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Thursday, January 13, 2011

System Defender EPF CHEATS :) Guide, Walkthrough, Tutorial :)

Elite Penguin Force Agents can now play Club Penguins newest Game System Defender :) On this Post you will find a Complete System Defender Cheat Guide, System Defender Cheats, System Defender CP Cheats, System Defender Walkthrough and System Defender Tutorial for System Defender EPF Secret Agent Game :) You find the System Defender Game in the Command Room Elite EPF HQ :)

…WARNING! System Under Attack! The EPF mainframe is under Attack. Multiple enemy signals detected. You must defend the system at any cost! To start the Game click on Defend System :) You have to be a Club Penguin Member to Play some of this Game…Defend System is for Members BUT ALL Penguins can Play on Advanced :)

Tutorial: Train with G, and learn how to Defend EPF computer from attack. Click on Tutorial :)

G, Gary the Gadget Guy: Hello Agent. Welcome to the System Defender Training Program. Your task is simple: build cannons to destroy enemy bots. At the top left of your screen are your cannons and gears. Reds shoot fast… Yellows have long range… Purples are slow but powerful… Gears are used to upgrade your cannons. To build a cannon – click on it, then click where you want it to go. Take note: you can only build cannons on glowing socket-squares. You need energy to build cannons. To get energy, you must destroy bots. When enemy bots are approaching, they’ll first appear on your scanner. There are three kinds of enemy bots: Red bots attack in large groups… Yellow bots are fast… And purple bots can take lots of damage. Watch out for enemy Boss bots too. They’re much stronger than normal bots. Sometimes, when you destroy a Boss bot, it will drop a gear. That covers everything. Remember, in an emergency, you won’t be alone…

Dot: That’s right. We’ll be here to watch your back.

G: Ready for the real thing? Try the advanced Elite Training Programs.

Director: And remember – an emergency can happen at any time. Be ready, Agent.

…Training Complete! Congratulations! You completed the System Defender Training Program. You are now ready to defend the EPF mainframe computer. STAMP EARNED! Ready for Duty :)

…GREAT WORK Agent! Start the Game and…

…click on Advanced: Advanced Elite Training Programs :) ALL PENGUINS CAN PLAY HERE! Select a Level…

…Enemy bots are attacking the EPF mainframe computer. But who is responsible? Challenge level 38/100…

…and Play! Click on Batteries to get more Power!

…2 Gears can be added on every Cannon to make them Stronger and Faster!

How to win the Game System Defender? Place out Automatic shooting Weapons, make the cannon Guns more Powerful by adding Gears then KILL and DESTROY as much as Possible! When you have done that KEEP KILLING!!! (Why are Club Penguin making a Game like this?)

…System Defended! Good Work Agent, You successfully defeated all enemy Forces. EPF Systems are returning to Normal.

…When you have defeated the Protobot and Earned the Protobot Attack Stamp you will get this Message: System Defended You successfully defended the EPF mainframe computer. All systems are returned to normal.

…When you try to Play the Game now you will see how it scans for Bugs and then say No Threats Detected…

…Under Select Level The Ultemate Protobot Robot Level is added…

…Click on it if you want to Play it again: Red Alert! The Ultimate Protobot is attacking the EPF mainframe. Battle Stations! Challenge Level: 96/100

System Defender Stamps CHEATS :)

System Defender Exclusive Sneak Peek!

System Defender EPF Reviewed by Saraapril!

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More soon…

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Anonymous said...

HI Saraapril! I like your stories you make up very much, you are really clever. Also, your blog has the BEST info on all CP issues. I am writing here about the NEW System Defender "Test Bots". I played since it came out and it is awful HARD to win. AND, there is a HUGE BUG in that you cannot drag your purple canons & gears at the most critical time in the game (toward the end) when you must have your weapons updated to win. I don't care for this game much but I wanted the latest stamp. Funny too that this NEW level is rated easeier than the most advanced level and is WAY Harder to even come close to winning. I hope CP fixes this bug SOON. And I really realy hope they have not ended the EPF missions - that would be a HUGE mistake to take away from us AGAIN. Thanks very much! "Rolly9fish"

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