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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

FUN with Friends :)

Lots of Preparations are needed before a big Party and here Jimmyw1, Tiny124 and I baking Yummy Holiday Cakes for all Penguins that are in the Gift Shop looking at the Holiday Penguin Style Fashion :)

…I LOVE to waddle around and meet both old and new Friends :) Hi Jeter1961, Flip9876 and Pinkey20604 :)

…Alex Eskimo has Decorated his Igloo in Holiday Style :)

…TOGETHER we helped Santa to make Gifts…LOL :)

…I met Ryanjs in the Coffee Shop :)

…You have met Sensei, Rockhopper and Gary and got their Stamps just like me :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

…Ryanjs, Dvivoni and I had so Much FUN Playing Card-Jitsu Fire :) My Turn? I need to think…LOL :)

…It is warm in here :) Dvivoni tries to beat the Fire…LOL :)

…In the Water Dojo Sensei challenged me to clean up all the Water…I surely will try :) So much water…and more water streaming in all the time…

…I have to declare defeated…LOL :)

…TOGETHER we Played Card-Jitsu Water :) CONGRATS Dvivoni you won this time :)

…I and Ryanjs started a Water balloon Fight at exactly the same time :)

…Ryanjs dropped a water balloon on his own head…

…LOL…it was so Much FUN :)

…Water Ninja Training TOGETHER with Sensei :)

…Then we were HUNGRY and went to the Pizza Parlor and ate Yummy Pizza and Started a HAPPY Music  Band :)

…at the Lighthouse we played TOGETHER with Kylee406 and Meagan Meno :) I think we sound GREAT TOGETHER :)

…In Town I met More FUN Friends :)

…Jewelbird has decorated the Igloo too I LOVE these Coins for Change Decorations :) Time to Give :)

…Mr Einstein4 gave me a Guided Tour of the Town THANKS :) You are a GREAT Tour Guide :)

…Thanks Pahi8 :) TOGETHER we Rock Club Penguin :)

…I sent both Pahi8 and Mr Einstein4 cards so now we are Club Penguin Friends :)

…Now I will go down to the Beach and work to help Rockhopper Preparing for the Holiday Christmas Party 2010 :) Waddle On See you all around in Club Penguin :)

…THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with hope to see you all soon again in Club Penguin :)

For MORE Club Penguin FUN look under the label FUN with Friends :)

FUN with Friends :) Water Card-Jitsu is HERE :)

Today I will Post some of the FUN my Friends and I had during the Card-Jitsu Water Party :) Time to waddle in to the Water Dojo and Play Card-Jitsu Water for the First time EVER :) Card-Jitsu Water Game CHEATS :) Walkthrough, Guide, Tutorial and LINK Collection Post :)

…Oops I got a BUG after I finished the Game…My first thought was NOOOO!!! It will take FOREVER before Club Penguin Support will understand and help me to remove all theses coins! Luckily NONE of these coins ended up on my account! What a Relief!

…It was LOTS of Problem with the Card-Jitsu Water Game BUT it was FUN to meet so many Friends :) Hi Jason59114 I am so HAPPY to see you :) My Buddy List is Full BUT I can send you a Card and then we are Club Penguin Friends :)

…CONGRATS to ALL Ninjas that have earned all Parts of the Water Suit :)

…HAPPY Friends Dancing :)

…Joo10, 11 Penguin1, Dj4424 and I Preparing for a Water battle :)

…Hi Josh8years how are you Today?

…Now I will battle Bigos90210, Loopdupe and Vmi85 :)

…Hi Tomji I LOVE your Bucket Hat :) Let’s stand here in the current and train to NOT fall when the water rush by…LOL :)

…Hi Spider880 :) Right now Spider880 working hard to earn the Torrent Mask :) Let’s Play :)

…HURRAY! I reached the Gong! Card-Jitsu Stamps CHEATS :)

…Oops! This time I will be flushed away…LOL :)

…Time to take a break and Feed my Puffles :) COOL WAVE Dvivoni :)

…Throwing Snow Card…

… After many Battles and Hard work I have earned all Parts of the Water Ninja Suit :) Now I need to win over Sensei to become a Water Ninja and get the Water Gem to my Amulet :)

…I DID IT! I Saraapril am now a Water Ninja in Club Penguin :) Look how the Water sign in the Amulet Glows for me :) And Next Year we can become Snow Ninjas that will be so Much FUN :)

…Having FUN making waves in the Water Dojo :)

…The Entrance to the Fire Dojo and the Water Dojo :)

…THANKS Harrynanu :)

…Let’s try to Tip the Iceberg…LOL :)

…THANKS to ALL Penguins that I met and played Card-Jitsu Water TOGETHER with during this Adventure you are ALL GREAT NINJAS :)

For MORE Club Penguin FUN look under the label FUN with Friends :)

How to Raise Money to Coins for Change and How do you Celebrate the Holiday? - Reviewed by You :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins! 

