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Friday, March 25, 2011

April Fools Party 2011 Tour Guide :)

April Fools in one of my FAVORITE times of the Year  and this year Club Penguin is Sillier than ever and that is so Much FUN :) All around Silly Surprises and Wacky Secrets are Hidden and here is your Help Guide to find them ALL :) Now I will put on my Tour Guide hat…Follow me the Tour Starts now :) Here we have the Snow Forts. It seems that the forts have melted a bit from all the silliness. Here we also have a special door that leads to the source of 97.5% of the island's boxes. The Box Dimension!

…Welcome to the Box Dimension! This baffling bevy of billions of boxes basically boggles and bewilders beholders. But I believe it's beautiful and slightly bonkers! From here can Members go to 8 different Dimension Rooms :)  And in this dimension members can go on a Silly Scavenger Hunt :) Sadly Non Member Free Penguins can’t and I understand that they are disappointed!

…Look! A sign :) Click on it and…Boxes only…Okay :) More about that room later…First let’s waddle through the Dimension Box with a cactus sign on…Wait until the lid is open…NOW HURRY!

…I think this is the Desert Dimension. Please take care not to hug the cacti. They say time flies when you're having fun keep that in mind as you explore this place. If you waddle around in here you will change day to Night and Night to day :) If you throw a snowball in here it will melt! And now let’s go back to the Box Dimension and try another Room…

…I believe this is the Stair Dimension. The way the stairs go up, down and around I can't help but stare at them. Get it? Stare? Stair? LOL :)

…Whoa, look at this place! Looks like someone forgot to put the planets in the proper places. If you have a moment Maybe try lifting up a moon, or some stars :) To do that you need to first connect the Stars at the Sky and take away the Stapler then click on a Star or Planet and start to decorate the Sky :) If you mouse over the Sky the Planets and Stars will Glow :) And you can click on the Tubes too :) I LOVE the Cool way we Flouting Waddle on this Planet :)

…This must be the Candy Dimension! A whole Dimension dedicated to candy that makes me happy! Don't forget to brush between meals!Just like Mom say…LOL :) In this Room you can earn the Food Fight Stamp :) Click on the Candy Sign to light the Candy Store If you throw a snowball in here you will throw ICE CREAM :) But wait…Who is eating with that GIANT Spoon? NOOO! Be careful DON’T EAT ME!!! LOL :)

…They call this the Cream Soda Dimension. If you want to make your way across it you'll need to do some a-MAZE-ing exploring. If you haven’t earned the Puzzle Stamp yet you can do that in this Room :) Look in the Post Silly Scavenger Hunt if you need Help :)

Ta-da! This is a Silly Place which is a place that really lives up to its name. Know any good jokes? Step up to the stage and make the crowd laugh. Check your funny rating when the time is up! I like the sound the instruments does after every joke  and if you get three Happy Faces with Crowns on you will get Confetti and Trumpet Fanfares :) Try to Mouse over the Cannon many times for different Surprises :) If you want to see this Room Animated you will find it on this Post from last year A Silly Place Animated 2010 :) Now I will tell a joke or Two…click on Activates…Tell a Joke OR j on your Keyboard…

Why do some birds fly south for the winter? Because it's too far to walk!
What kind of fish do penguins catch at night? Starfish!
Why don't penguins tell jokes about popcorn? Because they're so corny!
Where does a boat go when it's sick? To the dock!
How does a penguin make ice cream? With its flippers!
What does a banana say when you step on it? Nothing! Bananas don't talk!
What kind of fish goes well with peanut butter? Jellyfish!
What bird tells the best jokes? A comedi-hen!
How do you warm up a cold wall? You give it a second coat!

…I'm not sure what this place is so I'm going to call it the Doodle Dimension. I think this place is a little sketchy but it's drawn a lot of attention! I LOVE the way we move in here it looks so COOL :) I would have liked if ALL the Pencils and Paintbrushes could draw something…can you fix that to Next Year Club Penguin? Please :) AND it would be cool if we could throw something in here too…right now we can’t!

