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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

Here are some FUN FAN ART :) HURRAY! The Green Puffle wants to Collect Coins too :) Green Puffle Stamps CHEATS Jet Pack Adventure :) I like the way you have Colored this Drawing :) WELL DONE :)

…This Elf Penguin helping Santa to deliver Presents :) I like the strong colors in this Pictures and you have drawn AWESOME details :) I LOVE the view outside the Window :) GREAT ART WORK :)

…Hydro Hopper is a FUN Game but you might need a little training before you can jump…LOL :) GOOD WORK :)

The Stage is a Super FUN place to Play TOGETHER with Friends and I LOVE that you have drawn characters from different Plays :) FABULOUS WORK :)

…I can almost see the Water Moving in this Drawing FANTASTIC WORK :)

…This Penguin has earned the Water Suit and now he needs to Beat Sensei to become a Water Ninja :) Keep battling you are almost at the Gong! GREAT WORK :) How to Play Card-Jitsu Water CHEATS :)

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Penguins Around the World :)

Mickey Mouse has a Puffle on his nose…LOL :) This is the First Adventure Picture Aunt Arctic sent us this week :) And here are some more…

…the Firefighter Penguin and the Constructer Penguin were on a mission in the Pretty Mountains looking for grass fires…Luckily they found none :)

…Time to Decorate the Christmas Tree and quality Check the CANDY…Yummy…LOL :) HAPPY HOLIDAY :)

…Time for an Experiment :) How is it to Celebrate the Holiday in the Sun? The answer is: 8 of 9 Puffles LOVED it so we can highly recommend it :) However…the grumpy black Puffle preferred the Shadow…LOL :)

…HURRAY! This will be so Much FUN :) Anyone that knows a Reindeer that can help us to drag this sleigh? a Horse? a Dog? a Penguin? a Kid? LOL :)

…What a Magnificent Picture of Aunt Arctic and the Lion :) I wonder what Adventure Pictures she will send us next week? Stay tuned :)

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Ice skating Coloring Page :)

LOOK at this FANTASTIC Ice-skating Winter Picture we can Print out and Color! I LOVE this! I will have so Much FUN while I coloring it :) THANKS Club Penguin :)

…I LOVE to Ice Skate both in Club Penguin and in real Life :)

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Holiday Party 2010 in Club Penguin :)

Holiday Featured Igloo :)

This week Theodore 241’s Igloo is Featured on Club Penguins Community page :) CONGRATS! WOW! This Christmas Holiday Igloo is AMAZING :) I LOVE how you have put Snowflakes on the Igloo wall and lit all the Candy Cane lights :) Time to visit Santa but first I want to say hi to all the Helpful snowmen :) Well Done :) HAPPY HOLIDAY :)

Holiday Party in Club Penguin 2010 :)

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Holiday Party - Penguin Poll :)

Today Club Penguin has a Question about the Holiday Party they want to know: What do you think of the Holiday Party so far? Best Holiday Party ever! It’s awesome! It’s pretty good :) It’s okay :) I LOVE how we collecting Coins in the Lighthouse this Year and that’s why I will Vote the Best Holiday Party Ever :)

…You can  VOTE too :) This is how the Poll looks like right now :) Remember that Club Penguin wants to know what YOU think!

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Club Penguin Log in Problem! BUG!

Right now I can’t connect to Club Penguin first I had a Loading Problem no matter how long I waited I was not logged in…

2010-12-22 17.13.43 - Copy

…and now I get this! ALL English Servers look empty BUT all of them gives me this Message Sorry this Server is Full Please select another Server!

…I have Tried all other Languages and I get the Same Connection Problem…

…Please Club Penguin can you fix this?

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UPDATE: The Servers still show empty but now I can log in :) Right now Club Penguin working hard to fix this as soon as Possible :)

UPDATE: THANKS Club Penguin for fixing this Bug :)

Party Stamps by Billybob :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins! 

Your Coins For Change donations are quickly filling up the Lighthouse - nice work, everyone!

Some of you have been asking which Stamps you can earn at the party. Generous penguins who give to Coins For Change can earn the Volunteer Stamp and the Top Volunteer Stamp. Which Stamp you get depends on how much you donate. Coins for Change Stamps CHEATS :)

Remember, if you don't get a chance to get the Stamps this time - they will return at a later party. Every party has two Stamps you can earn.

In other news, have you noticed you can earn an Activity Stamp on the Ice Rink? Check your Stamp Book for more details.

What other kinds of Stamps would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Hmmm…this is not totally true you CAN earn some Stamps at the Ice Rink as the Hockey Team Stamp, Soccer Team Stamp and sometimes the Happy Party Stamp BUT they can be earned in OTHER rooms too…There is NO special Ice Rink Stamp…YET! I Wish for a Figure Skating Stamp :)

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Coins for Change Goal Reached :)

Holiday Party 2010 in Club Penguin is HERE :)

Coins for Change Goal Reached!

HURRAY! TOGETHER WE DID IT! Look how MUCH COINS all of us have collected TOGETHER :)

…TOGETHER we Reached the Donation Goal for coins for Change :) HURRAY! Rockhopper will be so Proud of us :)


…Look at ALL these Sparkling Coins :)

…I am so HAPPY that I am Sparkling too…LOL :)

…Thanks to Naftx for telling me this HAPPY News :) AND we can STILL Donate MORE so Keep up the FANTASTIC WORK!

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Coins for Change 2010 information from Club Penguin :)

Holiday Party 2010 in Club Penguin :)

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