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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Low Resolution Mode FUN :)

If you are in Club Penguin and click on – or = to get Club Penguin to run in Lower Quality and then make the Web Browser Window Big and open the Better Igloo Catalog you will see the Holiday Gifts shaking!

…I wonder if these Presents have something ALIVE in them…

Holiday Gifts :)

…and you can see the Present shake a little in the inventory too :)

…We better open them right NOW! LOL :)

…Thanks Penguino8590 for telling me about this FUN Glitch :) I LOVE your Igloo Decoration :) The lights around the Tree Trunk and the Snowman Family that are eating Dinner TOGETHER are AWESOME! Good Luck in the Deck the Hall Contest :)

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Portuguese Web Page Bug is Fixed :)

Earlier when you Played in a Portuguese Server you get a 0 on the top of the Web Page…

…Thanks Anonymous for telling me this :) And Thanks Club Penguin for fixing this Bug :)

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Fatal Error! Secret of the Igloo Contest Bug SOLVED!

This Submit your Igloo Bug started to Bug me…LOL :) I have the Bug and so have many of my Friends BUT many of my Friends don’t have the BUG anymore! How come? I started to do some Tests and now I know the Secret of the Igloo Contest Bug :)

The Igloo Contest message is located here:

When I click on the link I get the Halloween Igloo Contest message but when some Penguins click on the link they see the Holiday Igloo Contest message…Why? (Read more here I submitted my Igloo)

…The reason for this is that Club Penguin has so many visitors that their files are located on many different web servers and depending on where you are located in the world you get the Bug OR Not!

…No matter what server in Club Penguin I visit or what web browser I use I get the same result! And Clear the Cache or restart your Computer will NOT help! So Sadly this Bug is NOT fixed for EVERYONE! We Fixed the Holiday Igloo Contest Bug! by Billybob :)

…But don’t fear I have the Solution for this here :) The solution to this Bug is that Club Penguin needs to update and synchronize ALL their web servers to have the same files on them :) Sadly I have told Club Penguin this before…Club Penguin website Server Problems! and Servers Not Synchronized in Club Penguin!

…This lack of Synchronized Servers is also the reason why some Penguins get the EPF Assignments BEFORE other Penguins get them! This is also the Reason to why some Penguins doesn't get Party updates when others do and so on! For Example I have NOT got the New Update on the Fireplace! This is how my Fireplace looks like right now…Fireplace with Old Ornaments!

…and this is the NEW Updated Fireplace some of you have BUT that I and MANY Other Penguins DON’T HAVE!

…This is a FATAL ERROR! SOME Penguins have items to decorate with that Others DON’T! Another Question is How Many MORE things are I and Other Penguins Missing? Conclusion: If you buy Club Penguin Membership Club Penguin will NOT grantee that you get what you PAY for!

…This information on this Solution Post is my Holiday Gift to Club Penguin Team so they can fix the Problems and make Club Penguin 2011 a more Bug Free and FUN Place for us ALL :) Have a HAPPY Hoilday :)

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Gift Code to all Penguins with a Parent Account :)

As many of you know a Gift Code can be used in Club Penguin right now to get 500 coins :) The reason I haven’t Published this code is that ALL Penguins Parents that are entitled to it have got an email :) If you have the Code CONGRATS! I hope you will use it for Coins for Change :)

Coins for Change 2010 Information from Club Penguin :)

Update: Parent Update from Club Penguin :)

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