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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Puffle FUN in Puffle Launch Game :)

I LOVE the New Puffle Launch Game :) It is so Much FUN to quickly calculate the way the Puffle should fly and then Launch it away in the Air :) I like that the Puffles are flying away so Fast and their Cool, cute and HAPPY Puffle expressions :) I can tell that my Puffles are having a Blast Playing this Game TOGETHER with me :)

Puffle Launch in Pet Shop :)

…My SUPER HAPPY Purple Puffle Purple has a Disco Ball Decorated Helmet :)

…Look at that Goofy smile on my Green Puffle Gosig :)

…My cute PINK Puffle Sweet is HAPPY FREE FALLING :)

…and Blueberry my Blue Puffles’s Helmet is Decorated as the Puffle Ball Toy :)

…ALL the Orange Puffles, HappyCrazy and FunnyHappy are Having so Much Zany FUN EATING their way through the Sky…LOL :)

…Snowflake my shy White Puffle LOVES this Game too and I LOVE her cute Snowflake Decorated Helmet :) I wish IcePrincess was here to Play too…

…Look at this Cool Paint Splattered Helmet :) The Yellow Puffles Sunshine and Shakespeare are Totally fearless  GERONIMO!!!

…I am not sure…is it a smile? YES IT IS! My Black Puffle Speed thinks something besides skateboarding is FUN! Stop the Presses…LOL :)

…Oops! Chillie my Red Puffle will hit the water any second BUT that is FUN too :)

…Look at my Brown Puffle! It looks like Inventor has got TONS of new Ideas :)

…Warning! We are not alone in the sky…someone wants BIG O’s!  Can it be HERBERT that once again plans to kidnap our Puffles? OH NO!!! Don’t let the Crab Scare you…LOL :)

How to Play Puffle Launch Game Cheats and Help Guide :)


Cloroxclean said...

When the brown puffle goes in a cannon its goggles disappear.


Anonymous said...

Saraapril! A bug! in the igloo I can still go and submit the igloo contest but the dATE SAID 11-14 march but its already 16!

8philip8 same reporter for the white puffle snack bug :)

Anonymous said...

Thats my fav game!!!!!

sevalbar said...

Hi saraapril! Do you what to come see my candy lauch igloo? Im on server South Pole!

Chill57181 said...

Hey Saraapril, you made a typo, you said My Green Puffle Sweet it should be My Green Puffle Gosig :) Hope this helps!

sevalbar said...

There is a new message from director!

ht70979 said...

hey theres a new message from the director!!

ht70979 said...

i also found a new glitch!! when you go to your igloo it says **load_undefined** club BUG gave us another glitch!! >:(

Anonymous said...

Saraapril,i saw a message in our spy phone!Its from the Director.He wants from all agents to complete the new field ops faster.Check it!

Anonymous said...

:O There's a new message from the Director! Better check it ;)

Saraapril said...

Thanks Chill57181 :) Typo Fixed :)

Anonymous said...

:o My white puffle is named Snowflake too!

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