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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Party 2010 Tour Guide :)

Season Music, Coins for Change and Twinkling light are all around in Club Penguin right now and here is the Holiday, Christmas, Coins for Change, Tour Guide with all Free items, Secrets and Surprises you have waiting for :) This is the Town Center! Warm up with some cocoa from the Coffee Shop help at Santa's workshop in the Night Club or dress up for the holidays in the Gift Shop! If you want more light you can click on the lights that hanging on the Candy Cane and click on the Sign to get more information about Santa's Sled Adventure :) I LOVE the Northern Light that is sparkling on Club Penguin Islands sky right now :)

…Welcome to the Gift Shop The place for the best dressed elves and Penguins Check out Penguin Style for festive fashions!

…Choo Choo! This is the Coffee Shop where elves come to relax and sip hot cocoa. If you click on the bag of coffee you can play Bean Counters! Click on the Train and listen…LOL :)

…Here we are in the Book Room Line up to get your photo taken with Santa Smile for the camera! Say cheese! LOL :) You can click on the Camera and LOOK at the Table! The Holiday Books are Back! THANKS Club Penguin I missed them last year :) A Penguin Christmas Carol :) and Christmas on Rockhopper Island :) and Puffle Pal Adventure Music Makes Magic :)

…This is the Night Club! Play DJ3K or join the Dance Contest Head upstairs for Santa's workshop or take a sleigh ride from the roof! Mouse over Ball, Airplane and the Bird to make them move :) The sound on two of them are jingly…LOL :)

…Elves are needed in the Lounge to help pack and wrap presents! Head to the roof top for a special sleigh ride :) I LOVE to see all the Presents in here later I will come back up here and make a Special Gift for my littlest Cousin. I know she wishes for a PINK Ball Dress for her favorite Doll :)

…Ho ho ho! Here we are on the Sleigh! Help fly the sleigh with these controls Deliver presents by pressing the button! This Ride is FUN :) Time to work…Here we go one more Present Down the Chimney now ALL the Gifts are Delivered :) What is this? A Present from Santa :) FREE item Gift :) THANKS Santa and I will soon help you deliver more Presents :)

…This is the...hmm ...actually I don't know where we are...But this is the biggest tree I've ever seen! ??? LOL…just kidding I know exactly where we are here the new Community Center Room will be added later :) You can get here both from the Town and the Plaza :) AND do you recognize this Picture? This was one of the Sneak Peeks Billybob showed us earlier this week :) If you Throw a Snowball in here it becomes an Ornament :)

…But Where is Rockhopper’s Ship? I guess Club Penguin Artists forgot to add that…LOL :)

…Happy holidays! Welcome to the frozen pond at the Dock Get your skates on and enjoy the ice! This is one of my FAVORITE Places at this Party I LOVE to skate around here :) In this Room you find Club Penguins newest Pin :) Click on the Lamp Post for extra Light :)

…Welcome to the Beach! We have some Extra snow in this Room but what is more important is that Everyone is raising donations for Coins For Change Spread the word And don't forget to donate! Click on the Sign…

…The coins you give are going Places :) Building Safe Places Building Schools and Playgrounds :) Protect the Earth Protect Animals and Rainforest :) Provide Medical Help Creating Clinics and Supplying Clean Water :) While Donating you can earn Coins for Change Stamps too :)

…This is the Lighthouse Whoa! Look at all these coins! We're filling the Lighthouse for Coins For Change. Have you donated yet? If you throw a Snowball in here it will become a Coin :) Thanks to yugioh103 for telling me this :)

…This is the Beacon We're filling it for Coins For Change! Watch for flying sleds if you go Jet Packing! We can throw coins up here too :) If we all work Hard TOGETHER to raise and Donate Coins we will reach our Goal and fill the Light House with Coins :) Detail: The Level to Turn of the Light bulb is Removed!

…The Northern Light is so Pretty through the Telescope :)

…This is Rockhopper's ship, the Migrator. Arrrr! Rockhopper is challenging everyone to fill the Lighthouse with coins! Let's work together to earn Coins For Change!

…Here is the ship's cargo hold Yarr and Rockhopper decorated for the holidays Check out Rockhopper's Rare Items for Coins For Change t-shirts! Rockhopper’s Rare Items :)

…This is the Captain's Quarters! Play Treasure Hunt to earn Coins For Change And check out the Corkboard Rockhopper's left a message!

…Me and Yarr’s donation Goal: Fill the Lighthouse with coins! It be a tall goal and we be excited to try! To do List: Give me Treasure to Coins for Change, Sing Carols with me mateys, Make delicious squid and candy cane Pizza :) I will waddle around and search for my Friends Rockhopper and Yarr Later :)

…Welcome to the Crow's Nest! That snowman looks a lot like someone I know...This Snowman was on Billybob’s Sneak Peek too BUT what is new? The Crow’s Nest looks Exactly like last years Party minus the Northern Light! One detail on Billybob’s Sneak Peek we can see something Black that not is in this Picture…Mouse over the Snow cannon to fire…

…Welcome to the Ski Village It's a perfect place to go caroling Grab some friends and spread festive cheer! Don't forget to grab some Reindeer Antlers! FREE Reindeer Antlers Click on Light Post for extra light :)

…This is the Ski Lodge! You can play Find Four, go Ice Fishing, or tell stories by the fire! What do you think is in all these presents? I’m not sure…Let’s OPEN them NOW! LOL :)

…It is No Decorations up Here at The Ski Lodge Attic but I like that Club Penguin remembered to make the Sky Dark outside the Window :)

