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Monday, March 14, 2011

Puffle Launch Game CHEATS :) Help Guide Walkthrough Tutorial :)

How to Play Puffle Launch? On this Post you will find Help and Secrets about how to Play the Disney Club Penguin Puffle Launch Game :) Here in the Pet Shop you find the Puffle Launch Game :)

…Choose your Puffle :) ALL the Puffles in my Igloo are here so I don’t have to bring them to the Game BUT LOOK! My Newest White Puffle IcePrincess is STILL missing!

…I will let my Red Puffle Chillie be the First Puffle to try this Game :)

…an up we go :)

Launch Puffle :)

Puffle Launch Levels! Blue Sky has 12 Levels and ALL Penguins can Play this :) Soda Sunset and Box Dimension are for Members Only…

…Collect Puffle Os to build a Cannon!

…Press Spacebar to Launch! Wait until the Green Cannon is directed the way you want to Launch! The Blue Cannons will not move but make sure to choose the right way through the Cannons to collect ALL O’Berries :) 

…I am Glad that the Puffle has a Helmet…LOL :)

How to Play Puffle Launch Game :)

…New Best :) This was not so Hard :) Thanks for the Glittery O :)

…Now it will be more Challenging :) Use Arrows to Steer :) If your Arrow keys doesn't work properly this might Help you How to get Club Penguin Games to work in Internet Explorer :)

…I like the sound when I’m hitting the Piano…BUT try to avoid them…LOL :) When the Big O in the Right corner starts to Sparkle you know that you have collected all O’Berries on the level :)

…GREEN Balloons are GREAT to Bounce on red Balloons holding up Obstacles! Don’t miss the Check Point Cannon if you have reached that Point you will not have to start over from the beginning if your Puffle fall down in the Water :) And Red Cannon can Launch in any Direction :)

…After Level Five I earned the Begin Build Stamp but I think that depends on how many O’s you have collected :) Keep on Playing it is more to do…use Arrows to aim the Purple Cannon :)

…LOOK A CRAB!!! In a Flying Aqua Grabber! Oops! He got crabby when my Puffle took the Big O’Berry…LOL :)

…I like that we can see our Progress now I just need one more Part :)

…If you get stuck between two cannons use the arrows to get out of there sometimes it helps to bounce on or into something :) If it is a Cannon that turn like the Green Cannon you can Launch while it turns too :)

…In level 12 the Crab STOLE the Big O and you and your Puffle need to work TOGETHER to take it BACK! When you have done so you will earn the Crab Attack Stamp :)

…After you have earned the Cannon you will find it as a Furniture item in your Igloo inventory Thanks Coolgem50 for telling me that :)And now you and other Penguins that visit your Igloo can use it to Play Puffle Launch Game :)

…AND if I open this Game I can FINALLY quickly see how ALL my Puffles feeling :)

…Members can now Play 12 Soda Sunset levels :)

…Secrets are Hidden among the Clouds…and you will find more signs in the Game that will help you while Playing…

Tips: Use your arrows to aim the slingshot…Oops! LOL :) Have FUN :)

aim the slingshot

…LOOK! I and my Purple Puffle Bouncing around among the clouds on HOT PINK SPARKLING Water Balloons! This is SO MUCH FUN! I think I will stay here bouncing around in level 16 FOREVER…LOL :)

…The Box Dimension is so COOL! I LOVE that we can use the Arrows to Steer in Slow Motion from this type of cannon :) And I LOVE to see the Fireworks, The small Box Dimension and the Orange Puffle Flying around it the Box :) FINALLY we can explore the natural Habitat from were all our Zany Orange Puffles comes from :) WOOHOO!!!

…The Boxes is so FUN and I like that we enter one and Exit another :) Keep go between them to get higher jumps and the Box. If you Bounce on some boxes they will change shape and if you bounce on the box with a Green arrow it change the Gravity so you will fall up…LOL :)

…Disclaimer: No Puffles were harmed during this Game…LOL :)

Puffle Launch Stamps CHEATS :)

Puffle FUN in Puffle Launch Game :)

Message from Director in Spy Phone!

Puffle Launch - Penguin Poll :)

Message from G in Spy Phone!

Puffle Launch BUG!

Here you can take a Waddle on Memory Lane and see how we Renovated the Club Penguin Pet Shop and Built this Game Construction at Pet Shop :)

UPDATE: Puffle Launch App Available NOW :)

UPDATE: How to Play Puffle Launch App on Mobile? CHEATS and FAQ :)

More soon…


Anonymous said...

Saraapril! (Sorry this is off topic) but I found a new bug! (Are you surprised :/). I found out that the cover on the Puffle Handbook is gone! Hope this helps!


Anonymous said...



David Louch said...

If you complete the canon, you get it in your igloo inventory and you can play it from your igloo!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love this new game!

Kay See CP said...

Help!!! I'm stuck on lvl 9 on blue sky. it goes back and forth and again again and again. im stuck

Dylan97543 said...

I can't defeat the first crab :(

Kay See CP said...

HELP i am stuck on lvl 9 it goes back and forth. on the third cannon im stuck on

Anonymous said...

When you get the Puffle Cannon reward Where is it in your player card i can`t find it any where. can you help?

Unknown said...

I am stuck on level 6, i cant reach one part

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

urgh my puffles have dissapeared and still arent back!! i paid abut 7000 coins and didnt get them back!!!

Leon 23233 said...

Hi sarapril is the cannon for non members too?-Leon 23233 plz reply

Anonymous said...

Typo's have been found on this post. You spelt "Launch" as "Launce"
And also you spelt "Puffle O's" as "Puffle Os"

Saraapril said...

Thanks Perapin :) Typo Fixed :) The Os is just as Club Penguin spelled it...

Unknown said...

saraapril, do you know how to get the hightest puffle o in level 6?
The cannon won't reach it, and I don't see how it's possible.

Anonymous said...

Saraapril! You entered the St. Patrick's igloo contest... and you modified your igloo!!

-Guillermo102 :-)

Anonymous said...

They probly made level 6 impossible so non members can not have the cannon because I can't get it either

Saraapril said...

@ Guillermo102...Oops! Well...That Happenss a lot :)

ht70979 said...

i cant defeat the second crab its too hard!!! it even has a giant anvil and it hits your puffle!!!thats gotta hurt!!

ht70979 said...

i passed the second crab and soda sunset!!!! now im in box dimension!!!!

Ellie said...

HOW DO YOU PASS LEVEL 20 soda skies... i can't get passed it :( i'm pretty sure this is my 8th try

Anonymous said...

i'm able to reach the highest O berry on level 6!!! You have to hit the crab, and then you have to jump on the flying aquagrabber to reach the O berry. It's hard, but with practice I was able to take the O berry and then I finished the cannon :)
Good luck! Pengu X6

Xoriak said...

Ugh I'm pretty upset after working so hard to pass all the levels only to find out that I (being a nonmember) DON'T get the cannon furniture!! Also I really, REALLY want the game to save my levels instead of starting from level 1 EVERY time!

naomi1636 said...

I cannot get the HUGE puffle O' from level 12 in puffle launch. Even after I earn the crab attack stamp!

Saraapril said...

Hi naomi1636 :) Keep Launching the Puffle until the Crab's Flying Aqua Grabber falls down...The BIG Puffle O'Berry should be up where the Crab was before falling down :)

Grantovich said...

LoL i never knew LiKE THAT! BUT UR PUFFLE was cool!!! I wish im member too!

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