes :) I still have coins left from the Dragons Gold and I will Donate them to Coins for Change :) For more info read: Secret of the FREE item Dragon’s Gold :) and Treasure Cave Igloo :)

…This looks GREAT but more tests are needed before I can connect my Igloo to the Tubes that will be Built around Club Penguin and transport money out to the Real World :)

Coins for Change Donation Tube Transport :)

…If we all work TOGETHER we will have this Coins for Change Donation Tube Transport System built in no time :) GREAT digging Speed keep up the Good Work :)

See earlier Igloo decoration :) Saraapril’s Estate Igloo :)

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