…I LOVE the Northern Light :)

…we can see it here at the Stadium too :)

…Time for a Snow fight under the Sparkling Northern Light Sky :) Click on Candy cane Light…

…Happy Holidays! Welcome to the Plaza Here you'll find the Reinpuffle Stables Planet Y at the Stage and a feast in the Pizza Parlor! You can click on the Candy Cane light her too and here you have another Path to the NEW Room :)

…Welcome to the Pizza Parlor! Join in the feast, there's plenty to go around Head to the kitchen to help with the cooking! Click on all the Food at the Table and Plates to get more to choose from and to eat up…LOL :)

…Welcome to the Forest! This is a great place for a snowball fight! This path leads to the Recycling Center Go there to recycle your wrapping paper! And you can click on the Candy Cane Lights…Just remember one thing DON’T EAT them we still need them as Decorations…LOL :)

…This is the Mine Shack Look at the can see the Northern Lights! Go inside to go Cart Surfin'!

…Lots of Toys from Santa’s Sled Adventure are on the Ground around the Island…Penguins needs to aim for the chimney's more…LOL :)

…This looks like FUN :)

…Welcome to the Iceberg! You can really see the Northern Lights from here! I LOVE how it looks like Music Notes in the sky :) Real Life Northern Light doesn’t…LOL :)

…Welcome to the Courtyard As you can see, ninjas REALLY like decorating Come inside for ninja training and celebrations! The Raincloud is little lower than usual and we have some extra snow in here :)

…It is Dark Outside!

…Pretty Sky and no new Signs GREAT all Ninja’s will have time to celebrate to Holiday too :)

…Sensei say’s that the Northern Light Sky is perfect for reflections and brings us calm and Peace :) COOL! Thanks Sensei :)

…I like the Northern Light on the Map and the Stars outside my Igloo too :)

…Let’s make this Holiday FUN :) Time to tell a Joke or two…LOL :)

What's the best present to get? A broken drum. You can't beat it!
What is green, white, and red all over? A sunburnt elf!
What’s white and goes up? A confused snowflake!
Which reindeer needs to mind his manners the most? Rude-olph!
How do snowmen greet each other? Ice to meet you!
Why did Santa get a fine on Christmas Eve? He left his sled in a Snow Parking Zone!
Where do snowmen go to dance? The snow ball!
How do fish celebrate the holidays? They hang REEFS on their doors!
Where does Christmas come before Halloween? In the dictionary!What do you tell a stressed-out snowman? Chill out!

…If you like to Talk Fast you can use the Safe Messages :) Click on Messages Icon…Mouse over Hello…and then… 
Holiday Party!
Happy Holidays!
Donate your coins!
Donate to Coins For Change!
Help me fill the Lighthouse with coins!
Come to Santa's workshop!
Come and help deliver presents!
Smile for Santa!
More Holiday Party!
Let's go caroling!
Good tidings we bring...
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way
Let's decorate this tree!
Turn red for Rockhopper!
Help me find Rockhopper!
Ho ho ho!

…If you don’t have the Explorer Party Stamp in your Stamp Book you should be able to earn that now :)

For Links to more information about this Party read Holiday Party 2010 in Club Penguin is HERE :)

Club Penguins Coins for Change and Holiday Home Page :)

I am so HAPPY that the Holiday Party is here :) I LOVE that Rockhopper once again brings Coins for Change to us here in Club Penguin and I think it is so COOL how we use the Coin Transport this Year :)

…If you Mouse over the Crow’s Nest Yarr is no longer there! He is with ROCKHOPPER around Club Penguin helping out to raise more coins :) OR…I know this is a  BUG as I can see Yarr ONE time when I open the Club Penguin Home Page but then the Mouse over function not work…

…The Coin Tube Transport works GREAT! I LOVE to see the Coins coming in and I LOVE the Fact that so many REAL kids in the REAL World will get helped with this :)

Coins for Change Club Penguin Home Page 2010 :)

Holiday Party 2010 in Club Penguin is HERE :)

Penguins Around the World :)

Our Globe Trotter Friends Adventure continue this week :) Here are Aunt Arctic’s latest Photos :) Three Puffles playing Statues :) COOL :)

…Thanks Fire Ninja for helping us lighten the Torches :)

…This Explorer Penguin went on a Hike :)

…and so did these Friends :) Drive FASTER the Black Puffles shouted! The Orange Puffle got water in his mouth…LOL :)

…Can this be the source of all Card-Jitsu Water Bugs? LOL :)

…time to investigate…again :)

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FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

I like when Pictures inspire to Art :) Sensei Training Card-Jitsu TOGETHER with a Ninja, The Penguin Band, Aunt Arctic and Gary are Backstage too :) I Like this HAPPY Drawing of Friends and it reminds me about all the FUN we have had TOGETHER at the Music Jam Party :) GOOD WORK :)

…I LOVE this Pretty Picture of a PINK HAPPY Penguin picking Flowers :) AWESOME WORK :)

…Oops! I think this Ninja just Won over Sensei :) GREAT Movements in this Drawing :) VERY WELL DONE :)

…Card-Jitsu Training Time :) I like the Way this Ninja holding the Cards in her Flipper :) GOOD WORK :)

…CONGRATS! You have just found out the Secret to How to Catch Mullet in Ice Fishing :) The Penguins Outfit and Mullet are so detailed! GOOD WORK :)

…Time to go for a Waddle :) Good Highlights in the cute Penguin girls Hair :) WELL DONE :)


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