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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Silly Scavenger Hunt CHEATS :)

April Fools is here it is time for a Silly Scavenger Hunt 2011 :) Start by clicking on the Box in the Right upper corner…ONLY Club Penguin MEMBERS can do this…

…Start where, Orange Puffles go, in a Room with a Purple glow…

…to the Box Dimension :) If you don’t have a Portal Box in your Igloo you can enter the Box Dimension from the Snow Forts :)

…In the center of this Room you will find the First piece and the Next clue :)

…You have found 1 Piece :) Continue the Search, among the sand, Where red Mountains Frame the Land…Use the Box Portals from the Box Dimension :) You can only waddle through them when the lid is open…

…Go through the one with a Cactus sign…

…here it is in the Desert :)

…You have found 2 Pieces :) This blank page holds much potential Your imagination is essential!

…Go through the Portal with a Pencil on…

…Click on the BIG BLUE Pencil at the bottom of the Page…

…and the item you looking for will be Drawn :)

…You have found 3 Pieces :) If you find yourself next to Mars…find something hidden in the Stars…

…Go through the Box with a Planet on…

…Connect the Stars in the Sky by mouse over them like Dot to Dot :)

…You have found 4 Pieces :) The Stage is just the thing to find a clue fit for a king…

…Go through the Box with a Jester hat on…

…Here it is :)

…You have found 5 Pieces :) Finding this one will turn you around in a room where up is down…

…Go through the Box Portal with a Stair on…

…Here it is in on the Ceiling or Floor OR…I am confused…LOL :)

…You have found 6 Pieces :) To free this piece: you need a clue: Find your way through Pink brew…

…Waddle through the Box with a Barrel on…

How to find your way through the Soda Cream Barrel Maze! This is not as hard as it looks like just enter a Barrel and then KEEP GOING BACK in the Barrel you get to and you will soon end up here at the Platform :) Stand on the Platform to lift the cage and then pick up the piece :)

…or you can use this map to find your way to the Island with the Cage on other side of the Cream Soda River :)

…You have found 7 Pieces :) This Scavenger Hunt is Extreme! Find this Piece by a Chocolate stream…

…Go through the Box Portal with an Ice-cream on :)

…Click on the Spoon Two Times and get the Last Piece :)

…You have found 8 Pieces :) Click on Claim Prize :)

…You have found a Box Costume Would you like to Pick it up? Yes Please :) Now I know the answer to the Question Where is the Box? LOL :)

…put the Box Costume on and a New Box World Entry will open up for you…

…Here among the Pretty FLOWERS you will find a Locker click on it and…


…You have found a Delivery Hat Would you like to Pick it up? COOL HAT! Yes Please :)

…You have found a Delivery Outfit Would you like to Pick it up? YES PLEASE :)

…Time to Work :) Dance or click on D to do this Action Animation :) Box Jon 1057 will be sent too…

Sarapril in Delivery Outfit :)

…I am a Box now and I will Hide Here among the Pretty FLOWERS so they don’t send me away too…LOL :)

Saraapril in a Box :)

April Fools Party Preparations have Started :) 2011 :)

April Fools Party 2011 is HERE :)

Club Penguin Times Issue 284 :)

New Pins in Club Penguin :)

April Fools Party 2011 Login Background :)

FREE item Propeller Hat on April Fools Party 2011 :)

How to Earn Food Fight Stamp CHEATS :)

How to find the way through Cream Soda Barrel Maze CHEATS :)

April Fools Party 2011 Tour Guide :)

Rookie in Club Penguin?

Message from Protobot in Spy Phone!

Message from Herbert P Bear in Spy Phone!

How to Save the Plants? What about…

FUN with Friends :)

Message from G in Spy Phone!

NEW Field-Ops 38 EPF CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

ROOKIE Stamp in Stamp Book :)

Rookie Background Sneak Peek :)

Club Penguin Bug News!

I met Rookie and earned his Stamp :) FUN with Friends :)

Helping your Community and April Fools Party – Reviewed by You :)

Rookie has sent a New Spy Phone Message!

Club Penguin Times Issue 285 :)

Penguin Style catalog CHEATS :)

April Fools Party - Penguin Poll :)

Doodle Dimension Wallpaper :)

Secret Box Dimension Portal Found :) CHEATS :)

Paycheck in Mailbox :)

HURRAY!!! The Tree is Cured :)

Server Hopping for Rookie :)

Club Penguin Stopped me while Server Hopping!

I met Rookie in Server Alaska :)

I met Rookie in Server Bobsled :)

I met Rookie in Big Snow :)

April Fools Party still here :)

Message in Spy Phone from G!

April Fools Party is Over!


Dorian1453 said...

LOL I keep earning the Food Fight stamp and it's not in my Stampbook! :P

Anonymous said...

Stars = Dot to dot

Anonymous said...

THIS IS THE BEST APRIL FOOLS DAY PARTY EVER!!! I CAN NOW DISGUISE MYSELF AS A BOX AS AN EPF AGENT! But theres one problem... I CANT EARN THE NEW PARTY STAMP! Just like all the other partys, when the new stamp comes out for a party, you CANT EARN IT! Ughhh there is probably so much more bugs to find now that Club Penguin launched the April Fools Day Party! Also check the newspaper for more information on new stuff that just came out and new stuff coming in the future! Hope this helps!


soccer793 said...

Keep updating, I am not a member, perhaps you know the special room code?

I know you get a box in the end, but it leads to ANOTHER ROOM!

By the way, can we meat sometime, perhaps Friday (tomorrow) at 1:00 PM PST?

Anonymous said...

Awww...Silly Scavenger Hunt for members only.. -Penguincat98-

Unknown said...

It's kinda unfair for non-members..

Johnman65 said...

You put Delivery Outfit twice instead if Delivery Hat and Delivery Outfit.

soccer793 said...

Why wasn't my comment published? I always wanted to meet you in CP saraapril.

Dairymilk789 said...

club penguin at the mo is becoming sooo memberized!!

next thing that will happen will be when you click 'play now' it will say 'OOPS you must be a member to use this sorry'

and that will be shocking

many thanks,


Anonymous said...

BEST PARTY EVER!!! Not only was there a new Party, but there was 4 FREE items, a Scavenger Hunt, 7 BRAND NEW Rooms, a Newspaper, AND 2 new Pins!!!! The only things that would make today better is a New Penguin Style Catalog or a new System Defender Level!


Awez Ome said...

Saraapril, this is kind of minor but I wanted to tell you that in the Candy Dimension, if you click on the sign that says CANDY (the one with ice cream on top) then the inside of the donut lights up.

Anonymous said...

Saraapril, try to go on non-member account and you cant enter any of Box Dimesion boxes :(.

Xoriak said...

Duh Club Members thank you very much for giving us another 'fun' party packed with 'loads' of party stuffs for 'everybody' to enjoy. I was so happy to know that not one or two, but a whooping SEVEN new rooms are released! Imagine my frustration when I came to the Box Dimension & found out that NOT A SINGLE ROOM can be entered as a non-member. So basically all a non-member can do in this party is do earn a tiny stamp, a tiny hat, & waddle around 'happily' & 'make friends' while Club Members happily make lots of money. >_<

thundersharkpanda said...

It is not fair members!

Anonymous said...

Hey saraapril, just a reminder (if you finish the barrel maze and you haven't go the complete meze stamp you will get it this time)
ps Im chawi123

Chestercat62 said...

Hmmm... that is really strange! IN the last animated pic in that post where youre a box in the flowers... well... ummmm... 2 of the flowers next to you where changing colors. I think you should check the pic yourself.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the cheat it helped me a LOT! :)

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