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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Club Penguin Times Issue 284 :)

Explore the Box Dimension :)

An expert on the Box Dimension is mapping the new rooms.Thanks to a bumbling agent, new areas of the Box Dimension have been opened. One expert is mapping out the entire Box Dimension!

“These rooms are unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” said the expert.

“I can’t thank that Agent enough. Because of this accident, there are new rooms to explore. I must map them all!”

The expert has a big job ahead of him. “Once you pass into the Box Dimension, you’re presented with seven boxes.”

“Each box has a different symbol,” he said.

“The symbol provides a clue to what’s in the room!”

“The hardest to map has been the Stair Room,” the expert continued. Down is up, and up is down—but I’m UP to the challenge!”

Diligent Agents have investigated and declared the rooms fit for public access during the party.

Explore the new Box Dimension rooms by heading to the Snow Forts!

News Flash :)

Earn 3 rare Stamps at the April Fool's Party! Throw food in a place where snacks are found to earn your Food Fight Stamp. Hunt down April Fool's items to get the Scavenger Stamp. And try solving a puzzle for the Party Puzzle. Make sure you earn these Stamps before the party ends!

Read ALL about the April Fools Party 2011 and find FREE items Cheats and Secrets Silly Scavenger Hunt CHEATS and April Fools 2011 LINKS Collection :)

St. Patrick’s Igloo Contest :)

The results for the St. Patrick’s Igloo Contest are in! Our two judges, Rookie and Aunt Arctic, have picked the first ten Grand Prize Winners and ten Runners-up.Grand Prize Winners will each receive 50,000 coins, and Runners-up will receive 25,000 coins. Congratulations to all our winners!

Aunt Arctic: Click the small images on the left to see the winning igloos!

CONGRATS to Waterfall612 :) Rookie: Wow, a wishing well! Hmm, I wish I was an igloo judge!

CONGRATS to Nickduck :) Aunt Arctic: Looks like this igloo hit the Jackpot!

CONGRATS to Truckdriver5 :) Rookie: Green is my lucky color! That’s why I’m such a good agent.

CONGRATS to Bloosom 643 :) Aunt Arctic: That gnome looks ready to mix some party tunes!

CONGRATS to Webby88 :) Rookie: All this luck might help me catch a certain polar bear.

CONGRATS to Des Pancake :) Aunt Arctic: It seems even bears like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

CONGRATS to Titan00001 :) Rookie: Whoa, those rainbows are bright! Good thing I’m wearing shades.

CONGRATS to Squirtle9296 :) Aunt Arctic: Fabulous flag, Squirle9296!

CONGRATS to Bluelorax :) Rookie: Happy birthday Patrick! I mean happy St. Patrick’s Day!

CONGRATS to Spartan Man9 :) Aunt Arctic: Oh my, what a towering stack of snowboards!

More Winners :)  Congrats to:

Dimitriugly, Star4793, Taylor1707, Soccerspike, Jwrocks, Limelem, Caolan9036, John Cena922, Sillybubbley and Mtag12

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

What keeps the Iceberg anchored in place? Aunt Arctic investigates.

Dear Aunt Arctic,Why doesn’t the Iceberg ever float away?–Angg Kerr
Dear Angg Kerr,
The Iceberg is one of the island’s many curiosities. I asked resident science expert, Gary the Gadget Guy for his opinion.

“If my calculations are correct, the Iceberg’s stationary position is a direct result of its geological form.”

“In other words, the Iceberg’s shape  could be the reason it stays put.”

“I’ve never personally investigated the area beneath the ’berg, but I believe there’s more to it than meets the eye.”

“And I mean that literally. Icebergs are much bigger underneath the surface... it’s even possible that it’s linked to the island itself.”

So there we have it! If you're still curious about the Iceberg, then make your way to Aqua Grabber for some underwater exploring!

Secrets Classified – Dance Contest: Secret Expert Mode :)

Think you’ve mastered every dance move? Try beating the secret Expert Mode in Dance Contest!

Wait for Cadence to ask which difficulty level you’d like, then click on her instead of picking a level.

Cadence will ask if you’re ready for Expert Mode. The real question is... are you?

See earlier Club Penguin Times issue 283 :)

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Saraapril didn't aunt aunt artic say in the april fools newspaper they will be hidden surprises


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