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Sunday, December 19, 2010

I met Rockhopper in Ice Shelf :)

My Friend Rockhopper LOVES Pizza so I went to the Pizza Parlor and there I found Rockhopper and Yarr again :) Rockhopper was eating on a squid and Candy Cane Pizza…LOL :) Hi Friends :) Tips: If it is too crowded to click on Rockhopper open Users in Room and click on Rockhopper there so you can get his Background :)

…Rockhopper asked Would Ye like to Hear a Tale? YES PLEASE :)

…So there I was Buildin a Snowman it be the finest Lookin Snowman around! Because it looks like me! But it needin somethin…What do ye think it was? Aye a Hat! So I takes me hat and put it on the Snowman and Suddenly!


…AVAST! This be a Haunted Snowman!! RUN AWAY!! I says but the the Haunted Snowman Talked!!! It says SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK!

…That be a Strange voice for a Snowman, I says that be soundin a lot like Yarr! Then the hat flew off the Snowman! And there be Yarr! he be Playin a Trick on me!!! LOL :) GREAT Story Captain :) Thanks for telling us I LOVE Stories :)

…Then Rockhopper and Yarr had to go Bye! Thanks for all the FUN :)See you soon again my Friends :)

I met Rockhopper in Server Ascent :)

I met Rockhopper in server Alaska :)

Holiday Party 2010 in Club Penguin is HERE :)

I met Rockhopper in Server Ascent :)

Today I have Server Hopping to Track Rockhopper and Yarr and I found them in the Ship’s cargo hold at the Migrator :)

…just as they were on the Way to leave the Server Ascent…

…Bye Friends it was FUN to see you again :)

…Rockhopper has no new Background this time I will keep Tracking Rockhopper and Yarr and next time I meet my Friends I hope Rockhopper will tell a Story :)

Holiday Party 2010 in Club Penguin :)

UPDATE: I met Rockhopper in Ice Shelf :)

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