Last week we asked what you're doing to raise donations for Coins For Change and Joiceful said:

I am a tour guide so each year when CFC comes along, I do a "Coins for Change Tour" which takes people to games and then to CFC pots. They donate to each pot and then I thank them for making a difference. I squeeze donating into touring for the perfect Holiday combo!!!

Thanks Joiceful - that sounds awesome! Tours are a great way to spread the word about Coins For Change

The Holiday Party is coming up fast, so this week we want to know - what are you doing to celebrate the holidays in your own home?

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment. We'll post one (50 - 75 words, please) in next week's Reviewed By You. If your submission is chosen to be the feature comment on next week's blog, we'll add 10 000 coins to your penguin account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

I always spend the Holiday TOGETHER with my cousins and other Family members and some close Friends too :) We always eat Good Food and LOTS of Candy :) We like to talk, Laugh and Playing Games TOGETHER :) Grandpa tells us lots of FUN Stories about what he did when he was a Kid and I LOVE to hear that :) We don’t have so many Gifts as we like to buy things AFTER Christmas when all the Sales start :) During the Holidays we always have so much FUN playing outside in the snow and every year we have a Toboggan race that my youngest Uncle usually wins but last year my Aunt won and he kept wanting rematches and she kept winning…LOL…it was SO MUCH FUN :) I LOVE Holidays :)

Preparing for the Holiday, Christmas Party 2010 :)

FUN with Friends :) Water Dojo and EPF :)

For background Story read Fun with Friends building Water Dojo :) After Sensei left we had a Party :) Thanks Friends :) TOGETHER we ROCK!

…Cool Noodle became Sensei and we all asked Sensei questions to learn more :) I asked How can water be Powerful? Sensei answered that grasshopper has much to learn…LOL :)

…I bow to Sensei and Sensei bows back :) Muper Sario is GREAT with the Anvil :) Keep building the Water Dojo Friends :) 

…HURRAY! PIZZA! I am so HUNGRY…LOL :) THANKS Cool Noodle and Bbw121 :) Eats Yummy Pizza :)

…Time to work again :) Muper Sario starts to Paint the Water and ME! LOL :)

…HAPPY Water Fight :) Thanks Cool Noodle for entertaining us :)

…All EPF Agents know that strange things happen around Club Penguin and while Muper Sario and Cool Noodle used their Comm EPF Gear I practicing my Tactical roll move…No Puffles I am NOT Playing with you I try to Practice…LOL :) Suddenly Muper Sario saw HERBERT on the screen saying na na na na na na …

…TOGETHER we hurried to the Command Room to do more research and after a while we could locate the signal to the Forest…All available Agents! To the Forest NOW! 

…When we came to the Forest we saw lots of Paw Prints and small marks of claws but No Herbert or Klutzy! You are right EPF Agent Angelman8 Herbert gets smarter…Cool Noodle managed to locate Herbert Again :) To the Iceberg…

…At the Iceberg we didn't find any signs of Herbert! It looks like Herbert has found a way to get access to Cool Noodle’s Computer!

…This is ALARMING! Must Fix Computer…DONE! Try to locate Herbert again…

…Lighthouse! ALL AGENTS GO! GO!! GO!!!

…We searched the Lighthouse and found fur and an empty Vegetable Pizza Box…Herbert must have been here…let’s look upstairs…

…From the Beacon Noseyrosey8 spotted Herbert at the Cove!

…at the Cove we found a sign with a message: Puny Agents you will never catch me I am way to smart for you HA Ha Ha Herbert! Then Cool Noodle got the same message sent to the Computer…

…Well…We didn't find Herbert this time BUT now we know for sure that he and Klutzy survived the Air Balloon Flight and are making up trouble in Club penguin again Herbert’s Revenge…This is important information GOOD WORK Agents :)

…Time to report this to Gary the Gadget Guy :) GREAT more Agents Volunteers to Help :) AWESOME! See you in the Command Room :)

…Make sure that Agents are sitting in ALL chairs…Now the Secret Message will begin :) EPF Secret Message YouTube Video and Animations :)

…POPCORN! Yummy :)

…Thanks Everyone :) Now we have all information we need :) Time for us Elite Penguin Force Agents to work :) Let’s start the investigation at the…

…Thanks to ALL Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with you are ALL AWESOME Friends :) And to all Secret EPF Agents I want to say a special THANKS for your hard work and keep looking for Herbert one day we WILL catch him AGAIN! LOL :)

For MORE Club Penguin FUN look under the label FUN with Friends :)

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