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Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Message BUG!

Trust Club Penguin to give us another BUG for the Holiday! If you use Safe Messages and click on “Smile for Santa!” you will say…

…Come and help deliver presents! Thanks Noga for finding this Bug :)

…Everyone can make a mistake BUT my Question is will Club Penguin FIX this Bug before the Holiday Party is over OR will they just ignore it as they did with the Igloo Contest Bug? What do you think?

See MORE Club Penguins Bugs and Glitches under the Label Bug some problems I Posted about for over a YEAR ago are STILL NOT FIXED!

New Penguin Art in Book Room :)

Up in the Book Room we have got 10 New Drawings on the Wall :) Click on Penguin Art Frames…

…X-treme X-Mas :)

…Sensei :)

…Elf Princess :)

…Collecting Coins :)

…FUN with Friends :)


…A Beautiful Winter Day :)

…Card-Jitsu Battle :)

…Sensei get help from Puffles to Train a Ninja :)

…Rainy Day :)

See Earlier Art and Updates Submit Art in Book Room Bug Fixed :)

Rockhopper’s Plants :)

My Snow Flake Tree has got leaves :) Note for my Garden Tips Book: Snowflakes are Good for Trees and makes them Grow…LOL :)

…and My Flowerpots Flowers need some Winter Rest before they will grow again...I will move them to a Darker corner of the Room so they get the Rest they need :)

See how Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked earlier Winter Tree :)

Coin for Change Stamp BUG!

If you Donate more Coins that you have for Example 5000 coins you will get the Message “You need More Coins” BUT at the Same time you will get BOTH the Stamps! If you open your Stamp Book you will see that Only the First Coin for Change Stamp is added AND that WITHOUT any Coins was withdrawn from your ACCOUNT! Thanks to Penguino8590 for finding this Bug :) Coins for Change Stamp  Bug :)…Some of you have told me that you DON’T have the Coins for Change Stamps in your Stamp Book! This is NOT Okay and Probably the result of that Club Penguin hasn't Synchronized ALL their Servers! Read more here: Club Penguin keep having Bugs!

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