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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adopt a Puffle Catalog CHEATS :)

The BROWN Puffle is in the Pet Shop and ALL Member Penguins can now start to Adopt :)

Table of Contents :)

About Puffles, Puffle Personalities, Puffle Card, Puffle Fun :)

What is a Puffle?

Native to the wilds of Club Penguin, Puffles are small, round, furry creatures. They make fantastic pets! Puffle in the Wild Video :)

Several different species have been discovered, and each color has its own unique personality. Everyone in Club Penguin can adopt 2 Puffles, but members can adopt up to 20 :)

Blue Puffle 800 coins, Attitude: mild-tempered, content, loyal, Favorite Toy: ball, Cool Fact: easy to care for :) Anyone can adopt me!

Red Puffle 800 coins, Attitude: adventurous, enthusiastic, Favorite Toys: bowling pins, cannon, Cool Fact: originally from Rockhopper Island, Favorite Game: Catchin' Waves :) Anyone can adopt me!

Pink Puffle 800 coins, Attitude: active, cheery, Favorite Toys: jump rope, trampoline, Cool Fact: loves to exercise, Favorite Game: Aqua Grabber :) See PINK Puffle Play in Igloo ANIMATED :)

Black Puffle 800 coins, Attitude: strong, silent type, Favorite Toy: skateboard, Cool Fact: sometimes very energetic, Favorite Game: Cart Surfer :)

Green Puffle 800 coins, Attitude: energetic, playful, Favorite Toys: unicycle, propeller cap, Cool Fact: likes to clown around, Favorite Game: Jet Pack Adventure :)  See Green Puffle Play in Igloo ANIMATED :)

Yellow Puffle 800 coins, Attitude: artistic, spontaneous, Favorite Toys: paintbrush, easel, Cool Fact: very creative, Favorite Game: DJ3K :) See Yellow Puffle Play in Igloo ANIMATED :)

Purple Puffle 800 coins, Attitude: usually happy, Favorite Toys: bubble wand, disco ball, Cool Fact:  loves to dance, Favorite Game: Dance Contest :)

White Puffle 800 coins, Attitude: gentle, strong, Favorite Toy: skate, Cool Fact: Can turn anything to ice with a breath :) See White Puffle Play YouTube Video :)

Orange Puffle 800 coins, Attitude: zany, curious, Favorite Toys: box, wagon, Cool Fact: sleeps very deeply :) Orange Puffle Plays in Igloo ANIMATED :)

Brown Puffle 800 coins Attitude: Super Smart, inventive, Favorite Toys: beakers, Rockets Cool Facts: Afraid of Balloons :) Brown Puffle Playing in Igloo ANIMATED :)

Puffle Card :)

Your Puffle card shows you what your Puffle needs.

To keep your Puffle healthy, play with it, ask it to sleep, feed it, or take it for a walk! If the health bars are full, don’t ask it to eat or sleep or it will lose health. (roll over the page to find out more)

…Puffle Name :)

…The mood of your Puffle (happy or sad)

…These three bars tell you if your Puffle is tired, healthy, or hungry. The lower the bar, the more attention your Puffle needs in that area :)

…Your Puffle loves to play! If you have Puffle furniture, your Puffle will sometimes play differently :)

…Your Puffle needs rest. Their naps only last about 10 seconds :)

…Feed a happy Puffle some gum and watch it do a special trick :)

…Feed a happy Puffle a cookie and watch it do a special trick :)

…When your Puffle’s hungry, a box of Puffle O’s will bring its energy up :)

…All Puffles love the water. Give it a bath and watch what happens!

…This button opens a tab where you can choose to feed or clean your Puffle :)

…One at a time, a healthy Puffle likes to walk :)

Puffle Care :)

As long as you take care of your Puffle, it will be waiting inside your igloo. To get to your igloo, click the house icon on your chat bar. If any of the health bars are empty, your Puffle will run back to the wild! You can always check the health of a Puffle by clicking its Puffle card.

Puffle Fun In Your Igloo :)

Puffles play in different ways. Try putting Puffle furniture in your igloo and then click to play, feed, or rest them. Sometimes they’ll even play on their own! Puffles Play with Toys in Igloo ANIMATED :)

Out and About :)

Your Puffles love to walk (one at a time). Click the leash on the Puffle card and it will go for a walk with you. It will even dance when you dance! When you’re finished, click your Player Card and then click the Puffle to return it to your igloo.        .

Playing Games :)

Some of your Puffles love to play Club Penguin games, and they'll make your games better! Try taking your Pink Puffle to Aqua Grabber, your Red Puffle to Catchin' Waves, and your purple Puffle to Dance Contest! More Puffles likes to play in Games so this Page need an update…LOL    .

How do I get coins? Play Games to earn coins in Club Penguin!

Puffle Party 2011 CHEATS, Guide, Walkthrough, Tutorial and Links Collection :)

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