…And now let’s go through the Box in the Middle of the Box Dimension you can ONLY enter this Room after you have get the Box in The Silly Hunt :) Okay, I have no idea where we are. What's this? Why is that bridge a piano? Did those statues just move? This may be the strangest tour I've ever given. Take a close look at the Clock in this Room…LOL :) In this Room you find FREE items the Delivery Outfit and Delivery Hat :) I LOVE to stand inside the Statues and the sound they make when they talk and to Run through the Flowers so the Change Colors or Play Piano on the Bridge and look at the swimming Fish :) Now let’s waddle up the Stairs and take the Box Elevator back to the Box Dimension :)

…When you are in this Room and your Friends looking for you they will get this Message: (Saraapril) is Confused…LOL :)

…And Now the Wacky Silly Rooms ALL Penguins can Play and have FUN TOGETHER in :) Here we have the Town Center! Funny things are happening everywhere but the Coffee Shop, Night Club and Gift Shop...are open for business as usual. Or should I say for 'business as UNusual! You don’t need to be a Ninja to climb on the walls…LOL :)

…This is the Coffee Shop. They serve tea, hot sauce, water, milk, cream soda, croissants, scones, balloons, toast, waffles and cake. I think that's everything. Click on the Big April Fools sign to change the Text and Look out the window at the Sea? LOL :)

…I can see the Sea from the Gift Shop too if I leave the Coffee Shop, Gift Shop or Night Club through the Door I will end up at…

…The Iceberg! Strange…Club Penguin is so FUNNY SILLY right now…LOL :) Welcome to the Iceberg! Look familiar? Been here before? Feeling lost? Confused? Nine out of ten tour guides recommend using your map to get around! Mouse over the Sign to get silly messages: Are You Lost? Where is the Town? Welcome to the Iceberg, Which Way is Up? Berg, Berg, Berg is da Word, Who can Tip me? It can be Quiet Out Here :) Waddle on!!! And now let’s try to get back to…

…Here we have the Night Club. During April Fool's, it features the latest in boom box technology. I must say they're all very good public speakers. Get it? Speakers? Hi BLACK Puffle care to dance…LOL :)

…Here we are in the Boiling Room! Um, I mean Boiler Room! I'm not sure what that timer is for...I wonder what happens if we wait for it to finish...LOL :)

…I LOVE the FUN Messages the Crabs gives us :) That reminds me Mouse over signs, direction arrows and ALL Boxes you find on the Island for Silly Surprises and if you wait in here you might see a Swimming box…That’s so SILLY :)

…The Cart Surfer Banana is Back :) Thanks Dreammae989 for reminding me about this :)

…Welcome to the Pizza Parlor! Here you'll find the most delicious food on the island ice cream! Oh, and they also serve pizza which is great for food fights! You can earn the Food Fight Stamp in this Room too just throw a Snowball and it will become Food :)

…This is the Cove, where you can catch some gnarly waves :) Don't forget to wave back! Mouse over the Gnarly Waves Sign, All the Boxes and the Beach Umbrella…LOL :)

…Welcome to the Beach where things aren't quite as they seem. Click on the Sky…It appears someone has moved the door to the Lighthouse it's a good thing it still works properly! Let’s use it…

…Welcome to the Lighthouse. It appears that a number of boxes have found their way here. Box migration is common during April Fools be sure to try clicking on all of them! The Green Puffle LOVES to Fly around among them :)

…The Beacon is a great place to take an adventure! Remember to take your Green Puffle with you so someone will laugh at all your jokes! It’s not much Happening here at the Beacon BUT look the Orange Puffles have been here again trying to eat some of the Flags…LOL :)

…This cozy place is the Ski Lodge. As you can see, a few changes have been made for April Fool's. Make sure to say hi to Fred when he pops out of the cuckoo clock. Fred is replaced with a BOX…LOL :) I like the jumping Fish that lives in a box in here :) If you waddle to a Secret Spot close to were I standing right now you will end up inside the Lighthouse again :)

…Mouse over the Mountain in the Ski Village for a Silly Message :)

