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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Club Penguin Details and Bugs!

Her are more Club Penguin details and yes more BUGS! When we have bought maximum Puffle Food we should get a message saying  You can’t store more than 99 of these items BUT this is what we get  **max_puffle_care_item** Thanks ht70979 for finding this Bug :)

…And the Stage the Act 1 Text is Removed (it is only 1 Act in this Play) and FINALY the Stage Music is updated!

…The Cocoa Cupcake doesn't have any Frosting on this Picture BUT don’t worry just buy the item and use the arrows when it is in your Igloo to get Frosting :)

…The Marshmallow is PINK on this sign but not in the Catalog BUT again use your Arrows on this item to get many Yummy Colors :) See more at Better Furniture Igloo Catalog CHEATS :)

…This detail is not new at all BUT I want to tell you anyway just in case you need it for the St.Patrick’s Igloo Contest Decorating :) Club Penguin Times issue 282 :) You can add 2 or 3 rainbow with Pot of Gold on top of each other to get a Stronger Rainbow :)

…Club Penguin has added the Old and for now WRONG Tour Guide Message both here at the Plaza…

…and inside the Pet Shop! Construction of the Pet Shop Tour Guide ANIMATED :) This is how it should be Pet Shop Tour Guide :) And why?

See More Club Penguin Details and Club Penguin Bugs and Glitches!

UPDATE: March 14, 2011 The Message Bug and Tour Guide Bug are now Fixed :) Thanks Club Penguin :)


Awez Ome said...

Saraapril, today I was watching Disney Channel and saw an episode of Get Connected (which talks about Disney websites) and they were interviewing Happy77! She said that soon, puffles will be able to wear hats! I will let you know as soon as I find a video of it. Credit goes to my sister, Aim E, for having me watch it.

Anonymous said...

saraapril i got this glitch were it says i have -10 marshmallows and when i click it it goes higher and higher than when i put them away i had 0 and wasted al my coins!!

Unknown said...

Hey Saraapril, It's Noga!
I've found a bug - realy weird:
when you buy , for example the cupcake furniture, so you use it and in your inventory is says on the cupcake '0'. But this bug says '-1' so you can use more and more whithout buying!
actually it's pretty cool, it saves money, but it's not realy right to do that...
anyway -
Just wanted to let you know!

Noga :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are talking about construction for Puffle Launch? lol no, this is a BUG and I hope CP can get on it and fix it, and maybe synchronize the servers too? :/

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