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Sunday, March 27, 2011

FUN with Friends :)

Here are SOME of the things me and my Friend have done TOGETHER in Club Penguin :) Donk11 and I Practicing our Ninja Skills :)

…Hi Piplup3602 :)

…Keep on Jumping…

…CONGRATS Piplup3602 you are GREAT at Water card-Jitsu :)

…Let’s Play Again :) This time I will try to NOT fall down the Waterfall…LOL :)

Fire Card-Jitsu is FUN too :)

…Good Game and Congrats again Friend :) Well Played :)

…This is how Piplup3602’s Stamp Book is Decorated :)

…Andy125 invited me to a Secret Surprise Birthday Party for Cineva2 :) SURPRISE!!!

…WOW! You have got so many Presents! Here is one from me :)

…open it…open it…

…CONGRATS I hope you will have TONS of FUN Playing on this Red Guitar :)

…You are very Welcome :)

…Cineva2 and I played Tennis TOGETHER and Penguin X759 and the Blue Puffle were judges :)


...Roliipoli6 and I worked at the Iceberg TOGETHER with Fludder202 and Masum2 and other Penguins Preparing for the April Fools Party 2011 :)

…Singing and Drilling :) Sniff…what is that smell? Ewwww…Who did THAT? LOL :)

April Fools Party 2011 is HERE and I am looking for Secrets around Club Penguin :) Here in the Book Room I found the White Puffle Pin AND some Friends :) Hi Snow Belly4 and Shimi321 Thanks for reading my Blog :)

…I am so HAPPY to met you Both :)

…Redhotpizza3 and I having FUN with the Talking Stone Statues :)

…From this Room we send away Boxes all over the world :) Chuckle12, Jon1057 and Camilo27291 are next Boxes that will be sent :)

…I can’t find a label on Box Chuckle12…Thanks Pizza Boy257 and Bella C A for helping me to get this right :)

…Good Work Everyone :) WE DID IT TOGETHER! And in TIME :)

…OR…Here are MORE Boxes!?! There’s something strange going on here…

…We have a problem some boxes keep coming back…What address did you label it with Bella C A? Or did I label it? WHAT? NO LABEL! How did that happened? The Box Dimension is very Silly and unpredictable…LOL :) Let’s try again :)

…I LOVE the Box Dimension Worlds so Much and at next years April Fools Party I hope these Worlds will be open to ALL Penguins :)

April Fools Silly Scavenger Hunt and LINKS Collection 2011 :)

See More FUN with Friends :)


Frosty Badge said...

That's cool! Glad to see your having fun with your friends.

I just started my journey to become a ninja about a week ago . . . too much blogging without free time, lol!

-Frosty Badge

Anonymous said...

About the April Fools party:
Did you check the Recycling Plant? It's awesome! It's the loading blue screen!

Chill57181 said...

Saraapril, wanna meet on Club Penguin? Server Northern Lights at the Beach. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very very very much for the Picture! I really love it! I had a great time with you having FUN with FRIENDS! Thanks so much!!


Anonymous said...

That was funny when Pizza Boy257 said "SENDS TO AFRICA" i wonder if the box got sent there!


Anonymous said...

saraapril g sant a mail in the spy phone

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