…Welcome to the Dock! Where you'll find the Hydro Hopper and many great artists! Throw paint at the canvas and create a masterpiece! I LOVE to Paint all over the Dock LOL :) If you keep Painting the Canvas you will find The FREE Purple Propeller Hat :) PUT ONLY the Hat on your Penguin and Dance to Fly OR add the Jetpack Item and/or your Green Puffle and keep on Flying :)

…Hey! Here we are in the Forest. Do you notice anything funny about this place? I think someone moved that one rock a bit. Tour guides notice all the small details. GOOD TRY Club Penguin! I don’t fall for that…LOL :) HAPPY APRIL FOOLS :)

…Now it is just one more Room to Tour let’s go to the Recycling Room :) Welcome to the Spinning Arrow Room! Well, this is embarrassing there's nothing in my tour guide manual about this! Uhm... I'll just make something up. This room is made of blue cheese! LOL :) If you stay here you will get lots of Messages to Read:

Welcome to the spinning arrow room...
It looks sort of familiar, huh?
Do not adjust your settings...
There's no need to clear your cache...
Feel free to waddle around and make new friends.
If you're happy and you know it...
...wave your hands
This could go on forever!
...and ever.
Where's the Recycling Plant?
Is anybody here?
Have you seen the Town?
Have you found the party item?
Did you paint a picture at the Dock?
Look behind you!
Food fight at the Pizza Parlor!
Tag, you're it!
Tell a joke
Make someone laugh
It's time to stop and smell the pizza
Dance party
Hide and go seek, everybody hide!
Still seeking...
Have you visited the Iceberg?
Does the Iceberg seem tippier than normal?
Help! I'm loading and I can't stop
Dance if you're happy
Hi everyone!
What do you get when you cross a polar bear and a penguin?
Excuse me
Blue is my favorite color
Hee hee, I like these spinning arrows
What room was I loading again?
Nice outfit!
What's blue and white and spins around a lot?
A smiling, dancing blue puffle!
: )
How about a poem?
I am a loading screen
The best one that you've ever seen
I'm really nice, I'm not mean!
And um...
I am blue, instead of green!
Knock, knock...
Knock, knock...
Knock, knock...
Orange ya glad I didn't say banana!

…Let’s take the Time to read the Safe Messages:

April Fools!
There's something strange going on here
This is strange
Tell me a joke!
This room is making me dizzy
I'm lost
Follow me!
Food Fight!
Where's Rookie?
Hi Rookie!

ROOKIE! Is Rookie Waddling around in Club Penguin? The Answer is sadly No! BUT if that change I will make a Post about it :)

…If you want to earn the Happy Party Stamp you can do that TOGETHER with other Penguins in these Rooms: Desert Dimension, Stair Dimension, Space Dimension, Candy Dimension, Cream Soda Dimension and A Silly Place :) You need to be at least 10 Penguins that Smiles at the Same Time :)

…That was all for this April Fools Party 2011 Tour :) Do you want to waddle on Memory Lane? Here you find the Ultimate Guide to last Years April Fools Party 2010 and Links to OLDER April Fools Parties :)


Anonymous said...

Knock, knock...
Knock, knock...
Knock, knock...
Orange ya glad I didn't say banana.

Isn't that from Annoying Orange?

Xoriak said...

Sigh...if only non-members can also enjoy these new rooms...Club Penguin would be a LOAD better! Anyway I'm happy to see the silly Spinning Arrow Room back!

bluecheese1 said...

Ummmmmm Saraapril? Two things. When you said that room is made of blue cheese I kinda frreaked out.. MY NAME is Bluecheese1..LOL! Also, your cute little flower is back! :)

Aaypbs said...

Saraapril, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! It's better than all those other blogs out there! They just say the rooms in which you go such as... Go to the Desert, then go to the Planet Room, etc... You actually take the time to explain ALL the rooms AND you take the time to EXPLAIN ALL of the party rooms! By the way, is there a way for non-members to get into the new rooms? I have a member and a non-member penguin. Please tell me if you know! I remember for the Puffle Party, there was a way for non-members to get to the puffle show.

Anyways, Saraapril, you're the best CP BLOGGER... PERIOD!


Awez Ome said...

I wonder if the Candy Dimension was Happy77's idea, or maybe she designed it?

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